I Resolve

How beautifully appropriate it is that this species marks every opportunity to reassess its future, days such as 12/31/14, with a deranged orgy of intoxication. noise pollution, air pollution, and the poisoning of their own bodies and brains. It is with pride that I publicly resolve to take even greater delight in witnessing humanity destroy itself and take further steps to ensure its own species extinction, over the next 365 days.
My resolution is to hate more, to maximize My directions and expressions of external hate, as I equally maximize My heartfelt demonstrations of absolute and unconditional love of Self.
I resolve to bear witness to every human horror, to more viscerally celebrate every external expression of rage and hate by others, even as I grow more emotionally detached.
I resolve to become even more Self-absorbed and Self-focused, even as I take greater delight in witnessing the disintegration of a species which can never be redeemed.
I resolve to perfect the purity of personal isolation, even if it means spending money on better earplugs or a more soundproof window.
I resolve to destroy all that tries to impose itself upon Me, to fortify the fortresses of mind and body which allow Me to thrive as untouchable singularity.
I resolve to shine as the brightest light of Truth, not for you or for any external entity, but for Myself.
I resolve to fight the only True war, the war of Me against the entire world, with courage and dignity, with the merciless cunning of the dead soul who knows he has already been murdered.
I resolve to celebrate My perfection, each and every day, to create even more personal pleasure for Myself, as I destroy more things, more often, in more different ways.
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