Identifying Your Enemy

If you are a human being, 99.9999999999% of everyone reading these words, you only have 2, at most 3, enemies in the entire universe.
If You have successfully rejected and transcended your humanity, 00.0000000001% of everyone reading these words, you only have 1, at most 2, enemies in the entire universe.
Beginning with you humans. Your enemies are: 1: The society and government you were born into and raised up within. 2: Your own broken, dysfunctional, Self and Truth-betraying brain. 3: The society and government that currently holds you hostage, if it differs from the society and government you were born into and raised up within.
If you are the 00.00000000001% who have successfully rejected and transcended their humanity, as I have, then only #1 and #3 are applicable, as your brain will be Superior, brilliant, externally untouchable, and owned by your supreme ego of Self-universe.
Lying to Yourself here, inferior human, as always, will not alter the Truth.
Many other individuals and structures may desire to harm you, may attempt to harm you, and may in actuality harm you. But that does not make them your enemy. It is important, for all seekers of Truth, to accurately identify their actual enemy. There is both tactical and ideological/philosophical value, in making this identification, and fully integrating it to core consciousness.
At the same time, and of even greater importance, is the need to fully embrace your own sacred right to possess and reflect rage, hate, and personal vengeance against any and every individual and structure confronting your Self-universe, as your own True Reality dictates, even when you accurately identify the individual or structure as not being your enemy.
There is no valid link between identifying your enemy, and embracing your sacred right to impose external rage, hate, and reflective vengeance.
Correctly and accurately identifying your enemy is of informational value. It may influence the directional path of your rage, hate, and reflective revenge, but it must not be perceived as having the authorization to alter any existing directional path, or to impose limitations upon any True Reality-based directional path of external rage, hate, or pursuit of personal vengeance.
When you correctly and accurately identify your enemy, you exalt Truth. The primary value of this feat is in the actual Self-revelations of Truth it inspires, not in any change of external reality perception, even though such changes may occur.
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