Getting Pregnant To Have Abortions: The Forbidden Truth

If we are pronounced dead when our heart stops, why are we not pronounced alive when our heart starts?

Hello humans. Does the idea of a woman deliberately choosing to become pregnant just so she can have an abortion, seem bizarre to you? Do you think that only a tiny handful of mentally ill women would do such a thing?? Well, you are wrong, dead wrong.
Abortion is a form of legal murder. There are not very many forms of legal murder that are directly presented, promoted, and fully legalized by the slavemasters of human society, to their slaves. We have war, sport hunting, hunting under the cloak of satisfying hunger, euthanasia, the death penalty, cathartic pleasure of 1st world and financially advantaged humans in contemplating the early, preventable deaths of third world and ghetto dwellers…
Some of these forms of legal murder are indirect, therefore not as satisfying or enticing as abortion. Others are more stridently marketed to male humans, therefore limiting the number of females who are strongly drawn to embrace them.
Abortion is a direct form of legal murder. It is not merely available to female humans, but it is exclusive to female humans, the only form of legal murder that is absolutely gender-limited. As such, abortion is a highly enticing form of legal murder for females, and is heavily, although of course covertly on a psychological level, marketed and promoted to females by all societies and governments that choose to legalize this form of murder.
So, lets examine the abortion statistics for one of the most diseased and deranged of all nation-states: amerikkka. As of the 2010-2015 time period, the fairest statistical analysis indicates that approximately 1,000,000 abortions are committed in amerikkka every year. Yes, one million!  Here is a website which provides this and many other interesting statistics regarding the legal murder of abortion:
So, a million abortions deliberately and intentionally carried out in amerikkka every year. 21% of all pregnancies in amerikkka, not including miscarriages, end up as deliberate, intentional abortions. More than one out of every five pregnancies ends with the deliberate choice by the pregnant woman, to legally murder a helpless child trapped within her body.
We all know that the pathetic human is a pathological fornicator, desperately trying to pretend to be loved by forcing other humans to violate their private parts. But even given this Truth, the abortion-to-pregnancy rate is astronomically high.
Ask pregnant female humans why they are legally murdering their newly minted child-slave and you will get absurd answers such as possessing a child would interfere with work, school, and other responsibilities, or they don’t have enough money to raise a child, or they are having relationship problems or don’t want to raise a child by themselves.
None of these answers has anything to do with giving birth. All of these answers address the issue of serving as a parent, a perverse obligation that the nation-state maliciously seeks to impose upon biological creators of children. These answers are psychological cloaks which allow female humans to reject the Forbidden Truth that they are choosing abortion because it is marketed to them as an acceptable and legal way to murder a child and to gain cathartic release of True Reality-based personal rage and hate which stems from their own childhood victimization and abuse.
Now, choosing to get an abortion after you become pregnant, is different from choosing to get pregnant for the specific purpose and intent of being able to get an abortion. Not all females who end up getting abortions, consciously or even subconsciously desire to become pregnant just so they can carry out this form of legal murder, the abortion.
But some do. Many do. I cannot provide you with an exact percentage, because the human is a psychological cripple. He cannot even fathom, much less consciously understand and analyze, the actual and real motivational forces at play, in the life path decisions he makes.
Abortion enables any fertile woman to become not merely a murderer, but a serial murderer. Not merely a serial murderer, but a prolific serial murderer. She is free to murder as many children as she desires, as long as she obeys the cut-off age
But I know you humans. I understand you creatures far better than you can ever hope to understand yourselves. I see you as you are, not as you pretend to be. On some level of absolute consciousness, more than 50% of you, more than 500,000 women in amerikkka alone each year, derive direct personal catharsis and emotional pleasure from having an abortion, rooted within the termination of a human life, the act of legal murder.
And of these 500,000+ women, many, many thousands, ten thousand to a hundred thousand, subconsciously, and in a significant minority of cases consciously, choose to become pregnant specifically because they want and need to have an abortion, to feel the rush of power and control and artificial god-Self, combined with the release of immense rage and hate, that can only come via directly murdering a fellow human being.
The Forbidden Truths of abortion that I am revealing here, expose the nature of universal child abuse and the homicidal ideation of the victims of universal child abuse. This is why the humans categorically reject, renounce, mock, and ridicule all Forbidden Truth. In amerikkka in 2015, the government positions the issue of abortion as a “political” issue. A political issue???! The intentional murder of a million children every year, 21% of all biologically created children, is a political issue, to be debated within a context of personal freedom and the rights of adults??!!
Adults exist as tortured and destroyed ex-children. Adults are collectively suicidal. Adults destroy themselves, by choice. Adults exist as terrorized slaves, using children as personal Poison Containers, destroying them as they were destroyed. This is the reality of the “political debate” over abortion, which is nothing more than a small segment of the structure of universal child abuse as it is embraced and carried out by all of humanity in the 21st century.
Your society dismisses this essay as constituting the ravings of a madman. 10,000 to 100,000 women choosing, every year, in amerikkka alone, to get pregnant just so they can have abortions and revel in murdering children??? Unthinkable! But it is True. Detach from the hive mind and you will know this Truth.  Just as surely as you will know that every child not legally murdered via abortion is being abused, victimized, harmed, stripped of his potential, each and every day, every child! Not by child molestors and “terrorists”, as some of you have the audacity to dub victims and Martyrs such as Robert Lewis Dear, for daring to try to discourage the genocide of children via legal abortion, but by you, the law-abiding and matrix-trapped citizens and voters and members of society.
We who are the outlaws, by your definition, of word and of deed, are guilty of nothing more than showing you the Forbidden Truth of what you are, as proven by what you choose to do to children, to every child.
If Robert Lewis Dear is a terrorist because he harvested three humans inside an abortion clinic, what are you, for maintaining a society that legally murders a million children every year via abortion, and ensures that every single child not so murdered, is viciously abused, victimized, and psychologically crippled for life?!
Hello monster, do you see yourself now?? Come, see yourself, I am holding the mirror up to you, can’t you see what you are, you coward, you hypocrite, you mass murderer??
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  1. It’s plausible not only on a subconscious level, but conscious as well. Of course most women would not admit to having an abortion just simply to kill to unleash rage, but because they are so wrapped in the illusions of the matrix,they are unaware of anything that they do.

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