George Orwell Would Be Proud

The following blog post, which I made earlier today, has currently received an exact total of 1,479 page views:
That is correct, 1,479 independent page views, for this one, I repeat one, blog post. But, not even one single human being has had the courage or honesty to simply hit the “Like” button at the bottom of the post. Zero likes. Did all 1,479 humans like the post? No. But some did. But nobody will admit it publicly. Why not? Big Brother might be watching, we can’t say that we “like” a blog post which shows “terrorists” murdering a cop, especially not the uncensored version. Big Brother might be watching, Big Brother might think I am a terrorist, f I dare to Like this blog post. So, I won’t.
You see, this is the True face of censorship. What is the most horrific consequence of the censorship of the state, slaves? Tell Me!  The most horrific consequence of the censorship of the state, is that it compels individual slaves to Self-censorship, to censor themselves. It is this Self-censorship which is most destructive, it is this Self-censorship which destroys Truth itself, because it renders Truth invisible.
If all of humanity feels too terrorized by their own slave-states and by other governments to simply hit the Like button on a blog post, what does this tell you?? It tells you that Truth will forever be dead, because the universal terrorism of the state has won. Free speech is dead, because if you claim your right to deploy it publicly, and it defies state-sponsored terrorism and censorship, you will be hung out to dry. Nobody will have your back, nobody. They will read it, and a few will like it, but nobody will have the courage to uncloak, not even hidden by the internet, not even to simply press a Like button.
All 1,479 citizen-slaves, from all over the world, passed the Like button by. Leave that crazy Seer of Forbidden Truth out to dry, even as they achieve intellectual and sexual climaxes to the uncensored murder video they worked so hard to locate.
It’s okay, I don’t need likes, because I limitlessly and unconditionally love everything that I do. This post is simply being made to out you cowards, and to let you know, I see exactly what you are, even as you successfully hide from Big Brother, even as most of you won’t even consciously admit this is the reason why the post got zero likes, out of 1,479 views.
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  1. That is so true, SEER. Inferiors “self-censor” themselves and cannot and will not think outside the matrix

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