Hell on earth,courtesy of humanity

Oh Caius, my dear child, don’t you see where hell is? Don’t you understand that hell is what you were born into, hell is where you were forced to grow up, the only hell, the real hell, has been implanted within your mind by the diseased and deranged society guilty of your creation?
No Caius, you cannot find safe haven in hell by implanted horns beneath your skin, or imprinting ink numbers upon the surface of your skin. You have already been to hell, you are living out the True hell, right alongside the judge and the jurors who choose to demonize and destroy you for trying to reflect just a little bit of the universal injustice you are able to recognize Yourself as victim of.
This is what your society does: Creates the illusion of an imaginary hell after death, to cloak the horrific Truth that we are all experiencing, from birth until death, an existence far more hellish than anything described in the books of fiction used to terrorize us, and to justify the universal childabuse that Caius is victim of.
Jury Finds Caius Veiovis Guilty Of All Charges In Berkshire Triple Murder
Late today, word came from a courthouse in Springfield: guilty. Now, the last of three separate trials that have captivated the region involving the murders of three Berkshire County men is over.

A Hampden Superior Court jury found 34-year-old Caius Veiovis guilty on three counts each of kidnapping, witness intimidation and first degree murder.
The jury deliberated for nearly 37 hours over six days before reaching a decision around 3:30 Friday. After jurors were thanked for their service by Judge Jeffrey Kinder, Veiovis shouted, “I’ll see you all in hell. Every single f…ing one of you” at the jurors as they were leaving, according to reporters in the courtroom.
“I felt bad for the jurors,” said Berkshire District Attorney David Capeless. “They had done a remarkable job. They had certainly fulfilled their duty. They were conscientious. They listened carefully throughout the trial and obviously spent a considerable amount of time considering all the evidence in the case before they reached their verdicts. To yell at them in that way well, it showed who he was. I was disgusted by it. Disgusted quite frankly.”
Veiovis faces life in prison. Sentencing is set for Monday at 2. Capeless says he will recommend consecutive sentences. Veiovis is being held without bail at the Berkshire County House of Correction until then.
Veiovis, of Pittsfield, had pleaded not guilty to the charges connected to the murders of David Glasser, Edward Frampton and Robert Chadwell. The men disappeared from a Pittsfield apartment in August 2011. Their dismembered bodies were discovered two weeks later in Becket.
Ringleader Adam Lee Hall was convicted of multiple counts of murder and kidnapping in February. The 37-year-old is serving three consecutive life sentences plus 42 years. Glasser disappeared from his Pittsfield apartment weeks before he was scheduled to testify against Hall, a ranking member of a local chapter of the motorcycle gang Hells Angels, in an assault case. Prosecutors say Frampton, Glasser’s roommate, and their friend Chadwell were killed to eliminate witnesses.
In May, David Chalue, 47, of North Adams, was convicted on three counts each of murder, witness intimidation and kidnapping. He is serving life in prison without parole. Capeless says all three were found guilty because of the work by numerous investigators.
“Officers from agencies all across Berkshire County as well as their federal counterparts contributed to this,” Capeless said. “They did an amazing job. Hundreds and hundreds of witnesses were interviewed. Several thousand pieces of evidence were gathered. It was relentless. It was professional. It was a total commitment by everybody involved. That’s the reason we were able to obtain these convictions.”
All three trials were moved to Hampden Superior Court in Springfield because of pre-trial publicity in Berkshire County. Adding to the exposure was Veiovis’ mugshot, which received national attention. He has the number 666, recognized as a symbol of the devil, tattooed on his forehead along with six implants that resemble horns. When the mugshot was taken, he also had spikes through his nose and between his eyebrows, which have since been removed.
Capeless has pointed out the difficulties the victims’ families have faced in reliving the tragedies inside the courtroom. Capeless says he feels gratified.
“Justice has been served,” Capeless said. “I would never think to say that the grief suffered by the friends and families of David Glasser, Ed Frampton and Robert Chadwell have been assuaged. That unfortunately does not happen. But at least after these past six months of these three trials, the almost daily reminder of what happened to their loved ones, has now ended. For that, they get some relief. But, for the rest of us as the public yes justice has been served.”


  1. There is no justice.
    No one person ever looks deeply into the life experiences of an alleged offender and examines the things that have happened to and are happening to him purely by virtue of his crappy conundrum of being born a human being.
    There is no REAL empathy.
    One can never put them selves into the shoes of another & it is completely absurd to imagine otherwise.
    One who examines the horrors of another persons existence has the ability to feel sympathy, but only those parts that resonate something within the examiners own horrific experience will even be noted.
    To deem the conscious experiences of a human being irrelevant and then turn around and judge them on the resulting actions of those conscious experiences is so obviously insane.

    1. Absolutely correct, and well-stated. Every human society is overtly cruel, malicious, malevolent, sadistic, and all of this is directly incorporated into its judicial system, with no conscious admission or realization, of course.
      This systemic and ritualized malevolence is a direct result and reflection of the universal victimization and trauma experienced by every human child, as an officially decreed worthless, subhuman piece of owned property who exists to serve the Poison Container psychological needs of adults, who are themselves destroyed ex-children.
      This is the profound, Forbidden Truth that humans have never faced, and will never face, with consciousness of mind, even though it is obvious, clear, undeniable, to any sane thinker who has detached from the hive mind and seeks Truth with a courageous, Alien Eye.
      As I have comprehensively revealed in my writings, the cycle of universal child abuse cannot and will never be broken by humanity, even as I have fully outlined the solutions, such as properly designed and administered universal, Mandatory Parental Competency Testing.
      None of this can ever occur, because humanity cannot see what it is, cannot see what it is doing and what it has done and what it will do. The universal failure of humanity as a species, begins and ends with NOT the universal ABUSE of all children, but the universal DESTRUCTION of all children, resulting from the universal abuse. Yes, there are many other factors at play, but this is the foundational root. Addressing ANY other factors, without eliminating this foundational root, can and will achieve nothing genuinely reformative.
      Justice is dead, because Truth is dead.

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