Gal with Blistered/Bleeding Feet at the Route 91 Harvest Festival Mass Murder Site??

Those of you who read My texts know I have a raging Female Foot Pain fetish.
But for the past few hours I have been completely focused on Stephen Craig Paddock’s uniquely impressive and brand spanking new lone gunman mass murder rampage at the Route 91 Harvest Festival music concert in Las Vegas, Nevada, which occurred just about 11 hours ago.
Still, I always keep a wide open mind, focused on many different things. I like to mix things up, feed my Self-universe in many different ways, at all times. So, take a look at the below photo. It was taken a few hours ago, at this music festival massacre site.
Many females wear uncomfortable shoes to music festivals, for the look and/or because they are masochists. This was a country music concert, and cowboy boots are directly associated with country music.
This gal was caught and trapped in the crowd as Stephen opened fire. Obviously she had to try to run away, and did so as fast as she could. Cowboy boots are not designed for running. Perhaps she rarely if ever wore cowboy boots before, and only wore them for the concert, of course never expecting to have to do any amount of running.
So now, look at how she is sitting at the curb. Still wearing her cowboy boots, but the toe boxes of both boots raised up from the ground. Now, look at her face. Is she looking directly at her feet?? It sure looks that way to Me.
Of course it is impossible for Me to know for sure, but I love to envision her feet bleeding inside of her boots, blisters having erupted on her heels and toes as she desperately tried to flee from the shooting.
In shock, numb from the event, but her feet throbbing in agony. She cannot walk another step, but is too frightened to take off her boots, or to ask for help. So she just sits, in agony.
So erotic!
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