Is the Human Being By Nature a Social Animal?

Is the human being a social animal based upon natural instinct and biological structure of brain and body? Is the human intended by nature to engage in regular and repetitive interaction with other humans? Or is he by nature a loner, an isolationist, who can best thrive by spending most of his time alone? This is a very interesting and thought-provoking issue to dissect from all angles, and it opens a gateway to many wide-ranging Truth realizations.
To begin, it is clear that society and government has an immense and directly vested interest in convincing all humans that they are highly sociable creatures, and therefore go to great lengths to coerce and indoctrinate all humans to agree to compulsively interact, and form personal relationships with, other humans. This fact, in and of itself, does not prove the human is by nature an anti-social loner, but it must be carefully and fully factored into the equation when analyzing this question.
The second point that must be emphasized is that the human being is a defect of nature. This is undeniably True, and as a genetic birth defect species, determining exactly what nature “intended” for the human to ideologically and behaviorally manifest, is rendered much more difficult than is the case with genetically normal, healthy animals.
With this preface, let us begin a totally unbiased, Forbidden Truth analysis of this key question. We will begin by listing the evidence which could reasonably be used to suggest that the human is naturally inclined to socialize with other humans:

  • The vast majority of all humans, adult and child, do socialize on an ongoing basis with other humans. This fact cannot be ignored or dismissed, but it must be viewed within the contextual understanding that socialization is relentless promoted and indoctrinated to all citizen-slaves, of all ages, by society and government as the only appropriate, acceptable, and normal way of life.
  • The vast majority of older children and adults would find it traumatic to be suddenly isolated and cut off from all human interactions. Again, an absolute fact. But why is this so? Remember, the human is both a sheeple and a pathological addict. Humans blindly follow and emulate the behaviors of other humans, especially when such behaviors are relentlessly imposed via brainwashing and indoctrination. Just as importantly, the human becomes heavily addicted to behaviors at the drop of a hat, his entire psychological makeup being geared towards an addictive state of mind, just one of many genetic weaknesses and failures of their brain.
  • A majority of animals with higher level complexity of brain function, do socialize heavily with other members of their own species. The monkey, elephant, dolphin, and others, seem to be good examples of this. On the flipside, you do have plenty of higher-functioning animals who are essentially isolationist: The jaguar, koala, panda. Clearly, ongoing socialization is not a universal character trait of mammals with high levels of brain development.
  • Social scientists, psychologists, and other empowered agents of society insist that human interaction is necessary for proper mental health and functionality. Another fact, but a fact essentially voided by the Forbidden Truth that human society is itself profoundly diseased on a psychological level, and that all empowered agents of society are mandated to promote the legitimacy of existing social structures, one of which is universally indoctrinated social contact between citizen-slaves.

So there you have the top four reasons to accept the notion that humans are designed by nature to socialize with each other. But all four carry caveats, very real and undeniable facts which directly mitigate this specific indicator.
Now, let us objectively analyze all of the evidence suggesting the human is meant to live as a lifelong loner and isolationist:

  • Newborn babies are not sociable towards other human beings, children or adults. This is a fact. Newborn babies must be externally socialized, which is exactly what society and government orders all parents, nurses, and all adults who have access to newborns, to do to them. The newborn baby craves attention and stimulation, but this has nothing to do with craving actual contact/interaction with other humans. A colorful toy or interactive robot fascinates the newborn more than an actual human being, although of course an active human does grab attention of the newborn, too.

Babies are Self-obsessed by nature. They play with and focus upon themselves. They do not cry because they want or need human attention, they cry because they have needs, such as hunger and physical discomfort, that they are unable to resolve on their own. This is a huge and vital distinction. Babies do not seek out contact with humans, beyond focusing on them as an available distraction. Given a colorful and highly interactive robot to engage with, newborn babies would choose interacting with the robot, over a human. It is important to understand that a desire to interact is itself not a primary focus or need of newborns. The newborn seeks an understanding of his universe as he discovers it, and interaction aids him in this quest. Such interaction is not primarily emotion-based, but rather, intellect-based.
Of course it does not take very long for a newborn to become addicted to human socialization. This is why My comments specifically relate to the newborn, as even the 1 or 2 month old infant, having been subjected to relentless human imposition, usually has already fallen prey to this undesired addiction.

