Humanity in Wonderland

I’m not big on watching movies, as the fictionalization of reality is one of the worst of all institutionalized human perversions, but for the sake of making an extremely important point, I wish to begin this blog post with a movie themed introduction.
Most of you creatures have probably watched a movie on Lifetime or WE or Oxygen network with a plotline that goes something like this: Small child either witnesses or is directly subjected to some type of horrific trauma, causing him/her to suffer a psychological collapse and retreat into a fantasy world, shunning all contact with others, refusing to face up to the realities of the world around him, and creating an elaborate set of fantasy environments and/or life forms, to which he establishes profoundly deep emotional connectivity, resisting and rejecting all external efforts to draw him back to the “real” world.
Listen up you fools, I have something important to tell you: Each and every one of you creatures, each and every one of you “adult” humans, save the 1 in 50 million who has successfully transcended his humanity, are spending your daily existences within this exact and absolute state of psychological collapse. Each and every one of you is a destroyed ex-child, psychologically destroyed, clinging to and constantly reinventing and reinforcing an utterly fantastical universe of pure illusion and pretense, to yourselves.
You dwell within a universe of illusion, this universe of ilusion is your escape from the horrors of the past, the horrors of what has been done to you, what is being done to you, in real-time, each and every moment.
Humanity in wonderland, this is the state of human existence today. Everyone is a destroyed ex-child. Everyone! The president of the united states and the homeless woman sleeping in a cardboard box and the billionaire commodities trader and the waitress in the local diner and the psychiatrist and the psychologist and the policeman and the serial killer and the devoted wife and the priest and the atheist and the anarchist and everyone, everyone else.
Everyone is psychologically destroyed. Everyone has retreated to a fantasy world, collectively and individually. Everyone is constantly mapping out a course within their fantasy world, which allows them to avoid facing the horror of their own childhood destruction, while simultaneously avoiding the horror of what is being done to them in real-time, each moment of the past, present, and future.
You must understand what this means, what the consequences are, of your species existing as destroyed ex-children, unable to even begin to imagine facing up to the horrors of past, present, and future. Every leader, every human leader, is a destroyed ex-child, living within a delusional fantasy world. Every scientist, doctor, philosopher, self-help guru, good samaritan, priest, president, coach, mentor, counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, everybody is broken, and everybody is devoted to breaking everyone else, to making sure that everyone is broken and always remains broken, because to allow anyone to not be broken, allows the Forbidden Truth that everyone is a destroyed ex-child hopelessly trapped within a self-created fantasy world, to be uncovered.
Make no mistake, I was a human child, and I was relentlessly destroyed just like you creatures. But I am different. Instead of immersing Myself in a world of fantasy and illusion, I was and I am, the one in 50 million who faced every horror head-on. I dismembered every Wonderland that you humans offered to Me, and every Wonderland that My brain offered to provide to Me. I claimed ownership of my brain, by transcending my humanity. I took the horrific trauma that you humans choose to inflict upon every child and upon every adult, and I integrated it to My core consciousness. I used it to elevate Myself to the one dimension that you humans can never find the courage to explore, the dimension of Truth, of factual reality, as it is, free of all distortion and free of the toxic projections of the destroyed seeker of comfort, safety, and fantasy. In point of fact, I transcended My humanity.
I look upon you creatures with contempt. Your blindness disgusts Me. What is so obvious to Me, you are hopelessly oblivious to. I know why you are as you are, I understand that to Alice, her Wonderland is the only reality she can perceive, and all of humanity has chosen to become lost in the same type of Wonderland, where the real, the True, the obvious, is invisible, impossible for you fools to find inside or outside of yourselves.
Do not accuse Me of painting with a broad brush. Why do I lump the atheist together with the priest? Why do I throw the anarchist in with the president? Why?? Because all humans are destroyed ex-children, and finding slivers of Truth within your broken minds, does not allow you to escape from Wonderland. It only allows you to pretend you have escaped, to delude yourselves into feeling enlightened, even as you remain trapped within your fantasy world. Perceiving a Truth, embracing a Truth, does not lift you above the psychological collapse of your mind. A Truth, or a set of Truths, are useless insofar as escaping from Wonderland itself.
I see things as they are, and they are so obvious. Parenthood is wrong.  Religion is wrong. Money is wrong. Punishment is Wrong. Sports is Wrong. government is wrong. Death is wrong. Loving others is wrong. Education is wrong. Tradition is wrong. Humility is wrong. Self-sacrifice is wrong. The family unit is wrong. Leadership is wrong. Forgiveness is wrong.
