Full Uncensored Live Stream of 12 y.o.Katelyn Nicole Davis Suicide

On December 30, 2016, 12 year old Katelyn Nicole Davis, one of your tortured and victimized child-slaves, murdered herself by hanging in Cedartown, Georgia, amerikkka. Nothing new about children murdering themselves. Thousands do so, every year. You do not care, your media refuses to cover these incidents, your coroners refuse to officially pronounce most child suicides, as acts of suicide. Your governments hush up all these thousands of child suicides, it’s a private, family matter, says the govt. Yes, the same family that drives the child to murder himself, is entitled to cover it up.
Maybe 12 year old Martyr Katelyn knew these Forbidden Truths, on some level. Maybe that’s why she decided not merely to record her Self-murder, but to live stream it over the internet, carefully setting up her cell phone to record it all.
You did a good job, Katelyn. But not good enough, the amerikkkan regime has spent 1000’s of hours trying to remove this video from the internet.
I had to spend more than an hour expertly searching, before I could find the full, uncensored, 42 minute livestream of 12 year old Katelyn’s suicide. The ISIS beheading videos are easier to find online! This is because the terrorist agents of the amerikkkan regime are literally forcing owners of websites to remove this video. This news article confirms it:
I finally did locate the uncensored video. You can view it in full at this url
It is the second video from the top. As you will see, there is NOTHING graphic, no blood, no gore, just the Forbidden Truth of what you do to EVERY child-slave, revealed to you by this one courageous child-slave.
The video is censored by the terrorist agents of the amerikkkan regime, because it reveals Forbidden Truth.
All of Katelyn’s online activities have been systematically erased by society and government. Just as she no longer exists, the Truth of what she was, the Truth of what you as a society did to her, must be erased from all of human consciousness. And so it will be.
If 12 year old Katelyn had walked into her school with a gun and massacred many, or slaughtered her entire family inside of their Sacred Family Unit prison, it would be news. The media and government could and would demonize her as evil, mentally ill. But because she was too broken, destroyed, Self-hating to direct her justified homicidal rage outward, she will be rendered invisible.
Invisible in life, invisible in death, this is what all child-slaves are. Because to see Katelyn, in the light of Truth, is to see yourselves as you are: Murderers, destroyers of all children.
In providing a direct link to this censored video, a video every adult should be forced to watch, I honor Truth, and I honor Myself as your victim.
All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. It’s important for the truth to live on. Child abuse, especially of the sexual nature, at a young age, primes people to be abused into adulthood. I wish she could of escaped from that family who let her live in a mouldy trailer. Thank you for keeping the painful truth alive. She didn’t die in vain. She was brave to film it. Everyone should see this so they can witness what happened to her and prevent it from happening to others. But our world isn’t like that. Little girls get abused and others cover up for the abuser. Justice, will prevail, hey, Justice 😉

  2. I felt so out of it when i watched the other full stream. When her siblings and mother were calling out i don’t know how to describe the emotions i was filled with. they weren’t happy or sad they were blank. I can’t say this suicide was a good thing, but i’m not about to say “OHhh she’s just an attention seeking bitch who felt bad for herself”. Some of the people she apologized to were stupid others reminded me what would happen if i did something like this. I can’t say i feel bad. I just feel empty.

  3. So..I think I’m the only person on the internet who doesn’t find this death sadder than other suicides. Depression is bad, I have it myself since I was her age, being hit is tragic too, but there are so many children on this earth who suffer a worse fate, who are all alone with not a single person who cares or don’t even have enough to eat and the worst is, they’ll just die, fade from this earth and nobody cares, nobody will ever remember them, just because they’re not a pretty white, girl like Kaitlyn was. The people who deeply mourn her without even having known her are hypocrits, if they don’t care about the million child deaths in war zones, 3rd world countries etc, too. One life is not worth more than another.
    Also I find it deeply disturbing that one of Kaitlyns last words were “sorry to the guys who wanted me”. She killed herself over something like that, while other kids on this earth were dying to have the life she had, because she still would’ve had a chance to be happy in the future.
    This may seem heartless, but it’s not. I just have a heart for all the other kids too, those who don’t have an audience or a live stream and just went out quietly and forever forgotten. I wish they’d get at least a quarter of the prayers Kaitlyn gets now, even if it doesn’t help them anymore.

