I am Not a Writer

I am not what I do. I eat, but do I define Myself as an eater? No. I move My bowels, but do I define Myself as a defecator? No. Writing is an activity, carried out as emotional and intellectualized response to external provocation and/or stimulation. Those who Self-identify as writers are missing an essential element of insight to their reality perception. The inspiration to write is always rooted within the need to respond to external stimuli. You eat because you are hungry, you defecate because your bowels need to be emptied, and you write because this is a way to respond to external stimuli
An essential difference between eating, defecating, and writing, is that the first two cannot be easily substituted, but despite what the writing addict might claim, there are many available substitutes for this reflective behavioral activity. Instead of writing, you could walk into a classroom and massacre a bunch of children, or you could become a raging alcoholic, or you could fire one of your employees, or you could choose to spend the day wearing a pair of tight, pointy-toed high heeled pumps that you know in advance will result in exquisitely painful pressure on your baby toe corn with every step you take. If you are one of those humans who likes to pretend your existence is not a horrific tragedy playing out in real-time, you could even substitute cuddling with your cat or sniffing odiferous flowers in a field, for writing.
Writing is always subordinate to both thinking and feeling. Many humans write as a form of emotional catharsis, and the activity is encouraged by society as a harmless outlet for personal trauma. Harmless to society, that is. The consciously aware writer refuses to accept writing as an appropriate catharsis for the personal injustices and traumas he has been subjected to. The consciously aware writer may indeed choose to write stuff, but he uses words and ideas as weapons, attacking his enemy, all the while recognizing words and ideas to be one of the weakest of weapons, and one of the poorest ways to seek and claim cathartic vengeance.
Everything that is written down is a diluted version of everything that is intellectually thought, and everything that is emotionally felt. Further, everything that is written down is a diluted version of what has been personally experienced. The only advantage in the written text is that it allows you to immortalize your own past, so that your memory may be vividly refreshed as to the exacting details of your True Reality dating back decades. It is this sole advantage which inspired Me to spend four years writing My 4000 page private autobiography.
The Superior must never lose sight of what he IS, starkly different from what he does. I am a torture victim. I am a lover of Self. I am an embracer of all Truth. Writing is something I do, it can be abandoned at any time, and an appropriate substitute activity embraced, without any personal trauma or negative Self-impact.
All addictions are toxic, and the human, in his pathological dysfunction of mind, chooses to spend a lifetime grasping at different addictions, usually blind as to what constitutes an addiction. “I used to cut Myself, now I write in a journal”, decrees the oblivious inferior, unable to recognize he has merely substituted one addiction for another.
Yes, words and ideas have power, but let us not delude ourselves that there is any more salvation to be found in writing, than there is in alcohol, the insane god myth, or any of the thousands of different crutches used by broken and destroyed human beings to escape from their own realities and the Forbidden Truths of their species.
Let words be used as bullets and missiles and warheads and bombs. Let words create ideas that shatter the social matrix of illusion. Let us not use words to defend ourselves, but rather to attack others and to destroy society as a whole.
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