These things, and thousands more, that you humans find impossible to resist and to reject, are all wrong. They are wrong on a universal, fundamental, elemental level. They are as wrong as taking five gallon of gasoline, drenching every inch of your body with it, and firing a flamethrower directly into your own face. But is that really a good example, when you creatures are collectively suicidal, collectively murdering and destroying yourselves as factual reality??
And you pathetic creatures are up for debates on “issues”, at least some of you. You are willing to consider atheism, anarchism, even the elimination of parenthood, and maybe loving others is wrong…. I can find 1 in 1000, or 1 in 100,000, willing to consider isolated Truths. But this is useless, all this does is confirm that the state of humanity is trapped in Wonderland.
Because the 15 or so human structures that I have listed above as being wrong, along with thousands more, are fundamentally, foundationally, intrinsically wrong. They should never have come to exist, much less be universally embraced. If humanity were not trapped in a universal state of Wonderland, these structures would be recognized as ludicrous, they would never have come to be, in the first place.
This is what I see, with my Alien Eye. I see as ludicrous to exist, what you cannot even imagine challenging the existence of. I see the actual matrix, all of it, with crystal clarity, while you, at best, see isolated fragments swimming in fog and haze. You think My lens is distorted, but it is not. My lens reflects perfection of achieved mind.
Your Wonderland is invisible to you, all of you, just as much as that 6 year old girl in the Lifetime movie who witnessed her parents getting raped and stabbed to death and now refuses to speak to anyone except her imaginary friend. You need your Wonderland, you need to keep your eyes wide shut, your mind wide shut. Your Wonderland allows you to escape to a safe place, but just like Wonderland itself, your safe place, all of your safe places, are useless, worthless, illusions.
You destroy yourselves in order to keep Truth at bay. You protect yourselves from the Truth, willingly paying the price of personal destruction. You do it so you can smile, so you can laugh, so you can pretend to be happy, pretend to be loved, pretend to be safe, pretend to have a future, pretend that everything is okay and will be okay. It seems a fair trade-off to you, but you cannot perceive the consequences, the actual loss, because you have made your Wonderland, your reality.
Every problem can be solved, if it is faced within Truth. But destroyed ex-children cannot identify problems, much less solutions. In Wonderland the solution is perceived as a problem, and the problem is perceived as a solution. Everything is upside-down, because Truth is dead, and nothing can be seen or understood as it actually is.
I write this not to enlighten anyone. I write this because it is True, and because Truth cannot save Me from your Wonderland. I write this because I am not one of you, My mind is not in Wonderland, but My body is trapped by the horrific universe of illusion that you have created. My future is doomed, by you.
And so I hate you all, so very much, for what you are, even as I recognize you as created victims. I hate you, because I love Myself. I hate you because I know, if you could see yourselves as you Truly are, if you could see yourselves as I see you, you could not bear it. You would change, or you would choose to die, immediately, not in slow motion. But you will never see yourselves as you are. Wonderland does not allow that.
And there you all are. All of you. Humanity in Wonderland.
All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Humans and their ignorance are suffocating me. I am so sick and tired of humans walking around like zombies, not knowing what it is going on around them. But yet, they complain about the illusions and lies that their lives are based on, but are unable to connect the dots to forbidden truths. No one can reach them. They are totally in bliss of stupidity and believe that this matrix can somehow work if there are provisions. BS! this system can’t and will never work because it goes against human nature, period. When minor changes are made, the problem still exists, only that it takes on a different identity–but it still exists. Has it ever occurred to humans that when their fellow slaves snap, it is because they can’t continue to live in this Wonderland anymore? They have reached an awareness that something is really wrong on this planet, and that it is an endless cycle of perpetual doom

    1. The operational impotence of the Superior and the embracer of Truth, insofar as effecting genuine change which can be of personal benefit, must be understood and acknowledged. Violence solves nothing, attacks against society and government solve nothing, peaceful protest solves nothing, philosophical expressions of Truth, in words or speeches or writings, be they passionate or dispassionate, solve nothing.
      We cannot save ourselves, because Truth is dead. Forever dead. Humanity as a whole is guilty of the murder of Truth, and every genocidal consequence of sponsoring and carrying out this murder. All achievements of personal vengeance, regardless of how emotionally satisfying and ideologically justified they may be, fail to redress this injustice. The endless cycle of perpetual doom, very well-stated by you, cannot be transformed, cannot be reversed, cannot be halted. The external attacks upon others, by individual minds aligned to Truth, on varying levels of consciousness, can and must be honored and celebrated as accurate and valid expressions of Truth, within the understanding that they solve nothing in terms of long-term personal benefit, or any reversal of the death spiral of human devolution.

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