    1. Nobody cares about any child, period. If you know and understand the Forbidden Truths of child abuse, you know child abuse is universal in the 21st century. Every child on this planet is systematically destroyed, as public policy mandate of every existing society and government.
      This blog post of mine has received 187,000 separate and distinct views, since I graced the universe with it 13 months ago. Do you think the majority are sad and mourn Katelyn?? No way! The vast majority view the video because they subconsciously gain cathartic pleasure from seeing a child murder herself. The vast majority subconsciously relish their role as murderers of this child, honoring the reflection of universal child abuse. The vast majority satiate their own suicidal ideation, to some level, by bearing witness to the Self-murder of Katelyn.
      That is the Truth, the Forbidden Truth.
      I approved your post because it illuminates the lack of conscious understanding of humanity, to Self-motivation, to an understanding of what child abuse is, and to their own collaborative role in destroying every child.
      Children have no use for the systemic prejudice of mind and of consciousness that defines how humanity defines and responds to child abuse. You destroyed Katelyn and you destroy every other child on earth, right NOW, in ongoing, real-time, as you play your mind games and project your own delusions of morality and benevolence upon the safety and welfare and lives of the children you choose to proactively destroy, in reflection of your own destruction, impossible to consciously acknowledge.

      1. Child abuse is not universal to the extent you describe. Many people watch this video for wrongs reasons, still others because they are suicidal themselves and not because they are trying to vicariously live through it. People admire the courage of this girl, and seek to understand how someone so “pretty” could simply hang herself.
        And the reality is that looks are vain; this girl was molested for her appearance, and raised by addicts. She was filled with trauma, victim-blaming, powerlessness, and made to feel like a white trash whore “just like her mother”. Why? For what reason?
        I myself am one of the greatest cases of child abuse, and I assure you it is not as common as people think. Legitimate genuine nightmarish conditions … Many children grow up in poverty with “ugly looks” and are deeply loved. This idea that a girl would be thrown to the wolves after poverty and living with a fornicating mother who dosed herself up with pills (God forgive her), being molested, screamed at, and denigrated would just magically walk into a world ready to throw dollar bills at her without a price tag & heal her with open arms unless she miraculously comprehends a spark of dark initiative in the recesses of her abused psyche to spend thousands of dollars and dedicate herself to a therapist who may or may not be an energetic narcissistic vampire, is not “likely” as you describe.
        She was stuck with a mind that absorbed a bleak, and hopeless view of her future; the Internet entertained her and enjoyed her for amusement; it was not going to magically swoop in and convert her with a fairy wand into the life she dreamed of, and that probably made her feel wrecked.
        Her mother told her “she feels no pain”; the woman was in and out of abusive relationships, divorced, had holes in the house for creatures to climb in, cold & wet; children screaming all the time and wrecking things. Her “new” partner molested Nicole, and nobody did anything about it. She felt like a dirty disgusting whore and was told to hang herself, she says, and the Internet ogled on with eager eyes; they called her a whore and told her “hah go kill yourself” as well. Again, her mother literally claimed that she was a victim of motherhood, the insufferable bearer of all things relevant and real in the household, and that her daughter was an annoying, numb, disrespectful liar & a drama queen.
        I agree the situation illuminates a superficial element of society; personally this girl looks just like my half sister, who grew up with my abusive “dad” and her mom. She endured so much suffering and just wanted at times to be accepted, and the family bastardized her. Whether she is or isn’t a good person is beside the point; she looks just like her. I believe a lot of people see something familiar, yet out of reach.
        It’s a tragedy. Nobody ASKED you to feel sorry, so don’t think you now were invited to make comments although some of your larger wails have been heard.

