Honoring DeWayne Craddock, Honors Truth, Reality, and Self

Two days ago, May 31st, 2019, tortured victim-creation of amerikkkan society and government, DeWayne Craddock decided to try to shatter The Matrix of Universal Illusion by harvesting humans. He shot 16 at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center, a government building in Virginia Beach, USA,  where he had been serving as a labor slave, successfully killing 12, then engaged arriving pigs in a firefight before being shot dead by them.

Outlaw mass murder is one of the most lyrical, reflectively beautiful of all acts that any human-born citizen-slave is capable of carrying out within the prison of planet earth in the 21st century. This is a Forbidden Truth fact, incontrovertible, that must be known and understood by all who seek to become top-level Superiors.

Each of us is a victim and a Martyr. Each of us was destroyed as a child and continues to be destroyed on a daily basis, by human-designed organizational structures such as the family unit, government, money, and religion. Each of us is under imminent, ongoing, daily attack. Each of us is being shot dead at point-blank range, without warning, all of the time. And yet we are expected to deny these Truths. It is demanded of us that we co-operate with our destroyers, that we play along to this illusion of existence.

All acts of outlaw mass murder defy this demand. They are expressions of both Truth and True Reality, that achieve a purity of consciousness that we should all strive for. Nothing I write, no verbal dissertation or analysis of the human condition, can attain the level of reflective purity that is expressed and revealed via the act of outlaw mass murder, in and of itself. 

Martyr DeWayne apparently left us no lengthy manifesto or texts of Truth. But none are needed. The act speaks for itself, his chosen actions uncloak the Forbidden Truths of the universal human condition, to supreme and ultimate clarity. Whether or not you can see, thanks to DeWayne’s gift of a torch that cuts through the permanent fog of a world founded and sustained upon the universal destruction of all, that is your own personal failure, or in very rare instances, your own personal triumph of mind. 

For well over 40 years, since I was a small child, I have mind-melded with outlaw mass murder, the acts and the actors, as I have sought to destroy what is guilty of destroying Me. It was James Oliver Huberty, back in 1984, who fully fledged My mind wings, when he shattered the then-current amerikkkan lone gunman mass murder record harvest, by killing 21 at a McDonald’s restaurant in San Ysidro, California. But even years before, My child-mind identified outlaw mass murder as a guiding pathway to emancipation of consciousness, to identifying primary and rooted Forbidden Truths. 

The amerikkkan pioneers of this mind art include Andrew Kehoe, Howard Unruh, and Charles Whitman, among many others. As humanity continues to devolve to near-term species extinction, outlaw mass murder will become more popular and frequent. We already see this increase just within the past 20 years. Those of us who chronicle the human condition must never forget the pioneers. To see and to grasp the Forbidden Truths, be it consciously or subconsciously, is always a struggle, for all human-borns. We grow our minds by feasting upon the reflections of others, the tiny handful who find the capacity to express Forbidden Truth to the universe, each in their own uniquely beautiful way.

DeWayne Craddock was born into your diseased, death-worshipping, universal slavery for all society, as a helpless child. Amerikkkan society, they say it is the “best” in the world, chose to inflict universal child abuse upon him, to cage his mind and his body, to decree him first a child-slave, then a citizen-slave, As every amerikkkan, DeWayne was subjected to relentless brainwashing, indoctrination to perverse and genocidal social structures, propagandized to obey, to serve, to worship, to demean Himself in every way. He was ordered to celebrate life, even as he was forced to worship death. 

It is government that convinces you citizen-slaves that you exist, a lie, a perverse illusion, even as it compels you to die. “Death is okay, as long as you live a good life.” 

There is no good life. There is no life. Only the illusion of life. And two days ago, DeWayne tried to tell you humans the Truth. He gave away his illusion of an existence, in the name of Truth. And of course his lesson is lost upon you brainwashed sheeple. He died in vain. But we all die in vain. With this essay, I reveal to the world that I know and I understand the beauty and the brilliance of all expressions of Forbidden Truth. But I write in vain. All efforts to ignite Forbidden Truth upon the collective human mindscape are futile, useless, doomed to failure.

My success, is knowing that I fail to change the world, and celebrating this failure, as proof that I am right about everything. A supreme triumph of the Self-universe that is Me.

Thank You, DeWayne, for adding to the collective body of Forbidden Truth. Thank You, DeWayne, for trying to teach the world a lesson it is incapable of learning, thereby proving that you did the right thing.

Each of you is directly guilty of destroying this singular individual, DeWayne Craddock. It is your world that mandates universal destruction and annihilation for all. DeWayne just tried to show you what you are, as proven by what you choose to do.

DeWayne Craddock, amerikkkan torture victim and Martyr

Torture Victim and Martyr DeWayne Craddock, 1995 and 1996 high school yearbook photos.



All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.



  1. 👋 Hey Seer, I think if it wasn’t for your experience of torture in childhood you wouldn’t hate every single human being. I’m curious to know how different you actually are from the average person without the trauma. I’m curious to know who I could be without the brain damage. I still wouldn’t be a human being that’s for sure.

