How Superiors Feed

Feeding or starving, those are the options. Body, mind, and soul. The humans pretend they are feeding themselves, even as they starve. They consume what harms them, deliberately but most often within lack of conscious realization or understanding. They consume toxins of body and of mind, poisons that corrode the body, lies, deceptions, delusions, illusions that destroy their minds. They feed on the pain of Self, and mask it via positivity and hopefulness and vampiric enmeshment with other creatures.
I do none of that. I am a Superior. I feed on what is good for Me, good in the True and Truest sense of definitional purity. I feed to strengthen Myself for the daily war I wage against all of humanity. I feed upon the suffering and the pain of others, not to mask any Self-pain, but to reveal to Myself, always and within every conscious moment, the universal pain that I have been victimized by, and successfully transformed to external rage and hate.
Everyone is using everyone else, feeding on everyone else. But not to nourish themselves, or the others. This is the great lie. The humans feed in order to deny the Truth of their own starvation. Just as a full belly places the Forbidden Truths of death on the back-burner, a full mind does the same, only the level of poisonous impact is greater.
The Superior feeds his ego, as he makes love to Himself. The Alien Eye sees things as they are, but seeing and knowing are completely different. It is the conscious knowledge of what has been done and is being done to Me, that allows Me to properly feed and nourish Myself.
Humans share meals. The Superior always dines alone, in private. Food is always secondary, always! Because his mind is what nourishes him. He feeds his mind, and all Truth tastes good, because all Truth is good for him.
To feed as a Superior, is to attack. Because we are being starved to death. internally and externally.
My full and satisfied mind, starves you to death.
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  1. I knew there had to be a catch! But part of me hoped you were gonna share what or how you actually eat. I know you prefer to eat alone, and i sure understand that. But what do you actually eat? That would be a nice post. Breakfast, lunch, dinner? Brunch? Linner? What foods do you consume? What is a staple diet for you? Is there one, or do you just eat what you feel like, depending on the day? Are you gluten free? Stuff like that. Mens sana in corpore sano.

    1. I do not make posts based upon the requests of readers. So, thanks for your inquiry, but only if and when I feel personally inspired to share My digestive process, will you receive this information.
      There is nothing extraordinary about My diet. I consume meat, I eat processed food, I do not strictly avoid all artificial colors or flavors. I DO try to maintain good physical health in many different ways, including diet, because of the body dependency forced upon Me by My mortal enemy, government and society.
      But I know My body will fail in the future, regardless of how extreme any “health nut” efforts might be, and I know 21st century human society and government will use this failure to effect My murder.
      Therefore, adopting an extreme diet, attempting to avoid every possibly harmful ingredient or food item, is illogical.
      On the other hand, I AM very strict and focused on avoiding any substances that directly impact My brain in a significant way. For example, all caffeine is avoided, as it is a significant stimulant that should be illegal and non-existent. On the other hand, I do not attempt to avoid all sugar, even though it also has impacts upon brain function, because the impact is far less significant.

      1. That’s a good enough answer, thanks! Caffeine is a low end drug, that affects people in different ways. I find i lose some fine perceptions/sensitivities when it comes to thought processes, but on the other hand, it’s a good ergonomic, so it’s good for having more energy. I guess you don’t have that problem, or don’t look for artificial comfort of any kind.

        1. You’re welcome.
          I should write an entire essay on caffeine, as its negative impacts are far more devastating than humans realize. Perhaps in the next few weeks, I will.
          All artificial stimulants are HIGHLY destructive, cloaking, concealing, and distorting both Truth and True Reality, and are deployed as offensive weapons by society and government.
          Watch for My full essay, in the near future.
          Artificial comfort is false comfort, therefore of course I do not seek or allow it within My Self-universe.

          1. Thanks i receive updates in my inbox with your posts, so i will definitely make time to read the essay on coffee, should you make one. What do you recommend to people that don’t have enough energy, without stimulants? Not everyone has your energy, you know..

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