International Women's Day 2017: The Forbidden Truth Exposed

The Matrix of Universal Illusion has decreed Wednesday March 8, 2017 to be “International Women’s Day”. What is being honored? Women’s rights. Yes, the idea that women have rights. Rights of equality to men. But men are slaves, victimized, oppressed, shackled, harmed, murdered slaves. And here we are, in 2017, and The Matrix has successfully inculcated 99.99999999% of all the women dwelling within 1st world societies and governments, to fervently aspire to and demand these imagined glorious rights, freedoms, and advantages unjustly doled out to the pe*is-endowed gender.
So it is International Women’s Day. Today. The media servants of their government overlords are relentlessly flogging this new holiday. The struggle is grand and majestic! Just like the goddam* blacks in amerikkka have their grand struggle to waste their entire existence in pointless pursuit of, so do all the women of the world, now.
Yes, fight like hell for equality, strive to match up to the men!
You are a woman, tragically pe*is-challenged. But your glorious society and government generously honors and supports your right to try to fight to obtain equality to the pe*is-advantaged. You must try, struggle, fight. It will be a long (no pun intended) and slow fight, of course. Your society and government must milk at least 100 more years of the obedient devotion of you females, and your daughters, grand-daughters, great-granddaughters.
Waste all of your lives in pursuit of nothing, of what you already have: Complete and absolute slavery. And the climax (still no pun intended) of it all: This grand social movement is primarily aimed at appeasing men. The goal is to continue brainwashing men to believe they enjoy glorious advantages over women, so they will continue to meekly and blindly accept their own ongoing, horrific oppression and enslavement by The Matrix, as they celebrate their sexual, emotional, and physical domination over women via legal and illegal rape, bullying, battering.
So, here is the message of Forbidden Truth to all women on this day: In choosing to buy into this malicious claptrap being imposed by your society and government, you are oppressing and victimizing yourselves to a far greater degree than any man, or any existing social structure, can or will victimize you. You are dooming not only yourselves to lifelong suffering, injustice, and retroactive unbirth via death, but you are dooming every future generation of women to the same horrific, lifelong victimization.
You are actively participating in, supporting and enabling the organized, socially and governmentally sponsored commission of genocide against you and your gender. And you are helping men to remain brainwashed as to their universal oppression, in the process directly encouraging them to continue to target you, on a biased and sexually prejudicial, gender-specific level, for violence, prejudice, bullying, emotional and physical terrorization, as public policy mandate.
Countless trillions of women, throughout all of human history, have been aborted, tortured and murdered as children, had their egos destroyed, had their bodies and sexual organs mutilated, been sexually enslaved to men via marriage and girlfriend status, been taught by their societies and governments to hate, harm, and murder themselves, been victimized, brutalized, dehumanized, objectified, and used as Poison Containers by men. All of this has always occurred as public policy mandate. All of this has occurred as sponsored, encouraged, enabled, legalized, by society and government.
And here you are today, March 8, 2017, celebrating and embracing a movement for women’s rights, freedom, and equality, created and sponsored by these very same governments and societies, operating under the exact same public policy mandate of universal slavery and victimization for all.
For shame! You spit in the faces of the trillions who gave their lives in ignorance and helplessness.
There you are, the mighty females, a few billion strong, bowing down to your slavemaster. And it is the educated, the financially empowered, the minority of the first world, who doom all the rest, the majority of third world females, to the same horrific fate of their ancestors. You do it to feel better about yourselves, to make love to the lie that things are better for you, that positive progress has been made and will continue to be made. You destroy all hope for all women, just to be able to continue to hide from and deny these Forbidden Truths. Shameful cowards!
You want to know the suffering of women and girls? Courtney Love summed it up pretty well in her song, “Miss World”. Listen to it, integrate her suffering to your consciousness, and you will gain a far more Truthful understanding of the past, current, and future fate of women, than anything your Matrix of Universal Illusion brainwashes you to believe and accept.

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