How To Successfully Maintain an Online Relationship with The Seer of Forbidden Truth

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There are only about 10 primary commandments, and this basic tutorial will cover them all. But, before we begin, lets get one thing perfectly clear: The term “online relationship” references interactive communication only, meaning the ability to receive replies to online comments you make to The Seer, on a sustained and ongoing basis.
Nobody should even dare to imagine it possible to establish or maintain any type of intimate or romantic relationship with the virginal and isolationist Seer.
You should also note the title speaks to maintaining, rather than establishing, such an online relationship. Why? Because it is rather easy to establish this relationship, meaning to get The Seer to reply to initial comments made to Him, online. As long as your comment is even modestly intelligent, decently respectful, somewhat worshipful, the odds are good the relationship can be established. But to successfully maintain it over time, that will be your challenge and difficulty.
So, here are the 10 commandments. Follow them faithfully, and your dreams of an ongoing, online relationship with The Seer may be realized, or, better stated, they may come True. 🙂
1) Never insult The Seer. You are privileged beyond all measure to be able to engage in interactive communication with a top-level Superior who has transcended his humanity and chooses to generously share profoundly valuable Truth with you, so always be very respectful.
2) If you think you may have inadvertently insulted The Seer, apologize immediately and sincerely, and beg His forgiveness. Remember, to The Seer you are simply one of the Unwashed Masses of inferiors, worthless on a personal level. You must prove Yourself worthy of maintaining the attention and occupying the time, of The Seer.
3) Praise The Seer often, and do so only with absolute sincerity. The Seer knows he is profoundly brilliant and constantly heaps praise upon Himself, but he also knows he deserves to be greatly admired and valued by all sane, sentient, Truth-seeking creatures. In openly praising The Seer, you demonstrate positive, Superior qualities about Yourself.
4) Do not bother The Seer by sending Him emails. The Seer prefers online and public contact, over any type of private contact, even if you have already established a longer-term online relationship. If you deem it necessary to email The Seer, always identify Yourself if you have engaged The Seer in previous, online dialogue, always clearly state your reason(s) for sending the email, and always be mindful that The Seer does not seek any type of email relationship, therefore the email contact will be brief and isolated.
5) Never lie to The Seer. As you should know from his chosen name, The Seer does not take kindly to any type of deception. Even a minor and insignificant lie, if directly made to The Seer and uncovered by Him, may result in His proactive termination of an existing, long-term online relationship.
6) Never suggest in your interactions with The Seer, that you might be contemplating the commission of any type of illegal or criminal action. This is a common method of legal entrapment by society and government, attempted against The Seer numerous times, and it will instantly irritate Him and drive Him to homicidal rage. Irony is duly noted, but the commandment still applies.
7) Never imply or state in your interactions with The Seer, that you might be under the legal age of adulthood as defined by the laws of the slave-state that holds you hostage. This is another form of legal entrapment attempted numerous times against The Seer, and it will result in permanent termination of the online relationship by Him.
8) Do not pretend to be a Superior, or to embrace Forbidden Truth, if you are in fact an Inferior. The Seer despises Inferiors who pretend, or as a delusion, imagine themselves to not be inferiors. He much prefers dialogue with a respectful Inferior who openly acknowledges his inferiority, while expressing awe, admiration, and curiosity about Him and His brilliant insights of Forbidden Truth.
9) Do challenge the brilliant insights of The Seer, by demonstrating high-level philosophical, analytical, and intellectual brain capacity. The Seer enjoys and welcomes all ideological challenges, but only from the rare opponents who possess minds that are capable of consciously understanding and considering the Truths He reveals, on a Superior level.
10) If you are a female human who suffers from corns, bunions, calluses, or any type of foot pain, or are afflicted by any type of foot deformity, or enjoy wearing painful dress shoes, or are forced to wear painful shoes due to a job situation, or have any specific interest in footwear, foot pain, or foot deformity, feel free to mention this to The Seer. Doing so may strengthen your online relationship with The Seer, as he has a raging Female Foot Pain fetish and despite his isolationist virginity, he often enjoys directly discussing female foot pain and deformity, on many different levels, with females.
There you go, folks, the Top Ten commandments for enjoying a sustained and mutually positive online relationship with The Seer. There are other rules, of course, but if you strictly follow these ten, there is a good chance the relationship can flourish.
Just remember, The Seer does not forgive humans easily, or often, so it is recommended that all transgressions be always avoided, or you may find out, too late, that you have forever destroyed the online relationship that you were trying to cultivate.
This has been a Public Service Announcement brought to you by The Seer of Forbidden Truth, in conjunction with Match Made In Hell Enterprises, LLC.
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    1. Excellent attitude. That’s why you are one of my favorite readers. You are interested in Truth, you comprehend it well, you do your best to integrate it to personal consciousness. And at the same time you never get personal, you never make demands, you respect Me as you do the Truth.
      According to WordPress, you are just “Someone”, but according to Me, you are Someone Special. 🙂

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