Gender Identification: Forbidden Truth Thoughts

A reader of this brilliant blog recently went out of her way to Self-identify as female, which prompts this comprehensive dissection of gender bias. I will be reprinted some of her emailed comments, along with My replies, below. But first, some foundational Truths: Gender identification is a weakness of the human mind. It is an artificial distinction created by society and government for the purpose of distorting both Self-perception, and the capacity to accurately decipher the universal victimization of all, and the parties guilty of this universal victimization.
In the modern era of human existence, women, to varying degrees, have spent hundreds if not thousands of years engaging in an epic struggle to achieve “equality” with men. But the Forbidden Truth is that men have always been, and are today, horrifically oppressed and brutally, universally enslaved and victimized. So, what does this tell you?? It tells you that for thousands of years women have been successfully brainwashed to engage in an epic struggle to become horribly oppressed and brutally victimized slaves, to achieve this nirvana of equality, blinded to the Truth that achieving their goal would simply leave them as horribly oppressed and brutally victimized slaves!
We must consciously understand how such derangements can occur, we must dissect the maliciously successful societal brainwashing and indoctrination inherent within the “divide and conquer” system of Forbidden Truth destruction. Artificial division destroys Truth. If men perceive themselves advantaged over women, they will engage in an epic struggle to preserve their imaginary advantage. And if women perceive themselves disadvantaged to men, they will engage in an epic struggle to overcome their imagined disadvantage. And so we have the war of the sexes, inspired by pure illusion and deceit, sponsored by the slave state.
If the human was sane, no woman would have fought for the right to vote, or the freedom to own property, or the right to child support payments, or the right to go to college, or have a bank account or get a “good” job, or have an abortion, or any of the other thousands of useless, imagined human slavery mitigations. Every woman, throughout all of human history, if she was sane and capable of embracing Forbidden Truth, would have understood that no man was or is free, no man has any rights or opportunities or freedoms worthy of her aspirational struggles. She would have understood that every advantage a man has been given over her, does not negate the fact that every man is still brutally oppressed, relentlessly victimized, and enslaved in every way, body, mind, and spirit, and to aspire, struggle, fight to attain equality to such a wretched state of imaginary life, would be utterly insane.
To convince billions of human beings, for centuries, to waste their entire existence fighting and struggling for nothing, this is the great victory of the slave state, of your greatest enemy: government.
And what of the men? For even longer, tens of thousands of years, they have engaged in an epic struggle to preserve their imaginary advantages over women. They have insanely justified and rationalized their own lifelong horrors, by convincing themselves that women suffer more, that they are “lucky” to have been born male, that their male privilege is something to protect and defend. Keeping women down in the gutter, denying them rights and freedoms, has been the inspiration to keep billions of men domesticated and brutally enslaved, century after century, and it is all an illusion. The men are right there in the gutter with the women, but they are as blind to this Truth, as the women are to their perceived need to achieve equality.
Of course women and men have been oppressed and victimized in slightly different ways. If the victimization were identical, the deliberate illusion of meaningful distinction could not have been established by the slave state. But these differences are not meaningful, and have never been meaningful. If freedom cannot be accurately defined, nobody can achieve it, nobody can even know what it is. The end result is men being successfully brainwashed to feel and believe they are free, and women successfully brainwashed not to desire these imaginary freedoms, until the wall of illusion began to crack, whereupon women began being brainwashed, very slowly, to begin coveting the imagined freedoms of men.
In amerikkka, the suffrage, women’s rights, and feminist movements were met with stern disapproval from societal and governmental leaders. In part, this disapproval was sincere, as the social order was being challenged, and no society wants this to occur. But to just as great a degree, this disapproval, especially on the leadership level, was a pure pose. Leaders of society and government recognized this “rebellion” by the females, as a perfect distraction, a perfect way to initiate a completely harmless “epic struggle for equality”, to be played out for centuries, as slowly as possible of course. The longer this “war” for equality could be played out, the better.
