Honoring James Lammers: Tortured Victim-creation of 20th Century amerikkkan Society

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The history of humanity is a history of Truth murder, carried out in serial and in mass formats. Trillions of individual lives sacrificed and snuffed out, in one way or another, all for the sake of maintaining the status quo: Universal slavery and the universal illusion of existence. Society and government does this, creating, maintaining, and serving The Matrix of Universal Illusion.
My mandate, as your murder victim, is to serve and to honor the Truth. I do this in many different ways. Writing is just one way, this post is just one way. Throughout human history, consciously and subconsciously and unconsciously, a select few individual victims have chosen to serve Truth. They have tried to reveal the horror of what has been done to them, each in their own way. In honoring them, I honor Truth itself.
All who commit familial murder honor the Truth that the family unit is a mistake, an abomination, and a weapon of genocide deployed by all human societies and governments. Children who harvest their parents, mothers who harvest their children, fathers who harvest their children, husbands who harvest their wives, wives who harvest their husbands. Every individual act is a profound and sacred message of Truth, a revelation of Forbidden Truth, even if the harvester lacks all capacity to consciously know and understand the Truths he is unveiling to the universe.
And how do you respond to these profound and precious revelations of Truth?? With hatred, condemnation, violence, destruction, and death, proving that you, as a species, deserve nothing less or more than to become extinct, as you will in the near-term future. Instead of honoring and thanking and learning from those who are willing to endanger themselves in the name of Truth, you destroy them, just as you destroy all Truth, over and over and over, throughout your history as a failed species.
So here I am today, August 13, 2018, honoring one of your trillions of sacrificed victims, Martyr James Lammers, officially murdered on January 5, 1952 by the diseased and deranged society and government of amerikkka, for daring to reveal the Truth about the family unit. James successfully harvested his pregnant wife-slave, and his three child-slaves, a little more than a year earlier, December 12, 1950.
Did Martyr James ask to be born into a society that enslaved him to a family unit? A society that cripples every child by decreeing him and her to be a worthless, subhuman slave, an owned object to be brainwashed and indoctrinated to serve perverse structures that cage the body, the mind, and the spirit of every individual, to be used up and discarded into the heap of trillions who were never born, trillions forced to play out an imaginary charade of existence??! Just as you and I were destroyed and are being discarded, aborted in real-time, as we are denied the sacred right to KNOW this Truth?! Did he? No. He is your victim and your creation, nothing else.
Why do I choose James Lammers, today, to honor in this way?? Why not? His fate is My fate, and it is YOUR fate, you pathetic idiots! 66 years ago his illusion of existence was taken from him, he was murdered in the name of all that is false and fake and imaginary and invalid and perverse and wrong. You are murder victims, all of you, exactly as James was. In honoring Him, I honor the Truth, and I honor Myself.
We are all James Lammers. Anonymous nothings kept as drones by The Matrix of Universal Illusion. Until humanity rises up as one to avenge his murder, ripping apart every last shred of illusion, every last lie and charade that holds us hostage, we are all murder victims, we will all die at the hands of the evil that is human society and government.
All who stand up to reveal Truth are heroes. James Lammers. 20th century hero.

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  1. And yet James Lanner’s legacy continues as he is long gone and forgotten. James felt trapped and did not want to be enslaved as a husband and a father and wanted out. Unfortunately, his only way out was murder. Society would not loosen the chains that enslaved him, and he had no options. Surely, his family, friends, and community members couldn’t wrap their brains around James entrapment and ignored his silent pleas for help. They possibly saw the signs of his discontentment but couldn’t accept the truth and blocked it out. Hell, they also felt deep down that they were trapped in their roles as mothers, fathers, husbands and wives, but lacked superior thinking in analyzing it for what it really is.
    Also, James could not confide in anyone about how he really felt, which is very similar in today’s day and age. The family unit/slave dungeon does this to everyone, keeping them in lifelong servitude, and silencing them during their suffering and torment. Its supposed to remain a secret and hidden from the public to keep up the façade that marriage and family life is blissful. Humans time and time again have proven this to be invalid, and it creates harm instead of good. No one truly benefits from it because it causing victimization and exploitation of individuals at the mercy of those who are dominant in the relationship. Even the dominant individual is a victim because society defines expectations for them to fill, like the husband who is the breadwinner of the family. If he fails, society condemns and ridicules him.
    They are essentially held prisoners in their own homes with invisible chains and nooses around their necks.
    They cannot walk away without there being consequences from the law, courts, and scrutiny from family members, friends, and the public. What are they to do? Humans will condemn him for what he did to his family, but are no different than James, only that most humans have not murdered their families physically. However, they murder their souls and destroy them slowly with mental and emotional torture for their entire existence.
    In a sense, they kill them. Actually, they are hypocrites and want to feel they are superior to James. All humans can say is “well at least I didn’t or haven’t murdered my loved ones: I’ve only psychologically and emotionally tortured them, brainwashed them, and even smacked them a couple of times, but never thought about killing them the way James did”. They will go onto say”James was different and not normal, probably suffered from a mental illness, but I am normal, you see because society says I am”. How foolish are they.

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