Introduction to Conscious Dreaming

The purpose of this post is to provide an introductory overview to the MindPower of Conscious Dreaming, as defined and experienced from the Forbidden Truth perspective of the human transcendee, Myself. Please note that if you do google searches for “lucid dreaming” or “conscious dreaming”, you will find definitions which do not match up with the Forbidden Truth definitions or experience of this glorious power of the Superior mind. Everything written here is applicable not to any traditional definition of this term , but very specifically to this Forbidden Truth definition:
Conscious Dreaming: The proactive ability to control and direct all experienced dreams while asleep, via intricately created plotlines, storylines, and detailed scenarios intentionally created by the conscious mind prior to going to sleep, and the ability to prevent all experience of all dreams, also via consciously focused MindPower prior to going to sleep.
Since the age of 5 I have sought to control and direct My experience of all dreams. I have spent decades specifically developing and perfecting this most valuable of MindPower capacities. It has taken Me decades to gain complete control over all aspects of My dream experience, which is what I possess today. As a child, aged 5-8, the primary goal of My obsession with controlling My dreams, was to prevent the nightmares associated with the daily, severe child abuse I was subjected to. I sought to become the victimizer, instead of the victim, in the process turning My nightmares into sweet dreams, of cathartic, sadistic vengeance.
The mind is always your greatest weapon. My early childhood experience of successfully transforming Myself from terrorized victim to terrorizing victimizer, via Conscious Dreaming, solidified this most valuable of Forbidden Truths. It took Me only a few years, to fully eliminate all nightmares, all “bad” dreams. My dreams were still bloodsoaked, but by age 8 I was always the attacker and victimizer, and so these bloodsoaked dreams were sweet and good, to and for Me.
Upon attaining puberty, I began focusing My power of mind to meet My sexual obsession with female foot pain, female foot deformity, and female foot sadism, the causing of pain to female feet. This is when I began to try to plot out very detailed and intricate Conscious Dreams, with lengthy plotlines and very specific “trigger point” details. In some dreams, I set a trigger point to sexually climax while asleep at a specific point of the storyline, and to then wake up at the exact moment of the climax, to experience it while awake. In other dreams, I set a trigger point to sexually climax at a specific point in the storyline, then to become awate within the dream that I was dreaming, but to remain asleep, and carry the Conscious Dream forward. In other dreams I set a storyline to wake Me up at a specific point of the storyline, fully aroused, so that I could continue the storyline while awake to a masturbatory climax within 1-5 minutes of awakening, based upon the arousal of the Conscious Dream plotline.
Each and every night I plotted out Conscious Dreams, perfecting this skill, so that every aspect of the dream was under My control, every character, every action, the atmosphere, location, theme, every detail. Several years later, I watched a movie titled Scanners, which inspired Me to maximize My Conscious Dreaming capacities, to pursue a no limits path, in which I destroy the world at will, make human heads explode at will, commit every imaginable mass and serial murder, and experience every detail as vividly as any directly physical act. I have spend decades perfecting this skill, and it is now fully realized. I can do anything, experience anything I choose, with absolute control, and just as clearly and vividly as any physical act I may commit, within the realm of Conscious Dreaming.
To go back to how you humans define conscious/lucid dreaming, if you check the internet you see mention of “becoming aware that you are dreaming, while you are dreaming, and then controlling the path of the dream via this awareness.” No. This has nothing to do with the Superior path and methodology of My mastery of the dream. My mastery mandates the complete plotting of all dreams before going to sleep, including whether or not you want to be aware, during the dream, that you are dreaming. The vast majority of the time, I do not desire such awareness and do not experience it, as I do not incorporate it into My plotline. I have never studied or used any book or other guide to develop My Conscious Dreaming MindPower, it has always been developed as solo experience of personal mind potential exploration, and this fact illustrates the importance of not trying to emulate others or learn any Mind expansion skills from guidebooks or “self-help” videos, etc…
Let us clearly understand that society and government relentlessly discourages, demonizes, and ridicules all efforts by individuals to gain Truth-based mind enlightenment or directional power. Such enlightenment and power poses a direct threat to the social matrix. What I have achieved, in developing the capacity to experience as conscious reality within any dream, any night or day, every night and day, at My will,, anything I can imagine and plot out, is highly dangerous to every aspect of the socially engineered matrix. You humans experience dreams as fuzzy images which fade away to nothingness within a day or two at most. You humans cannot imagine the portals and gateways to enlightenment of mind to real-life situations, which occur in direct response to the capacity to experience dreams as reality creation, limited in scope only to the borders of a borderless mind, such as I possess.
Conscious Dreaming is not an escape from reality, but a pathway to experiencing every reality you can possibly imagine, as reality, and then you wake up and you are filled with outrage, not at what you have lost, but at what is being taken from you, every moment of every day. Conscious Dreaming makes everything possible, by showing you the actual, factual Truth, via what you create as genuine experience within your own mind, that everything is possible. Conscious Dreaming makes mockery of the existing universe of human experience, by illuminating it as nothing more than a series of maliciously imposed limitations.
And this is why a MindPower like Conscious Dreaming is completely hidden from the awareness of the typical, average human sheeple. And for the few who are above average, they are given inferior books and self-help guides which only minimize and limit the potentiality, directionality, and structural parameters of how to pursue the development of Conscious Dreaming skills.
Is Conscious Dreaming an easy skill to develop and perfect. No. The human brain is both genetically defective, and subjected to brutal and unrelenting external trauma from the moment of birth, throughout an entire existence, specifically intended to cripple the capacity of the brain to realize its potential of consciousness. The human spends his existence hopelessly trapped in mind fog, consumed by layers upon layers of obligations and obstacles and vampiric enmeshments and self-hates and self-fears. To become a successful Conscious Dreamer as I have, requires singularity of mind focus, clarity of all thought, the capacity to blot out the world at will, to render Self as not merely a universe, but to render Self as a universe fully isolated from every other universe.
Despite beginning at age 5, it has taken Me numerous decades to achieve absolute control over every dream. Decades of daily work, daily experimentation of mind focus techniques, and a relentless desire to achieve this perfection. Nothing has distracted Me, My focus represents My respect for what I recognize as valuable and precious to Me, as a universe. And those of you who attempt to achieve My feat, will likely fail. No matter how hard you try. You will fail because you lack the capacity to focus, you will fail because you fear Yourself, and you hate Yourself. You will fail because you dwell within an external universe of distraction and diversion. You will fail because even as I articulate My mastery of Conscious Dreaming, you cannot understand what this experience truly represents. Your goal will fail to match My experienced reality, because your minds are too narrow to perceive the parameters of this experienced reality.
I could write another 1000 words on the specfic techniques that have helped Me to perfect Conscious Dreaming, but why should I? How would it help Me, if any of you were to achieve My feat? Yes, I clear My mind in a specific way and I set the room to a specific temperature, and I make sure I do not drink anything for 3 hours before falling asleep, and I even sleep in a specific position, but are any of these things the key to mastery of Conscious Dreaming? Probably not. The key is to want it, and this key exists within finding the strength to decide to stop daydreaming through your own existence, to stop accepting the matrix of illusion within which every aspect of your consciously awake life is embraced as valid, necessary, real, and sane.
I close with My favorite scene from the 1981 movie Scanners. It is this scene which has inspired Me to enjoy thousands of dreams and awake fantasies, of both directly causing and witnessing, human heads explode:

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