And so the leadership played, and continues to play in 2014, this perverse game: Tell the women you are on their side, but make sure that subtle differences in gender treatment remain. Convince the gals to keep up the struggle for equality, and convince the guys to fight like hell to keep their advantage. This way, everyone stays in the gutter, the slaves of both genders fighting for imaginary freedoms that neither of them even want, much less have ever been or will ever be allowed to achieve.
Men are brainwashed to believe they are advantaged, because men have always posed a greater threat to the slave state and to bring down a regime from the inside. No matter how many illusions of reform and equality women are given, the slave state will always try to convince men that they are advantaged, by preserving and promoting deranged structures such as marriage, which is nothing more than the sexual enslavement of women, and the empowerment of a man to sexually rape and assault a specific women, or in the case of some cultures which allow polygamy, more than one woman, as many times as he wants, whenever he wants.
Equality is nothing to covet, when it is deployed as a mere cloak to cover up universal oppression and injustice. All who are sane must define their own existence within factually accurate, definitional Truth, and reject all perverse enticements by government and society to compare your own suffering and victimization to that of others.
Below you will find the comments of my reader in italics, and My replies in regular text:
Begin quote: “You have mentioned some pretty interesting things regarding My gender/sex that I would like to discuss. First off, I would like to differentiate gender from biological sex. For sexual organisms, like the human, biological sex is the genetic identification of an individual based on its reproductive capabilities. Females, who are genetically identified as individuals with two X chromosomes, are usually characterized by the ability to become impregnated and nurse offspring. Males on the other hand have the chromosome pair XY and are characterized by having the ability to impregnate. Biological sex identification is a completely rational and truth-based distinction.” End quote.
It can be a rational and Truth-based distinction, but only to the point where the individual refuses to personally accept any of the definitional labels deployed by society and government to create
illusions of artificial difference and advantage. Divide and conquer, pit victims against each other, brainwash victims to believe others are being victimized more, all of these and many other deliberate deceptions are inherent within socialized gender bias, just as much as within racism, classism, organized religions, etc..
It is a True fact that some humans can become naturally pregnant, while others cannot, some humans can impregnate, while others cannot. But, the moment you accept a personal identification of male or female, you become vulnerable to how society and government defines and imposes invalid behavioral mandates, and seeks to brainwash you to perceive yourself in specific ways, apart from the ways it seeks to brainwash those of the other gender, to perceive themselves.
Begin quote: “On the other hand, gender is a social construct used to enslave and restrict individuals simply because of their biological sex.” End quote.
Correct. But biological sex, in other words your anatomy, is a fully significant source for this enslavement and restriction. To Self-identify as a woman is to place a limitation upon your own
capacity to exist in limitless freedom of mind, just as to Self-identify as human. The Superior understands that to claim your gender with any form of pride of ownership, is an absurdity. You
did not choose your gender, any more than you chose to be born human.
Begin quote: “There is nothing inherently female about makeup, nothing inherently male about ties, yet society imposes these and many more insane restrictions on the dress and conduct of individuals based on sex.” End quote.
Correct. And these distinctions serve the very specific societal goal of divide and conquer. Split victims into groups and segments, to be pitted against each other, to be jealous of each other, to feel lucky to not be the “other”, when in Truth universal victimization is practiced against all as public policy, and in Truth there is no legitimate advantage, or valid difference, to having been born either biologically male or female.
For the modern era of human existence, governments and societies have catered more to men than to women, because men have been recognized as more physically dangerous, a greater threat to institute significant social unrest and destabilize existing regimes. The slavery of the women is given as a gift to men, via rape, marriage, sexual taunting, prostitution, monetary dependency, etc…, in order to conceal from those who identify as males, the Forbidden Truth that they are being forced to exist as owned slaves, to the same degree as women. Owning women in no way lessens the Forbidden Truth that every human man is owned as a slave by his society and government.
 “I want to clarify that simply because biological sex and reproduction are rational aspects of being a natural organism, does not mean that we must carry on traditionally reproducing and having biological sexes. We can now create new members of the human species without traditional reproductive practices, making biological sex a more unnecessary thing with each coming day. Once humans can create children without any “natural” or biological input, humans should remove the now unnecessary sex differences via genetic modification as it would make life and population control for the individual humans much easier.” End quote.
