In Appreciation of the Blogging Platform

I already made a similar post a year+ ago, but when humans do something right, they deserve open and ongoing credit for it. It happens so rarely.
The blogging platform is done right. It serves the creator of content, regardless of his level of Superiority, or lack thereof.
Posts made are very quickly identified by search engines, and ranked highly, if properly titled, categorized, and tagged. My post unveiling the completely uncensored video of Katelyn Nicole Davis’ live-streamed suicide has gained over 10,000 unique views within 48 hours of being posted, from 85 different countries, solely as a result of individual searches. The post began appearing on search engines less than one hour after being made.
Excellent service of Truth, even as, of course, Truth remains dead and all of these humans simply want to see a 12 year old girl die, so they can strengthen their own illusion of being alive, and gain emotional catharsis via third-party child abuse.
But the best part of the platform remains the comment editing feature provided to bloggers. Properly set up, it works perfectly. Every human comment is proactively blocked, provided for Me to review, and then I can either approve it, trash it, or permanently delete it. Trashed or permanently deleted comments are never seen by anyone but Me, not even by the comment maker. They do not even know their comment has been eradicated from the universe forever, unless they proactively review the full content of the post they attempted to comment upon.
This is an excellent system, maximized to serve content producers. It allows blog hosts to keep their blogs proactively free of human pollution, instead of having to clean up after human pollution. It makes a big difference.
So, if any of you humans desire to produce online content, especially of an unpopular nature, I am pleased to recommend, based upon My  own positive personal experience.
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