Happy Memorial Day, Patriots!

Memorial Day: A celebration of the suicidal ideation of destroyed children brainwashed to mass murder total strangers so that slavemasters who destroyed them can propagandize allegiance and devotion from other destroyed ex-children brainwashed to imagine that they are alive and free.
War: A social ritual invented by leaders of government and intended to misdirect the homicidal and suicidal ideation of destroyed current and ex-children, away from the society and government guilty of their destruction, and towards a demonized foreign enemy consisting of complete strangers.
The ritual of war is a top-level example and illustration of the full-fledged mental derangement of humanity as a species. War is the organized pathology of suicide and homicide, celebrated and fetishized to glorify allegiance to the nation-state. Patriotism is the expression of homicidal and suicidal ideation, in favor of the greatest of enemies, in honor of who is destroying you.
The patriot celebrates memorial day: “Thank you so much for dying in my name, thank you so much for committing suicide on my behalf, so that I may be able to pretend to be free and alive, as I follow your example, and commit suicide every day of my existence.”
The patriot celebrates memorial day: “Thank you so much for killing in my name. I celebrate your acts of murder and I use them to cathartically relieve and express my homicidal rage. Your murders are my murders, moral, legal, justified, necessary, so that I may never have to face up to the Truth that I am a murder victim, and never acknowledge who is guilty of murdering me.”
Every soldier who has ever fought in any war in the history of modern humanity, has served the cause of slavery. The idea that a war could be fought to protect or to gain freedom, is preposterous and utterly absurd. Every war strengthens the diseased structure of the nation-state, legitimizes the concept of government, universal enslaver of humanity. The soldier and the patriot are both equal puppets of government, dead and blind, suicidal and homicidal, playing out a script written for them by their puppetmaster.
Recite after Me: “I am a patriot! I pledge allegiance to my slavemaster, who allows me to revel in artificial and invalid hatred of total strangers, who allows me to celebrate and rejoice in their suffering and death. I am a patriot! I pledge allegiance to my slavemaster, who compels children to sacrifice their existences in my name, on my behalf, so that I may feel valued and important and protected, and so that I may take subconscious pleasure in the fact that they are dead, in the process deluding myself into believing that I am alive. I am a patriot! I pledge allegiance to my slavemaster, for allowing me the great honor and privilege of pretending to be free, as I serve out my death sentence transitioning from and to an endless series of slave shackles.”
Memorial Day, an official holiday of the slave state of amerikkka. Officially and openly celebrating the homicidal and suicidal deaths of countless millions of human beings, helpless, tortured, abused children brainwashed and propagandized to misdirect their justified rage and hate against total strangers via carefully orchestrated scripts written and staged by their slavemasters for the purpose of turning them into martyrs, and the amerikkkan population of citizen-slaves into devoted patriots.
Memorial Day, a special day for amerikkkan citizen-slaves to wallow in the bloodshed of their own children: “They died for me, they died for us, they are our martyrs. Now I go to Walmart to take advantage of a 50% off sale, spending the useless, worthless pieces of paper my government allows me to accumulate in response to my agreement to serve as a lifelong slave to amerikkka, the government which forced our children to kill and to die in my name, in the name of amerikkka, so that the government can successfully delude me into believing I am free.”
There is no greater coward than the patriot, who does not merely celebrate having caused millions of children to kill and to die in his name, but who insists that in real time, today, tomorrow, and for the future up until the moment of human extinction, children continue to kill and to die in his name. The patriot is the official sponsor of child genocide, as perpetrated by the very regime to which he pledges eternal devotion, just as the regime is the official sponsor of war and of memorial day, carrying out child genocide to light and to fan the inspirational flame of patriotism.
Just as the 19 9/11 airplane hijackers are immortalized and idolized as martyrs by al-Qaeda, the amerikkkan regime has specifically created the holiday of memorial day to allow amerikkkan children brainwashed to serve as military soldiers, to be identified as martyrs. In doing so, war is legitimized, the genocide of amerikkkan children by the amerikkkan government is identified as noble, honorable, and a glorious sacrifice in the name of freedom, and millions of tortured and bloodthirsty amerikkkan children are continually inspired, generation after generation, to become patriots and to agree to kill and die on behalf of their slavemaster, the amerikkkan government.
War: A desperate struggle by slaves, to protect, preserve, maintain, and obtain….personal, cultural, and universal slavery.
War: An invention of the slave-state, intended to promote the illusion of personal and social freedom, in order to inspire the universal slavery of all citizens.
War: The most popular and effective way for a government to allow and enable its own greatest victims, its own citizen-slaves, to satiate their homicidal rage and suicidal Self-hatred, while concurrently inspiring patriotic loyalty, allegiance, and devotion, thereby strengthening and tightening its slave shackles.
The patriot is an idiot. The patriot embodies all that is wrong with the human mind. More so than any president or pope, it is the teeming masses of patriots who ensure enduring horror, injustice, slavery, and near-term species extinction, for humanity.
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