  • Children do not function well in highly interactive, group environments, or within one-on-one personal relationships. This is a fact. Prejudice, bullying, violence, sadism, emotional trauma, pathological feelings of Self-doubt, and many more emotional dysfunctions in children, directly occur in response to socializing with other children and adults.
  • Adults do not function well in highly interactive, group environments, or within one-on-one personal relationships. Another fact. Every pathology of the child within a group environment, only becomes more severe and disturbed for adults. Genocide, war, the violence of the mob, the sadistic rage behind support for judicial punishment, the orgy of rage underlying participation in and viewing of organized sports, universa abuse of children within families, the violence, physical, sexual, and emotional, underlying every sexual relationship, etc…, all speak to the Truth that adults are unable to positively function as social creatures.
  • Sexual organ design and placement: Both male and female humans are biologically designed, physically and mentally, to be able to achieve sexual climax without need for any contact with other humans. Each human is designed by nature to masturbate easily and successfully. Only terrorist threat and brutal indoctrination, compel most humans to “prefer” and to choose ongoing sexual contact with other humans.

The evidence overwhelmingly favors the theory that humans were intended to spend their lives in solitude, as loners and isolationists, focusing upon themselves and meeting their own needs. Only external imposition by society and government, deploying coercion, terrorization, bribery, brainwashing, and indoctrination, causes the human pathology of socialization. Social scientists even admit that all babies and children need to be externally socialized. Why??? Why do they need this? Is it to their benefit, or is it for the malicious societal and governmental purpose of creating a relationship addict, someone unable to function on his own, someone emotionally crippled and shackled to others, and therefore to the social matrix itself??
Those of us, like Myself, who choose to exist as absolute loners and isolationists, to the point of spending our entire lives as adult virgins, as I have and will, are relentlessly ridiculed and condemned, because we represent and manifest the Forbidden Truth that external socialization is itself a horrific and crippling shackle which defies and destroys Truth-based mental health and the natural instincts of the human being.
Look at those who are prejudicially labeled as “autistic”, as an example. There is strong evidence to suggest that they function perfectly well, and emotionally thrive, within their chosen state of isolation. And yet society insists that they are mentally crippled, relentlessly attempts to force them to interact with others, causing needless trauma. No, it is you who are mentally ill and crippled, unable to meet your own needs, desperately clinging to relationships and to pathological human contact which only serves to worsen all of your existing mind-based pathologies.
Let us celebrate the glory of the loner, let us revere the isolationists, those who shun and reject all contact with humans. Let us understand and rejoice in their triumph over the external attack of forced socialization.
© Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. The emotional enslavement is the first thing modern societies and governments seek. I think they do this so that even some of the most abusive coffles* will still want to “band together.” Your post makes me think back to this study about monkeys I learned about in high school, erm I’m sorry, secondary slave-education institution. It was about how monkeys would go towards “cloth mother” when it was scared and go to a “wire mother” when it needed food/milk

    Assuming that a human children behave in a similar manner to our ancestral cousins, it kinda shows the lack of need for an “actual” mother, but at the same time kinda seems like sacred-family unit propaganda. If you hadn’t heard of this and you’re down to watch the video I’m curious what you think. Do you think that the same results would happen if those fake mothers didn’t have heads? Do you think this supports your argument? How much of a propaganda piece is this?
    *Just learned this word a day or two ago. I think it is great when referring to the family-unit. After all they’re just a bunch of slaves bound together, but abound by emotions and excuses(along with various terroristic threats) created by government and society at large.

