In Remembrance of Donald Harvey, amerikkkan Martyr

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Donald Harvey has been murdered by the diseased and genocidal regime of amerikkka. According to the media, Donald was beaten to death while locked up in a cage, but like all who die in 2017, his murderer is the society and government holding him hostage, imposing universal suffering and death upon all as public policy mandate.
Demonized as a serial killer, it is My pleasure and honor to publicly mourn the murder of Donald, and to use his death to expose Forbidden Truth. I am, like Donald, one of your garbage people. Thrown away and left to suffer and die as a worthless subhuman child-slave. You think you can protect yourselves by destroying the potential of every human child, but you have never been safe, and you will never be safe, none of you, ever. A tiny handful of us see through the matrix you have built for yourselves, and desperately cling to.
In a world based upon predatory injustice for all, the serial killer stands as a shining beacon of Truth.
The serial killer demonstrates, for all who possess open eyes and open minds, every illusion of life and death at work within humanity, a death-worshipping cult, in the 21st century.
While engaging in serial murder, Donald was employed as a nurse. Always I have held nurse and doctor serial murderers in even higher esteem than others. What a perfect reflection of the Forbidden Truth of death, universally imposed as murder for all by society and government, the nurse/doctor serial killer demonstrates.
Doctors and nurses serve death. They are deployed by the matrix of universal illusion to help maintain the lie that humanity is devoted to protecting and preserving life and health, when the exact opposite is True. “I will make you healthy, I will protect your good health, I will decree you healthy, so you may put death out of your mind…” This is the mind genocide of 21st century medicine. When in Truth everyone is dying, doomed by choice to retroactive unbirth.
Victim and Martyr Donald Harvey chose as his slave labor, to become a nurse. His initial and early motivations for making this choice can never be fully known. But what we can conclude is that at some point, on some level of consciousness, he recognized and embraced his right to personal vengeance deploying the MindPower of murder, as a victim of harm and murder.
Donald held up a mirror to humanity, inviting you creatures to look at and see yourselves. But of course you refuse, and you cannot.
So you demonize and destroy whatever attempts to show you your own reflection. And in the process you inspire Me, and the few others devoted to unflinching Truth, to new and greater heights of Self-love and determination to honor the greatest victims of all.
There is no resting in peace, for anyone. Donald gave his life to try to avenge his own death, and now he is forever lost to eternal nothingness, your murder victim.
Thank you Donald, for standing up.

All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. SEER, isn’t ironic that while Donald was in prison the govt allowed him to be murdered by other inmates? I know for some humans making such a statement is absurd! and would not make any sense to them. Well, it does for me, and I can make the connection that the govt played a role in Donald’s death because they allowed him to be in their proximity of prisoners who they possibly knew would murder him. It’s obvious that the govt chose this event to happen when it did by using other slaves to carry out the murder for them. So, who will be blamed for Donald’s death, certainly, not the got but the inmates who killed him. Oh, how clever and sophisticated the govt is in covering itself.

    1. government and society is directly responsible for causing all harm, all victimization, and now, in the 21st century, all death. Because death is not understood by any of the inferiors to constitute retroactive unbirth, society and government is able to terrorize obedience and slavery from the Unwashed Masses, simply by overtly and covertly promising to try to extend the lives of obedient slaves, while shortening the lives of disobedient slaves.
      This is one of the terrorist threats behind all judicial punishment. Again, as I have revealed in previous essays, the very existence of judicial punishment guarantees universal injustice for all, and should inspire the immediate and complete anarchistic annihilation of all governments, of the very structure of government. If humanity were sane, this is exactly what would have occurred, hundreds if not thousands of years ago.

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