Humanity: The Lowest of the Low…

…masquerading as the highest of the high.
The single greatest perverse manifestation of human prejudice and discrimination is not skin color, or gender, or religion, or ethnicity, or wealth, or family background. It is INTERSPECIES prejudice and discrimination.
The human being is the lowest of the low, at the bottom of the list of all known species of life, masquerading as the highest of the high. What humanity does to other species: Enslaving them via cage lock, consuming them as food, imprisoning them as pets, altering their genetic makeup via cross-breeding, altering their natural True Reality via domestication and taming, using them as personal and societal weapons of terrorization, murdering them for sport & to satiate their homicidal rage as a substitute for murdering fellow humans, all this, individually and collectively, constitutes the MOST blatant, malicious, genocidal form of prejudice practiced by humanity.
Inferiors say humans are a superior species because of their brain development. How insane!
The human brain is defective at EVERY measurable level. Genetically, environmentally, and functionally defective. The human WANTS to die, CHOOSES to die. The human rejects and hides from Truth. The human is unable to consciously recognize Truth when confronted by it. The human hates himself, sabotages and shortens his very existence. The human courts disease and disability. No other species of life is known to do ANY of these things, much less all. No other species of life demonstrates genetic, environmental, or functional brain defectiveness to any degree close to the human level, much less all three.
The human brain is less developed than that of any other creature, including the cockroach and worm.
Inferiors also say the human is a superior species because he is an apex predator at the top of the “food chain.” Absolutely absurd! The apex predator is NATURALLY endowed with predatory prowess, using teeth, legs, claws, jaws, etc, to successfully hunt and kill.
The human possesses no naturally endowed predatory prowess. He has used his defective brain to create artificial devices, tools and weapons, and he has viciously enslaved and deployed superior species of life, such as dogs and horses, to serve as surrogate predators, to make up for the predatory prowess he lacks.
Stripped of these artificial constructs, the human is nowhere near the top of the food chain, ranking close to the bottom, perhaps just behind the turtle and snail.
Humans should be subservient to all other species of life, attempting to try, useless as the effort is, to learn from them, to learn how to try to compensate for and overcome their inferiority.
Instead, they do the exact opposite, pretending to be their superior, while perpetrating the most perverse and pervasive holocaust, up to and including directly causing hundreds of species to become extinct, ever imagined by any species of life.
For this reason, I consciously celebrate all killings of humans by animals.
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