Hate Others, So You May Love Yourself

Why should you hate others? There are thousands of valid reasons, but the most reflectively pure reason is because you are a creation of hate. You were hated, you are hated, you will be hated. Hate was reflected unto you. You have been taught and told to hate Yourself, by the society that sponsored the hatred that has forever altered your perceptions of Self and the external world.
Hate others because the mirror does not lie. Hate others because you have the courage to look back and know the difference between what you were born as, and what you are now. Hate others because this hate green lights your True Reality right to destroy, in every imaginable way, and to gain catharsis, and to begin a journey to achieve love of Self.
Forgiveness is the first step to Self-betrayal. When you forgive others, you are destroying your own ego and Self-worth. Forgiveness of others achieves nothing of value, it actively destroys positive mental health. Your right to hate is intrinsically valid, reflecting motivational drive derived from personal trauma of a victim. If your right to hate were not intrinsically valid, you would not be motivated to hate.
Always, the most important issue is not who to hate and not whether to hate, but simply whether to hate others, or to hate yourself. It is your greatest enemy, the society and government guilty of inflicting the harm which inspires you to hate, which is fully responsible for the greatest of crimes against your mind: The deliberate attempt to destroy your ego, narcissism, and Self-love, to cause you to hate yourself.
As a top-level Superior, I always reserve My greatest venom of mind, emotional and intellectual, not to any specific individuals, but to the society and government which is guilty of sponsoring and imposing all of the trauma that I am victim of.
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