Government & Media Censorship of Umpqua Gunman

Right now, on the evening of October 1, 2015, the amerikkkan government is actively conspiring with the amerikkkan media to censor and whitewash the writings and the words of the still unidentified Umpqua Community College mass murderer.
The government knows the identity of this torture victim, and so does the media. Deborah Feyerick on CNN has confirmed this via her reporting over the past 15 minutes. She has viewed YouTube videos made by the gunman, by her own admission, yet refuses to provide url links, much less to identify the gunman. This is a deliberate tactic which allows law enforcement to terrorize YouTube, 4Chan, and other internet content hosts to censor and remove this content from the internet.
We will never get to see the YouTube videos of this Martyr, because of the active conspiracy to erase his voice from cyberspace. You can be certain that by the time the pigs allow the media to reveal his name and identity, all of his YouTube videos will have been permanently removed from the internet, along with other content that we may never even know existed in the 1st place. Only due to Deborah Feyerick’s tactical slip, do we know that our Martyr created and posted numerous dynamic and detailed YouTube videos.
All amerikkkans are living in a fascist dictatorship, a police state which uses censorship to control the reality perceptions of all citizen-slaves. It boggles the mind of any sane thinker that you pathetic idiots can continue to pretend to enjoy freedom of thought and of speech, when the very identity of the individual at the center of the most important news event in amerikkka is kept secret via a concentrated conspiracy of government and media, as the very words and images he gave his very life to try to express, are systematically wiped away and destroyed forever.
There is no more vile and perverse form of violence, no greater crime, than to erase the True Reality of a victim of child abuse, in death, through a conspiracy of censorship and destruction of his words, ideas, images, philosophies. And this is exactly what the amerikkkan government and media is doing tonight.
There are valuable tactical lessons to be learned, in terms of preserving a Living Legacy and protecting your Voice of Truth, from the manner in which this Martyr is being denied a name, denied an identity, and denied the capacity to have his voice and the Truths he deemed valuable, disseminated to the universe.
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  1. Seer, I was watching the same CNN video as you I’m pretty sure, and I’m pretty sure it was users of 4chan getting one up on CNN. Users of that website were trying to convince the media that it was a guy that they call “eggman” who is a person that users of the website seem to stalk and troll. I’m pretty sure CNN thought that it was him, because he has a bunch of videos and fit that description.
    That is the imageboard where Chris Mercer might have warned users of that board not to go to school today. Because of that they tried to convince people that it was a person related to them for kicks because he fit a certain stereotype.
    Most mainstream outlets realized this right away but it turns out CNN is run by incompetent drones that are more incompetent that I thought.

    1. A very astute observation. I think you might be absolutely correct, and appreciate your insight. I have not been able to find any evidence that Martyr Chris posted any YouTube videos, and now I must stop my online activities and enjoy a delightful Conscious Dream, followed by a lot of slave labor.
      It is important to note that regardless of whether Deborah Feyerick was accurately referencing YouTube videos made by Chris Harper Mercer, it is undeniably clear that law enforcement withheld the identity of Chris from the media, and the media was complicit in both allowing and facilitating this censorship, allowing for the online activities of Chris to potentially be deleted from the internet without any of us being able to locate his content via name searches.

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