    I agree: this mass murderer reflected the evilness of society but him killing himself and some others doesn’t suddenly make him innocent. How could it? In fact he just repeated the pattern and traumatized others who in turn become sicker and more prone to make others suffer more. His action is unlikely to heal anyone.

    Moreover, his action doesn’t reflect his true original unharmed unbroken being therefore his action was a LIE to who he really is without the influence of insane humans throughout his life.

    His action only reflects his current state of pain and lack. Nothing more nothing less. It’s not the most true and right expression of himself that’s possible in the absolute. Right?

    Therefore it’s morally wrong to praise it as the best choice for a human being. As it can’t possibly be the most truthful expression of any mass murderer. Choosing that action means total defeat. Not triumph.

    He didn’t help to make humanity good. He only strengthened the already powerful energy of evilness more. He was defeated by his society. He didn’t change it it changed him and made him disappear and not become visible. He was not the devil nor his slave but on his final day he became only that. An absolute slave in a desperate act of absolute surrender to satanism.

    He fed the very concept that he became a victim of. He became a role model for future abuse of power.

    I’ve been listening to Mark Passio a lot since 2021 when I found him. It would be cool if the two of you could have a personal exchange!

    He has a strong ego I think. He teaches humanity like you do. He’s an anarchist who values freedom, love and truth.

    He helps me calm down. I have developed PTSD over the last decade I assume. It’s so rare to see a part of myself in human beings like you and him out in the world. I have stopped identifying as a human. With your help I became an individual during the covid years. I can now accept being absolutely alone in the universe. Before 2022 I wasn’t able to.

    Passio talks a lot about satanism. As a former priest in the church of Satan. Mass murderers are satanists, too. To me. So they are not morally superior in any way. I could choose to kill, too. It doesn’t make me a hero or anything. It only shows I am as weak as all the others and succumbed to self-pity.

    I’ve analysed what made my biological mother capable of murder. So I know how it’s in me and I need to keep my foot on the serpent like Virgin Mary. 😉 The painting symbolizes mastering the serpent. Not being ruled by it!

    Mark identifies as an Esoteric Christian. I’m esoteric. He explains everything very simply and beautifully. It’s all about having a healthy human brain. It brings right action into the world. 🙂

    So that’s become my goal. While trauma and physical illness overwhelm me.

    I have found a different, a truly individual way to cope and wrote the ’33 Life Rules of a Divine Narcissist’. However, I can’t guarantee that will work forever. But if I will snap I know it’s only because my mind has failed to withstand the immense pressure of lifelong isolation. It wouldn’t be a triumph of any sorts. It wouldn’t make me any more truthful as I am now with the same level of suffering and awareness. Quite the opposite as stated above.

    Passio lacks psychological understanding though. Normal human beings are really not interested in his teachings or just for narcissistic reasons or mere curiosity. Their brains unlike mine simply don’t strive for being good. You probably need to be somewhat autistic. I don’t know what it takes. I just know that I have that what it takes. I care very much about what is right. I once thought it was right to murder people like you said…

    Everything he does he does basically for me like he’s my private teacher. 🙂 As I don’t think anyone besides me truly cares or has the necessary capacity to fully care.

    Passio thinks he can indeed initiate change in the world through providing human beings with truthful and the correct information. That’s his motivation. But you have given up?

    Passio is a U.S. citizen too. I’m not. So I think the two of you could have an exchange. It could empower both of you. And it would make me happy and might inspire me BIG TIME. 😀

    In 2021 I read the journals of the two columbine shooting boys. Dylan helped me realize there are two sides: good and bad. And that the source of my lifelong suffering had been the bad force ruling in people. I had an epiphany: I don’t want to stand on the side of bad but I want to dedicate the rest of my life fighting it instead. Everyone has to make a conscious choice. Most are unaware and therefore become tools for the bad side. Like I was a tool. Became a victim of the bad side like the two boys. Dylan had drawn that double cross that’s like a mirrored cross. I realized that bad always mirrors good. As a spiritual law. Dylan wanted to feel this divine love. Evil rage was only his substitute pleasure. His mirror pleasure. He would have preferred love. That’s all he wrote about. He failed to achieve that emotion because he was outer oriented and a people pleaser. Both had low self-esteem. Their killings weren’t an act of strength at all. Studying them intensely for a while and being mirrored by them was a turning point in my development.

    Normal people don’t have the strength for honest self-reflection. And they won’t study mass murderers and their writings and learn from them like I do. They won’t admit to being evil. I’m now very familiar with the varying kinds of them in general. And can sense their different expressions of their satanistic brains. I’m an INTJ. Prone to low self-esteem. Prone to mass murder. The neo Nazi teenager who shot and killed black people in a supermarket was an INTJ. I’ve skimmed his manifesto. I have subclinical schizoidism and autism like some of them who are very introverted. I was always closest to a vulnerable narcissist until COVID. The main issue is my lifelong social isolation and oppression due to having a hated and feared unique brain. That’s the main source of my pain and feeling of powerlessness.