Agreed. Male and female distinction is an artificial and invalid construct, intentionally and relentlessly deployed as distraction and diversion from the Forbidden Truths of universal human
oppression and slavery as maliciously imposed by every society and government. To identify as a human male, is to be indoctrinated by mind to perceive Self, other males, and females, within artificial and environmentally induced constructs which distort and destroy the capacity to accurately judge your position within the landscape of what exists. When you view Yourself via a distorted lens, it is impossible to view others, or to dissect the Forbidden Truths of your existence, without distortion.
It is important to add to your comment, that the creation of children, in and of itself, must be recognized as unnecessary, and a behavior encouraged by society in order to maintain death as the status quo, and to convince all humans that their own personal existence is inherently worthless and should be sacrificed in the name of others. This is a primary level perversion of mind which blocks all embrace of the supremely vital need to achieve technological immortality for all who recognize their entitlement to this right of mind existence.
Begin quote: “Add to that, genetic removal of sex differences and creation of children in a lab may help in doing away with the parental instinct mythology that seems to surround reproduction.” End quote.
If the human were sane and logical, your suggestion might prove valid. But unfortunately, he/she is not. Invalid sexual difference is being embraced just as much today as at any time in the modern era. Positive progress is not being made, and all superficial instances of 20th and 21st century reform and progress regarding gender “equality”, are moral illusions, the same as with the history of modern era child abuse.
Begin quote: So, while I agree with you that gender identification is a form of invalid division on the large scale, I would argue that identifying Myself as an individual woman reflects My special status as a victim of society’s gender specific dehumanization and is therefore an integral and truth-based part of My identity.
We are all victims of relentless and brutal injustice at the hands of society and government. Women are victimized in slightly different ways than men, because this allows men to subconsciously delude themselves into feeling “advantaged”, and it also allows women to do the same. As an example, in the past, and even today, a woman is convinced she is more “free” because she can find a man to give her money by agreeing to have sex with him, either as a
prostitute or within a marriage, thus she is spared the horror of labor slavery. But of course in Truth, the sexual slavery inherent in this “freedom” is every bit as horrific as any other form of
monetary slavery to others, the so-called traditional “job”.
The female is brainwashed to identify as a body, but so is the male, both are obsessed not with achieving sexual pleasure for Self, but to gain the approval of the other gender, rendering all of existence nothing more than a continuous act of personal prostitution. The street prostitute is the most honest of victims, far more so than the business executive who flaunts his wealth, or the ghetto kid who flashes his gold teeth, or the cocktail waitress who limps home in stockinged feet after spending the night serving drinks in 3 inch high heels because she thinks men give her better tips because of how she looks. All humans are selling themselves to others, because no human owns Himself, understanding Himself as a mind merely trapped within a body. Same applies for Herself, of course.
You are a victim of the artificial division of gender, and of course you have been victimized in different ways than others. All victimization is uniquely experienced, but the victimhood status of
all who are born human, is universal. To specifically identify as a female victim does, to some degree, serve the societal goal of using gender identification to cloak victimhood status. You can say you are not denying male victims their victimhood status, and yet the external inference can be drawn, that you fail to appreciate the universal equality of oppression that is socially sponsored
victimization of all humans.
Begin quote: “I would also like to add that, thankfully, I do not and refuse to ever wear high-heels.” End quote.
A Superior choice and decision, although My appreciation of it conflicts with My sexual fetish for female foot pain. 🙂
Begin quote: “I made this promise long before I found your website of forbidden truth, because I knew that the wearing of high-heels resulted in a myriad of back and foot problems, but after reading your essays and discovering self love I became even more strongly opposed to wearing high-heeled shoes. So I must thank you for that.” End quote.
You’re very welcome. Female footwear choices are one of the most blatant and striking illustrations of Self-hatred and Self-harm, flourishing all across the world in the 21st century. The
masochism, health, welfare, safety, and lifespan compromises inherent in the choice of any woman, of any age, to wear high heeled shoes, cannot be denied, and the fact that every society and government encourages this “freedom” as a form of personal expression and “liberation” speaks volumes about the hopelessness of the human condition. Which would make an excellent topic for a future blog post.
