Hate Religion, Hypocrites!

All who blame or hate three torture victims being demonized as terrorists, islam, or “radical” islam for the massacre at Charlie Hebdo, are perverse hypocrites and cowards who cannot face the Forbidden Truths of religion and the insane god myth. islam is the sparring partner of christianity, because every muslim regime is at war against its own citizen-slaves, and christianity is the sparring partner of islam, because every western regime is at war against its own citizen-slaves. Every human who criticizes any specific version of the insane god myth, or any specific individual brainwashed to believe in god, without overtly condemning, rejecting, and outing religion itself as the greatest cause of human harm, next to the existence of government itself, spits in the face of Truth.
Western media has established an absolute censorship blackout on the outing of religion as diseased and deranged human pathology. Where are the atheists, appropriately blaming the existence of organized religion for the Charlie Hebdo massacre? Where are the psychologists and psychiatrists, openly acknowledging religion itself to be the most harmful mental illness of the 21st century? Where are the scientists, banding together with the psychologists and psychiatrists to demand the open condemnation and worldwide eradication of religion?
The cowardice of humanity as a species is pathetic and perverse beyond all measure. Humans with education, humans with knowledge, humans in a position to stand up for Truth, and nobody will stand, nobody is allowed to stand. The universal terrorism of government remains invisible to all, impossible for anyone to publicly and openly decree. Victims of the terrorism that is religion, such as the three Charlie Hebdo gunmen, are demonized as being terrorists, while the Truth that they are nothing more than created victims of the terrorism of the state, the terrorism that is religion itself, is blacked out via censorship, from all public consciousness.
I hate religion because I love Truth, and because the relationship between government, society, and religion, is incestuous. No plot, no conspiracy by any group of individuals, can ever begin to try to match the worldwide conspiracy of leaders of government and society to deploy the insane god myth as terrorist weapon to achieve control and domination of all human beings, everywhere in the world.
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  1. One would think the light switch would have come on by now for the so-called educated elites, detesting the god myth and religion as being an instigator for these atrocities. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Society blames the victims as terrorists and their actions are classified as terrorism, but never religion and god

    1. The educated elites despise themselves just as much, if not more, than the uneducated masses. They are just as collectively suicidal ,just as Truth-hating, and just as vulnerable, if not more so, to the terrorist brainwashing of their society and government. In point of fact, the higher up a citizen-slave rises within the caste system of his society, the more pressure he is under to conform to its diseased and deranged mandates, and to defend it against external “attack”, which includes any challenge to foundational structures such as the insane god myth.
      Nobody who achieves “success” as an empowered member of any society, is allowed to stand up for and reveal any level of Forbidden Truth. To do so would result in society cutting the individual down, taking away his social standing, stripping him of any titles, such as doctor, scientist, teacher, psychologist, etc…, that he may have been given in the past, in the process cutting off his ability to influence other humans.

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