Hope: The False Savior Destroying All Human Potential

Hope is one of the most singularly destructive of all human brain pathologies. Do you find strength in hope? Does hope make you feel better, does it inspire you to not give up, to carry on?? Right HERE is the crux of the greatest problem of humanity, yet you cannot even identify it, can you?? You find hope to be the SOLUTION to a problem, when in Truth it IS the problem, in and of itself. It is what makes the solutions impossible to even imagine.
The problem, perceived as a solution! Only the multi-defective human could make such a gigantic error.
Where do you find hope? In the insanity of religion? The lie of an afterlife? The alteration of reality perception induced by toxic substances like alcohol and marijuana and prozac and nicotine and a thousand others? Or maybe the delusion that someone else can & does love you? Or maybe the steady accumulation of worthless pieces of paper given to you in exchange for your agreement to live and die an eternal slave??
Don’t you see the Truth? The Forbidden Truth so clear and obvious to Me, as I observe you in your death throes of devolution, pathetic humans?
Every avenue of hope you choose to follow, is a dead end, leading to nowhere and to nothing that is real and True. Hope is the pot of death at the end of the rainbow you choose to IMAGINE you see, to IMAGINE you create, the imaginary solution to every REAL problem.
So where is the solution? In hopelessness, of course! In recognizing hope to be a pathology of the human brain. Every solution to every problem, as I so brilliantly reveal in comprehensive detail in all of My texts, is void of all hope. Every solution could be and was recognized and integrated to personal consciousness, ONLY after the rejection and abandonment of every avenue of hope.
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  1. I believe humans if they did not relate to and rely on such illusions as afterlife, belief in a non-existent god, they would defy this system all together

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