        1. Child abuse is universal, exactly as I reveal within My uniquely brilliant texts.
          Humans do not understand themselves, they have no capacity to detach from their own mind compulsions, to develop the Alien Eye that I possess, and that allows Me to accurately judge human motivation.
          The desire to kill children, the desire to kill themselves, profound Self-hate, the desire to witness death, the desire to see innocence destroyed, the desire to recreate their own childhood torment in the “safe” body and mind of another victim, these are the reasons why this specific blog post of mine has hundreds of thousands of unique views, while My far more valuable and uniquely insightful posts, which reveal how humanity can END Universal Child Abuse, among other things, are universally rejected and ignored.
          Your own mind prejudice, along with social brainwashing and propaganda, blinds you to the Forbidden Truth realities of Universal Child Abuse. By convincing you that YOU were abused, society cloaks the Forbidden Truth, AND convinces you that, while something terrible may have happened to you, it is NOT the fault of society and government, it is not a policy mandate of society and government. But it IS, that is the Forbidden Truth from which you have been blinded.
          The tragedy is in your inability, individually and as a collective species, to accurately and factually understand the ideological and operational construct of Universal Child Abuse, and to place guilt and blame exactly where it belongs. Instead, you demonize other victims, who did nothing more than reflect, therefore reveal, the Truth, by their actions, by their choices, to destroy all children, as they destroy themselves, as they destroy Truth.
          I reply to almost every comment made to My blog posts, if I choose to approve external comments. You are lucky I approved this one, only because it allows Me to further expose the collective human failure.

  4. Euthanasia is a form of Legal Murder. Every society and government on planet earth actively promotes and encourages legal murder, but there is variability in terms of which forms are most heavily promoted.
    The most common forms of legal murder are abortion, sport hunting, the death penalty, the Insane War Ritual, suicide, and euthanasia.
    Societies that reject some of these forms of legal murder, heavily promote other forms, while of course never acknowledging that they are all the same, and that they are promoted for the same universal reason: To help satiate and dissipate the homicidal and suicidal ideation of their citizen-slaves.
    Compare belgium to amerikkka, and you see this Forbidden Truth at play. Belgium has NO death penalty, they abolished it in 1996 in order to foster an illusion of moral and civil progress. That’s why the regime started promoting and practicing euthanasia in recent years, as a replacement form of legal murder.
    The insanity of humanity, never consciously acknowledged.
    Euthanasia helps a society to legitimize and promote death itself, for all, on a universal level. Death is presented as a personal RIGHT, instead of as a horrific punishment or injustice. And of course the humans eat it right up, Because suicidal AND homicidal ideation is almost universal among the inferiors, and this mindset allows them to psychologically both the deaths of others, and their own upcoming death. Here you see the True face of profound mental illness, on a group, collective, social level.
    Euthanasia promotes, encourages, legitimizes every form of personally chosen suicide. It devalues all life, directly serving the death promotion and death orientation of all 21st century societies and governments.
    I have directly addresses euthanasia in several brilliant essays. If you missed them, here are direct links:

    1. Wow this is so fucked I swear this girl was begging for help crying for it more then once and wanted to be herd and loved and it’s like no one was there for her even if her parents did care she still felt something and I don’t think it’s just bc of her parents I feel like she was depressed upset and I believe she wanted to be saved by someone someone who obviously cared she streamed for 11 mins before got in the tree she was by the tree for 10 more mins and not one person called her or her parents or came to get her or told their parents so someone can help her before she went through with it the saddest thing i ever seen in my life this poor girl I’ve been suicidal for years since I was 15 pills cutting ect and I failed but in ways I think I failed on purpose and I kept it to my self until I found my self with blood all over my bedroom floor I was crying out for help to my self and eventually I couldn’t deal I didn’t know what to do I was lost I felt dead already at times I tried to get help but they didn’t do much or take it seriously they put me on pills and expected me to work as a person it made me worse but I went to job corps to better my life high school drop out shity relationships ect and when I was at job corps it was hard for me for a year I just turned 23 after that and I felt content for a bit I’m better but I take my self out of society fb ect I stream like she dose but not much anymore but I still struggle with stress depression sucidle thoughts and anxiety it’s hard all I’m saying is someone could of been there for her an outlet a person to connect with and talk to her this world is so fucked and fake ass ppl making it worse this girls feelings were being toyed with u don’t have to have just a bad life to be depressed but sometimes that’s not just the case ppl should act like ppl and listen and care for each even if u don’t know them don’t be childish and say mean shit to ppl doesn’t matter how old u are 12 15 20 make a difference in someone’s life and I don’t mean be a I didler I mean be a ear and listen sometimes if u know or see someone crying for help or to be herd be a positive role model

