Humanity Proves Me Right

It delights Me when humanity proves, by its actions, in direct response to My actions, just how hopelessly broken and doomed it is, as a species. And that is exactly what has happened today. As we all know, the ISIS beheading of amerikkkan citizen-slave Peter Kassig, has been the biggest news event of the past 48 hours. With pride and courage, I have posted, via this blog, direct links to both the 2 minute and 15 minute totally uncensored videos, as released to the world by ISIS.
Over the past 24 hours, My brilliant blog has received 810 total, unique page views. Of these 810 unique page views, 281 were to this blog post, which directly links to the uncensored Peter Kassig beheading videos:
Another 230 unique page views were to this old post which contains direct links to the previous uncensored ISIS beheading video of Alan Henning:
Another 136 unique page views went to this old blog post, which also has a direct link to the Alan Henning beheading:
And another 110 unique page views went to this post of today, which discusses CNN censorship but features direct links to the two uncensored Peter Kassig beheading videos:
Meanwhile, my blog post dissecting why ISIS censors beheading videos, received a total of 4 views. And My uniquely brilliant blog posts on how to end universal child abuse, which is the direct cause of all wars, has received zero views. And this is despite the fact that each of the 375 unique visitors to My blog over the past 24 hours, had full access to explore My entire blog and read any and every post they chose.
Here you see the Truth: The vast majority of visitors to My blog over the past 24 hours were tortured ex-children desperately trying to satiate their rage by viewing a beheading of a human being. They had no interest in Truth, no desire to understand why ISIS beheaded Peter Kassig, no capacity to analyze why they were choosing to seek out this video via internet search, no interest in any aspect of Forbidden Truth. They were simply homicidal torture victims, on the hunt for a new and legal way to satisfy their homicidal rage in a socially sanctioned way.
And I wish to openly thank each and every one of them, for proving Me right, for demonstrating to Me, in real-time, how completely accurate all of My brilliant conclusions regarding the hopelessness of the human species, actually are. It has been My pleasure, both intellectually and emotionally.
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  1. True. Humans aren’t capable of analyzing the forbidden truths behind things. It is so draining to carry on conversations with them because they are stuck in the matrix of things. For some reason, they want and believe that this system can work if everyone abided by societal standards. It just boggles my mind that in this modern era, with all the technology and intellect, humans still lag far behind and aren’t aware of it.
    A bit of topic: I introduced your manifesto of forbidden truths to an inferior to read. He read it and disagreed with it, saying that it advocates violence and distorts individuals thinking and ideals. I thought…this guy is very intellectual in terms of society’s standards, but lacks the capacity in understanding and accepting the forbidden truths. I am done with trying to lead inferiors to the forbidden truths; it’s a waste of time

    1. The human consistently and pathologically betrays his potential. He destroys and subverts every opportunity he is given to seek and embrace Truth. The internet and other recently developed technologies are simply the continuation of this horrific failure of the species. If you look back upon the inventions of language, the newspaper, the telephone, the motor, electricity, radio, television, you see that every single technological discovery which possessed the capacity to awaken humans to Truth via interactive contact, has utterly failed. The internet and every specific form of “social media” which utilizes the internet, simply continues this long and unbreakable chain of absolute failure.
      It is not appropriate to place blame upon the so-called “elite”, or the societal and governmental leadership, for this failure. The failure is that of humanity as a species. Every single human generation is destroyed during childhood, rendered Self-hating and Truth-hating, and collectively suicidal. This is the reality, it is not diminishing on any level. It is just as universally pervasive today, at this moment, as it was 500 years ago, 100 years ago, 50 years ago.
      Your experience with the human inferior being exposed to Forbidden Truth, exactly reflects the Truth of the hopelessness of the human condition. As I have consistently stated, less than 1 out of a million humans possesses the emotional and intellectual freedom of mind to even begin to try to accept and integrate to consciousness, any significant portion of the Forbidden Truths I reveal within My Manifesto. This is not a hyperbolic estimate, it is the factual reality, and 1 in a million is actually a very generous estimate.
      The fact that My Manifesto and other writings of Forbidden Truth have been online for 12+ years, readily accessible to any human being in the world, to literally billions of human beings, only to be universally shunned, ignored, and rejected as the work of a madman, proves tht Forbidden Truth can and will never be embraced. It exists as a tombstone, an epitaph that deserves to be inscribed on planet earth itself, the place humanity destroyed, the place humanity will meet its deserved, near-term extinction.
      I applaud your decision to stop wasting effort in trying to enlighten others to the Forbidden Truths. As Superiors, we must recognize the hopelessness of humanity, and focus all of our MindPower efforts upon Self, to strengthen, preserve, and defend our own minds and existences from the daily war being waged against and upon us.

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