    1. 99.99999% of all human adults are absolutely enslaved to repetitive and ongoing physical and emotional bondage to other human beings. The child trapped within the family unit, is the ideal victim to be targeted by these adults, not only because the child is completely vulnerable and available, but also because socialization is decreed by every empowered agent of society, from the political leader, to the scientist, to the doctor, to the pop culture psychologist on tv, as absolutely necessary and beneficial for children. Therefore, the emotional addict has no perception that he is harming any child, when he imposes his own emotional enmeshment and addiction upon the child.
      I was completely unfamiliar with this monkey study, so thanks for bringing it to My attention. Living things instinctually and naturally seek comfort and safety, physical and emotional, and to have their needs met. This is not a pathology, in and of itself. The issue at play is: Why must this safety and comfort and meeting of needs be intertwined with the development of toxic emotional dependency, which is the end result of all familial relationships? The comfort and sustenance received by the baby monkeys did not require any contact with an adult monkey. Clearly, human babies can derive this same comfort and sustenance absent all contact with adult humans. Under such a child-rearing environment, the child has his needs met without being subjected to the horror of emotional enmeshment and dependency upon others, to be crippled for life. But of course humans would deem such child-rearing to be a horrific form of abuse, to deprive a child of contact with other human beings. In Truth, their judgment is fully inspired not by any overt desire to avoid harming children, but by their own brain pathologies, their own emotional dependency and addiction to toxic relationships and enmeshment.
      I am going to make an entire blog post which features this video, along with an expansion and elaboration of My above insight of Forbidden Truth. So look for it, and thanks for helping make My blog even more brilliant than it already is. But to answer your questions here: It is obvious that both of these “fake” monkey mothers are similar in design and appearance, similar enough so that the baby monkey has developed an affinity to both. Yes, the baby monkey knows that food comes from the wire “mother,” but also that the other mother is similar, that the other mother is safe too. Food is a direct source of emotional as well as physical comfort to all living things, and instinct dictates food to be more important than physical comfort. Therefore the monkey goes first to the wire mother, then, no longer hungry, to the more physically comfortable cloth mother. You could draw an analogy to why almost all adult humans choose to sit down, instead of stand up, while eating. Interestingly, I personally always eat standing up, when home alone, one reason being that I refuse to use food as a form of emotional “comfort”, and prefer to consciously focus on the ingestion of food as an important and unfortunately necessary process in maintaining physical strength and health.
      So yes, this video absolutely supports My argument that the human being is not a social animal. The video indicates that monkeys, of whom the human is a birth defect descendant, do not need contact with flesh and blood mothers, or with any living monkeys, in order to thrive emotionally and get their needs met, not merely their physical needs, but very specifically their emotional and psychological needs.
      There is no logical reason why these types of experiments should not be actively performed today, on human babies and children. In no way do these experiments constitute abuse, although from what I have read this same scientist may have gone on to further experimentation with monkeys that may qualify as abusive. Depriving human babies and children of all human contact is not abusive, as long as the physical and emotional needs of the child are met, as the needs of these baby monkeys were met. The lifelong, crippling impact of emotional enmeshment and addiction to interactive relationships which humans suffer from, is immense. Children deserve to be given the opportunity to develop within the emotional autonomy of physical isolation from emotionally crippled adults, and this type of experiment should be undertaken today upon human babies, to try to establish with absolute certainty that the human is not a social animal, and that human children require no ongoing, direct physical contact or emotional bonding with human adults.
      I do not see this monkey experiment itself as directly propagandizing in favor of motherhood or the sacred family unit, although the reporter is definately trying to put forth this doctrine. Perhaps not by direct intent, the scientist is laying out a case in favor of human beings not needing the direct socialization of human contact. This is why humans react negatively to the video, because it threatens their addiction to emotional enmeshment, and the social doctrine that all children exist as Poison Containers, for parents and other adults to extract what they need, and to impose what they want.
      I had never heard of the word coffle until reading this comment, so thanks for the vocabulary expansion. Not sure if I will use the word in My writings, but will definately consider it.
      Look for my expanded reply, as an independent blog post, to the issues and questions raised by the video link you posted, within the next few days.

  2. I agree, SEER, humans by nature weren’t meant to be social beings. This is forced on them by relentless campaigns at the hands of society, who say, that socialization is beneficial for one’s mental health. Have inferiors wondered why enmeshment, animosity, and other problems occur because of human interaction? This is why–humans interacting with other humans lack autonomy and freedom, and they undermine their own needs by focusing on others. It’s difficult for anyone to meet their own needs when they are in a relationship with someone, because the focus is shifted to that of the other person. Humans often make subtle hints of wanting to be alone and not be bothered by others, but they are unable to understand the true meaning of what they are saying. They complain, but they find themselves back into grips of society indoctrination. That is, they are too psychologically damaged to break away from the dependency of others

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