How Humans Choose Their Leaders

We have already established as fact, via My brilliant texts, that leadership is a failed social experiment of the human species, a behavioral and ideological lifestyle choice inspired by universal species brain failure and dysfunction, a choice which causes universal harm not merely for every human, but for every living thing, plant and animal, on this planet, as well as ensuring evolutionary regression and devolution on a perpetual level, to result in near-term species extinction.
This is how humans choose their leaders: Not a single positive trait is sought, or even allowed to be displayed, by anyone who seeks to lead. Strength, intelligence, honesty, courage, morality, nothing like this is permitted to exist within the character of any elected or appointed or overtly terror-based, dictatorial leader.  leader.
All leaders must be terrorists, this is a prerequisite of the position. And why? Because every mainstream citizen-slave seeks & demands to be terrorized.
Every leader must openly manifest every pathology of mind and of character of the worst and most broken of humans: The regular, ordinary, mainstream human. He must be stupid, a coward, an outstanding liar for whom the lie can be easily and effectively communicated as absolute Truth, a Self-hater, Self-destructive, a hater of Truth, enraged on a homicidal level, while never openly acknowledging his external rage and hate.
Every leader must lack all introspective capacities, he must be totally unable to perceive himself as he Truly is. He must be narrow-minded, hypocritical, prejudiced against all life forms not human, prejudiced against all humans external to his own herd, , and a cheerleader for every existing deranged structure of the human matrix of universal illusion.
He must be the amplified voice of Mr. and Mrs slave, the premier salesman for universal human slavery and death for all.
Only then will you allow him to be your leader.
Only when you, all of you, individually and collectively, are absolutely certain anyone and everyone who aspires to lead, can never and will never allow you to ever glimpse, even for the briefest of seconds, any of the Forbidden Truths of what you are, any of the Forbidden Truths of what you have always done to yourselves, and what you have always done to the world around you, to every living thing, every moment of every day, in everything that you do, think, feel, in everything that you ARE, aspire to be, have any chance of becoming, will you open your arms and your mind to him, and hand him the leadership shackle, invite him to imprison, destroy, and murder you.
This is how you choose your leaders. This is the leadership structure of humanity, at every level.
Now you know the Truth. But the knowledge is useless, you do not want it, and you can rest assured, your leaders will make certain this message of Truth, as ALL such messages, will remain forever concealed.
All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


    1. Yes, the exact same parameters apply to the labor boss, the captain of the sports team, the head of the labor union, the founders and directors of successful organizations such as Planned Parenthood, the NRA, The Salvation Army, etc…

        1. The solution is clear and obvious: Leadership is a human mistake. It does not work, it makes things worse. NEVER have humans chosen appropriate leaders, and the human brain is MORE defective now, than ever before.
          Humans ARE a mistake, and so they have created an unworkable structure, leadership. It is useless to speculate how things MIGHT be if humans chose appropriate leaders. They cannot. They will not.
          It is equally USELESS to speculate how humanity would function absent all human, individual leadership, because once again, the Unwashed Masses cannot & will not accept ownership of Self.
          But that IS the solution, the only solution. Leadership would STILL be wrong, even if humans tried to seek out the most intelligent, the always sober, the ones who never lie… Therefore, the structure itself must be abandoned and rejected.
          If you are a Superior thinker, you understand that all human leadership is absolutely unnecessary. It only occurs because inferiors demand to follow. The same inferiors who bring the whole universe down, the same inbferiors guilty of murdering Me.
          So, the solution is to end leadership, cull the human herd of all who insist upon following. Let the Superiors inherent a universe of Truth, where freedom reigns and only brilliant ideas and paths are embraced and deemed worthy of devotion, not the individuals who recognize, realize, and articulate them.
          Just because a solution cannot and will not be implemented by humans, does not negate the validity of the solution.

          1. Well i guess capitalism is the worst system we have, except for all the other ones. In communism, people are not nearly as “pushed” to produce/exploited as in capitalism, and look where that gets you.

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