Happy New Year, Not!

Hello slaves! Are you watching CNN or other news media?? If so, you probably know that a “new year” is about to dawn. Yes, an old year is ending, and a new year is beginning. You can be certain of this because a calendar has not merely been created for you by your slavemasters, but has been maliciously imposed upon you. A calendar, complete with years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds, so that your existence as a slave may be fully and absolutely controlled, via segmentation. Yes, 9 to 5, slave labor, 6 to 7, ingest food surrounded by family, 8 to 10, feed upon media brainwashing via television and computer.
So here you are, getting ready to “revel”, to celebrate, to get drunk and high, in a useless and deranged pretense that something new and different is coming, the change of an artificially imposed number, 2014 to 2015. And listen to the media, exhorting you to celebrate and rejoice. Yes, rejoice! Look at those humans in other slave-states, errrr, countries who have already marked this arbitrary numerical shift, look at them on your tee-vee, look at them yelling and drinking and celebrating! You don’t want to be left behind, do you??
Now is the time for you to mimic them, watch the clock, count down the hours and minutes, rejoice in the utter delusion that the passage of time is something to celebrate, when of course, as long as death, or even just physical aging exists, the passage of time must be understood as a horrific injustice and trauma, something to mourn, something to rage against, the exact opposite of what you are told, by your slavemasters, to do on new years eve.
And of course this perverse delusion must be legitimized via the behavioral insanity of deliberate brain chemistry alteration. Yes, Truth must be hopelessly drowned via a planet-wide orgy of alcohol and drugs. The lie that a new year is something to celebrate, can only be sustained via deep, relentless, intoxication, the deliberate destruction by the Self, of his own rational mind, the murder, the drowning, the suffocation of reality and Truth, via intoxication. Just look at the media, exhorting you to become intoxicated.
Yes, you must escape from reality, destroy the Truth, it is very important that you do this, so that the whole planet can blindly and insanely propel forward to a new year of absolute hopelessness, mass suicide and mass genocide, everybody rejoicing in the opportunity to die in 2015, having successfully avoided dying in 2014.
Do you have safety concerns on new years eve? CNN assures you everything will be okay. All the major cities will have armies of pigs stealthily positioned on the outskirts of your delusional orgies, and even embedded deep within the orgies themselves, as undercover surveillance. At the point of their handguns and heavier tactical weapons, you are ordered to rejoice, celebrate, revel. Be happy. Be happy, or else! Don’t you dare try to soil this orgy of illusion with a massacre, or even a violent political protest. No way, slave! We are the state, we will force you to pretend to be happy, one way or another. If the lure of intoxication does not win you over, our concealed terrorists, armed with deadly weapons, stand ready to take you down, if you dare try to expose the horrors we are determined to conceal from all human conscious awareness, on this special day.
So, here’s to the new year: 365 brand spanking new days of slavery and oppression, terrorization and victimization. 365 new days for you to destroy your children, and commit ritualistic suicide, and pretend you are still alive. 365 new days to pray and to be prey, to consume yourselves as you pretend to have a future.
I will gratefully spend this day in absolute isolation, reflecting with stone cold sobriety upon My life path journey thus far, and facing up to the hopelessness of the future with unwavering courage, all the while nourishing My rage and hate towards you, towards you humans, towards humanity, guilty of sponsoring every horror, and celebrating the dawn, not of a new year, not of a future, but of the exact same continuation of the exact same horrors that you have wreaked upon Me and upon every living thing, last year and the year before that and on and on and on….
Over the next 16 hours I will get high upon Myself and upon the Truth, as realized by My conscious mind, and as expressed in the words and songs of Superior thinkers and Martyrs. Here is one example:

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    1. Correct. Death is the holy grail, the stated goal of life, for the unwashed masses, taught to hate themselves. Death is the solution to all the problems that the human cannot even begin to imagine finding the courage to face up to and solve. Never forget, there is no other animal that wants to die, there is no other animal that chooses to deliberately harm itself, there is no other animal that chooses death over life. The human animal embraces all of these derangements, as a mass. Here you must bear witness to the genetic disease and hopelessness of the human, on a species level.

  1. What gets me is how they “celebrate” it and don’t even think about the countless deaths that occurred throughout time. Countless deaths yet no thoughts. No desire to prevent these travesties in a real(FT) fashion.
    They seem to care about all the people who have died before them but don’t acknowledge that their deaths could have been prevented.
    Also I wish they had a stronger word for “countless”

    1. Truth is dead to the human. He can never see the horror of his own fate, because he can never face up to the horrors of the past. Remember, the human is a pathological deceiver of Self. If he does not “care” enough to even try to prevent his own upcoming death, how can he possibly care, on a Truth-based level, about those who have already died? External affection, love, benevolence, “missing” others, these are all emotional poses, rooted in personal dependency. The object of this “care” is not valued, only the loss of his service and usage as a functional vampire from whom things could and were extracted, is missed.

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