How Many Shooters at San Bernardino Mass Murder Site?

As most of you should know by now, there is a dynamic, breaking news story out of San Bernardino, California, usa. Gunmen, yes gunmen, according to most news media and law enforcement reports, stormed the Inland Regional Center, a large building that houses local government offices and provides local government services, and opened fire with long guns, killing at least 14 humans, and wounding at least 14 more.
The gunmen successfully fled the scene and remain at large, unlike the vast majority of mass murder incidents which occur in amerikkka. The getaway appears to have been “clean”, especially given that 6-7 hours have passed since the rampage occurred.
One of the more intriguing and unresolved details concerning this massacre, is the number of gunmen who carried it out. The news we are being given is that there appears to be more than one gunman, and very possibly three gunmen. We must be cautious in jumping to conclusions, because the media and the pigs always seem to get a lot of details wrong, in the hours and days immediately following a high profile crime event like this.
But, for the sake of argument, let us assume that there were three gunmen. If so, this provides a significant tactical advantage to the three gunmen, especially for as long as they remain anonymous and unidentified. In terms of further tactical actions, and confronting law enforcement if and when they are located, there is an operational advantage in their favor.
If they split up, they have an advantage in terms of spreading the pigs thin, and prolonging their reign of terror. If they stay together, they are at greater risk of being located, but they retain a better capacity to fight back and take out law enforcement agents if and when they are located and confronted. Further, if they stay together, their capacity to successfully plan and execute another mass murder rampage, before they are located or identified by law enforcement, increases.
I don’t want to delve into this detail much further, especially since there is no official confirmation of the number of attackers, but it is very interesting to contemplate the tactical advantages that a trio of unidentified at-large gunmen might enjoy.
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