All non-italicized text is Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. You make a great point: however, the way that gender roles are used at this present moment, are, indeed, malicious in which individuals are forced to act and behave a certain way because it is expected of them. On the other hand, if gender roles weren’t assigned verbally, and society didn’t impose gender expectations, it would be more of an individual choice than societal expectations

  2. Wouldn’t the genetic removal of sex represent a form of child abuse? I mean I’d be upset if somebody fooled around with my “natural” DNA before giving me a chance to decide, besides life threatening things obviously. Is so called “trans-humanism” something that can be forced on an individual while they are gestating?
    Also the loosening of “gender roles” is a social experiment that more or less has been unfolding in recent decades. Sometimes I look at these “liberal” households and think that the children raised in that kind of environment can be subject to a different form of abuse that can be worse in a variety of ways.

    1. >>Wouldn’t the genetic removal of sex represent a form of child abuse? I mean I’d be upset if somebody fooled around with my “natural” DNA before giving me a chance to decide, besides life threatening things obviously. Is so called “trans-humanism” something that can be forced on an individual while they are gestating?<<
      An interesting and thought-provoking question and issue. After careful deliberation, My answer is a conditional No. Sexual orientation is inspired by mind imprints. I do not speak merely of hetero versus homosexuality, but to the specific body parts, imagery, and situations that we, as unique individuals, perceive as being sexually exciting and erotic. Whether a human identifies as being male or female, must be understood as going beyond his physical anatomy. The right of the individual to achieve sexual climax, both of body and mind, must be respected and honored. But the issue of what an individual will come to perceive as sexually erotic in the future, before the individual is even biologically conceived, is subject to so many unknown factors and influences, that to decree the genetic removal of gender-based sex to be a form of child abuse, is a stretch. The male and the female are both capable of achieving sexual climax at will, utilizing the power of their minds, if this skill were to be encouraged and legitimized as vital, natural, and normal, by society.
      Identification with a pen*s or vagina/clitoris is a form of body addiction, which should not be encouraged or validated. Sexual arousal and pleasure originates within the brain, and should be developed and embraced as an experience of mind. Let us understand that unlike food addiction or body dependency or relationship addiction, the personal obsession with achieving sexual climax via Self-stimulation/masturbation is wholly positive. Can it be misused, as an escape from reality and Truth? Yes, of course. But it is essentially a pure positive.
      So, why not genetically engineer bodies to have both a pen*s and a clitoris? The best of both worlds, sexual choice. This would be a very positive step forward. Consider, if you were born “male”, enjoy masturbating to climax, and love Yourself, you likely identify very positively with your pen*s. If you were born “female”, enjoy masturbating to climax, and love Yourself, you likely identify very positively with your clitoris. But in Truth, what you find precious and valuable is your capacity to achieve sexual climax via masturbation. The body part is different, but the Superior must understand that the sexual climax itself, is the goal and the triumph.
      I do not support any inhibition of the capacity to sexually climax. Quite the opposite, I seek expansion of this capacity. But the fact remains, identification as male or female is a limitation, an externally imposed and exploited difference that lacks legitimacy. You “decide” upon your sexual orientations and your erotic directionalities after you are biologically conceived, and every human deserves to have his capacity for sexual climax maximized and protected. Is the clitoris more difficult to Self-stimulate than the pen*s?? I don’t know. Maybe. If it Truly is, why not give everyone a pen*s, via genetic manipulation?? Nothing wrong with that. But the socialized division of humanity into two separate and distinct genders remains a huge problem which causes great harm, and should be obliterated.
      To conclude, the autonomy of the individual mind and body must absolutely be respected from the moment of biological creation. To not do so is child abuse. But to label genetic manipulation of gender prior to biological creation as child abuse, serves to inhibit and deny positive evolutionary progress, keeping in mind that the human exists as a genetic birth defect, specifically in terms of brain functionality.
      In a very real way gender bias, unnatural distinction by gender, and Self-identification as a male or female, is being forced and imposed upon each of us, every child and adult, by society and government. Establishing gender neutrality via gene manipulation prior to biological conception can be understood as a positive mitigation of this great harm.

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