Humane Alternative to Dealing With the Unwashed Masses of Human Garbage

Is humanity worthy of being treated humanely? No. But what the hell, let Me throw out an undeserved alternative to the proper solution of extermination that I proposed for the masses of human garbage in My most recent essay.
The alternative is: Amusement parks. Come on, stop rubbing your eyes in disbelief. I will repeat: Amusement parks.
Consider: The amusement parks that exist today are self-contained alternative universes of unreality. We need to build new and different amusement parks, make them into the perfect prisons for the Unwashed Masses of human garbage. Make them realistic enough to entice and enthrall the human garbage. Make them MORE appealing than the “real world” they have built and maintain as totem poles to their mental delusions and derangements.
We could have “MoneyWorld”, the amusement park where human garbage can spend a lifetime finding new ways to accumulate worthless pieces of paper.
We could have “FamilyVille”, where human garbage can waste their lifetime breeding and destroying helpless child-slaves, and wallowing in the toxicity of interpersonal relationships.
We could have “GovernmentLand”, where human garbage wastes a lifetime pledging allegiance to the slave structure of government.
We could have “GodWorld”, where garbage humans spend their lives beseeching god for aid and favor.
And of course we should allow the human garbage to move freely from one amusement part to the other, and also combine two or three attractions into a single park.
The only place the human garbage would not be allowed to go, is into the real world, where the tiny minority of Superiors are hard at work, transforming the human universe in a Superior way.
This is a fun idea, but not nearly as practical as simple extermination. Too much work here, and too many rogue inferiors to stray from the parks. Garbage is not worthy of the expense of such time and effort.
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