Girls Reveal a Little Truth, Society Demonizes Video

This video expresses the Truth, on an extremely qualified level, of how all western societies destroy the mind potential of female children, convincing them that they exist as inferior creatures, bodies to be exploited and victimized. This video, even though it does not even begin to approach the True depths of universal child abuse, allows children to tell you some of what is wrong with your diseased and deranged society, in their own voice:

And how does society respond? Just look at the media articles, insanely demonizing the producers, insanely condemning the video for exploiting children, when the video does nothing more than allow children to tell the universe the Truth of how their society is not merely exploiting, but destroying them:
Mindboggling hypocrisy, as influential journalists, newspapers, and media structures suggest a child learning to say the word f*ck is more offensive and harmful than children actually being sexually raped. But that is exactly what every critic of this video who focuses on anything other than the Truths of child abuse that these girls are revealing, is doing.
Understand: The media exists as an arm of government. The media controls all public perception, by telling you, the brainwashed audience, what to think. And so the Forbidden Truths revealed by these girls, really very mild and the tip of the child abuse iceberg, are fully cloaked from all legitimate public debate and understanding, via a media blizzard of intentional distraction.
Let us understand: To society, any Truth directly expressed by a child, is more dangerous than the very same Truth expressed by an adult. Insanely, when a child publicly decrees himself a victim, society decrees that the child is being harmed and exploited, in being allowed to reveal himself as a victim! The actual victimization is ignored, while the right of the child to openly identify himself as a victim, is denied and demonized.
Why are the names of child victims of rape, withheld from public disclosure? They have already been raped, that was the act of victimization! Revealing the Truth that they were raped, does not victimize them, unless you accept the insane concept that they deserve to be ashamed of being victims of rape. The Forbidden Truth reason society refuses to reveal the names, show the faces, of victims of rape, of any age, and all victims of child abuse, is to dehumanize them, to strip them of an identity that other victims can personally relate to, to deny other victims the capacity to look at a name and face and body and say, yes, this is exactly what happened to Me, too, and now I know that I am a victim, too, and even more importantly, to legitimize as culturally valid, the rape, the child abuse, and all socially sponsored injustice.
Mary was not abused. A nameless, faceless, unidentifiable, anonymous child was abused. I cannot relate to this child that has no name, no face, no identity. <This is just one of the thousands of different ways society colludes with the media to promote child abuse.
How DARE any media article, any journalist, focus upon the word f*ck, or how these children are dressed, or how the video was shot, instead of upon the Forbidden Truths of child abuse and female injustice, which these victims are revealing? Here you see the contempt for Truth that permeates all journalism. Let us understand that the mandate of all journalists is to legitimize the insane structures of the society and government which they serve as beholden slaves of. Media and journalists play a foundationally primary role in cloaking all Forbidden Truth from public consciousness.
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