    My physical illness has been strengthening my intuition as I am slowly dying. I can’t cling to a rational world view. I’ve created my own reality. I was forced to.

    Pathological human narcissism mirrors Divine Narcissism like bad mirrors good. So that’s my personal goal. I’ve invented my own identities. Yes, I have become finally mentally independent. Being good feels the best that’s why I prefer good over bad. Having corresponded with prison inmates during the covid years helped me as well with that realization. Realizing having a victim complex turned them into murderers. Just like my biological mother. I’ve found a way to interpret my experience in a different way that doesn’t make me feel so unbearably victimized. Identifying as a victim is just not a good feeling. I prefer having positive emotions.

    When I am weak I resort to fantasies about the future in millions of years when humans don’t exist anymore. And all of human artefacts will have been annihilated in billions of years. So I know what you feel. You can read my comment from 10 days ago on the Pangaea Proxima video simulation. https://youtu.be/HRVkB2daFjM?si=vNdcIIXk-KR7VED6 But I know it’s then that I am just being weak. I have days of feeling helpless in my suffering.

    My spirituality helps. The patterns of the matrix are obvious to me. I experience synchronicities. I’m getting pleasure from examining the nature of reality. And I get pleasure from moments of gaining insights. That’s all that’s left for me. Feeling empowered by finding truths. That’s when I don’t feel fear or depression. I like to feel empowered. I have that in common with a satanist. I want to be satanic but not satanistic. The good side is satanic. Satanists feel empowered by violence.

    And finally pleasure from finding solutions. A satanic pleasure of a Divine Narcissist. 😉 Still a work in progress.

    I want to do anything to find more truth. Finding meaning gives me so much pleasure. So why should I deny myself that meaning and become a nihilist?

    Truth comes from love and where love is hatred cannot be. So I make love my goal as in the pop song the power of love. While I am dying. I might fail but I am too far in to let evilness eat me up and claim me.

    Contact Mark Passio. And if you don’t it’s because you want to deny me that pleasure of seeing you together as you envy me feeling pleasure like a slave does. xD

    I guess I am just being bored and seeking novelty. I like you a lot no matter what you do.

    I appreciate your individuality and your service via the information you put out.

    Mass killers are boring and repetitive.

    I’ve recently noticed how bored I have become. I crave novelty. A huge paradigm shift. Dying alone in my apartment is so boring and I don’t think it fits my personality. 😉

    I think I have been playing it too safe. I want to experience something before I physically die.

    Your sincere student Noach x

    1. Hello,

      We are all brain damaged. Victim-Creations of a mentally deranged society. It is not the objective of any Superior to heal Self or others, but to accurately reflect True Reality, the sum total of his life experiences. We are all CREATIONS and REFLECTIONS. Denying and fighting this Forbidden Truth does not alter it. There can be no moral standards in an amoral world. Anyone who aspires to morality betrays Self and Truth. Satanism must be understood as a bridge to the Forbidden Truths of death. An escape path from the mind disease that is religion. If satanism is embraced beyond anything more than an escape route from religion, Forbidden Truth can never bloom.

      Those who follow humans are weak and inferior. You learn from a few select Superiors, how to find, recognize, embrace, Forbidden Truth. Addiction to other humans is always toxic, even if they are top-level Superiors such as Myself. Lifelong isolation should be experienced as a wonderful gift given to Self. If it is not, you have not attained Superior status. HUmanity is doomed and devolving. This is a central theme of the Forbidden Truth texts. Nothing I have ever said or done has had the slightest intent to “change the world”. My creations REVEAL the world, and humanity, for what it is.

      I do not interact with humans upon the request of others. All mental illness diagnosis are invalid, as they are delivered by a mentally deranged sciety that is pathologically compelled to cover up this Forbidden Truth.

      Take Care,

      The Seer of Forbidden Truth

  2. Are these your normal thoughts just when you are in a bad mood or also a good mood? No offense, perhaps it is your way of venting healthful manner, through writing.

    1. My mood is uniformly consistent: Limitless love of Self is always directed inward. Limitless rage and hate is always directed outward. Recognition and embrace of the fact that life is pointless, meaningless, and a false illusion, is always an anchor block. And everything I choose to do always reflects and honors all of the Forbidden Truths.

    1. @Ken I certainly hope the Covid-19 Novel Coronavirus can grow and strengthen and mutate to the degree necessary to extinct all of humanity. Nothing would give me greater pleasure and catharsis of consciousness than to bear witness to the dawn of human extinction.

      The virus does need to mutate in order to achieve this delicious end result, in my opinion. Such mutation can occur naturally, or it can be aided by deliberate intervention by biologists and others well-educated in the sciences. There are soul dead victims of humanity everywhere, at the highest levels. These Sleepers are capable of conscious awakening and that is what it will take to move the Coronavirus to the next level, a level where it becomes capable of extincting this diseased and deranged species that should never have come into existence in the first place.

  3. Is this really Joe1Orbit from the old alt.true-crime Usenet group? I remember reading your posts there. Is GMS still around? Take care.

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