      1. The Forbidden Truth is that nobody cares about anybody else. Each of us is enslaved at birth to parents, to society, to government, decreed to be a piece of property to be used up and discarded as garbage if and when you are no longer useful as a slave.
        Every child is murdered, systematically, throughout their childhood.
        Depending upon others, any living thing, for emotional support, is a stupidity. We must stand alone, in complete isolation, and worship Self and Truth. Every other path is inferior.
        You were destroyed as a child, as are all children. The only way to thrive as a Self-universe is to allow your soul to be murdered, then to rebuild Yourself as transcendee of your humanity.
        That is the path I followed, but I know humans are incapable of it. So, do the best you can, and if you think yourself able, try to delve into the universe of Forbidden Truth that I have created, and revealed within My texts.

  5. I love this post. Not simply for bringing attention to a tragedy that people need to be made aware of, but for fearlessly speaking the truth that society is almost fully to blame for it. It disgusts me how people just sweep a child’s suicide under the rug and belittle who Katelyn was and what she went through.

    1. Thanks for recognizing and appreciating Forbidden Truth.
      My goal in My texts is to honor the Truth, with just as much passionate accuracy as it is to honor the sacrifice of every tortured victim-creation of human society, and their seeking and claiming of the external vengeance to which they are MADE entitled.
      To add to this particular tragedy, Katelyn sought and claimed NO external revenge. This makes it slightly harder for some humans to completely dismiss and ignore her Self-murder as carried out under the instruction and encouragement of her diseased and deranged society.
      There is no enlightenment of mind to any Forbidden Truth among humans, there is only a vague sense of unease, still easily swept under the rug, ignored and dismissed, as the social trance of universal destruction of every child on earth, continues unabated and unacknowledged.
      This post continues to be one of My most popular and frequently viewed, right up there with the uncensored ISIS beheadings, but NOT because humans are seeking Truth. It is highly popular because humans want to see a child commit Self-murder in front of their eyes. It feeds their own individual and collective suppressed and denied homicidal and suicidal ideations.

  6. in the future become a great star woman Katelyn Nicole Davis. but she was died painfully. her family was done not in any way care. we so sad & must surely punish to the stepdad

    1. Comment approved in order to illustrate the typically perverse human attitude of refusing to properly indict and blame society and government, instead demonizing and seeking the punishment of a fellow victim.
      This post remains one of the most popular I’ve ever made, receiving 100+ views every day, only because humans want to secretly, sadistically savor being able to watch a child self-murder herself, while never consciously admitting to this Truth, and hypocritically demonizing/blaming other victimized individuals for her death.

  7. Continuing the circulation of this video is cruel and inhumane to those this little girl left behind, and it is damaging to all children at risk of copy-catting. Please take this down. You are putting so many others at risk.

    1. Thanks for your request. The answer is No. Katelyn left nobody “behind”. We are alone in this universe, each of us, and to cater to the leeches and vampires who choose to attach themselves to others is a perversity of consciousness.
      As I honor all individual murderers, I honor all individual murder victims, by giving them their voice, the voice of their True Reality.
      All children are damaged by the universal child abuse inflicted, sponsored, caused, by humanity as a collective whole. There is no risk, there is the reality that every child is being murdered every day, in ongoing real-time, and to attempt to censor and conceal the True Reality of the one child out of many millions who decided to try to show you the Truth of what you did to her, renders you even more directly complicit in continuing to ensure universal victimization and death for all children.

      1. I find you views deeply disturbing!
        The natural human instinct is one of survival and self preservation. When someone decides to take their own life it’s a mental health issue. Not an act of martyrdom!
        Can you please make you intentions clear on what you intend to achieve here. And ‘the truth’ is not a valid response. There is no one single truth. We all subscribe to our own versions of it.

        1. You judge My insights of Forbidden Truth to be deeply disturbing, because you are deeply disturbed.
          Humans possess no natural instinct, only a genetically and environmentally deformed instinct that warps everything they perceive and do.
          Humanity is collectively suicidal. You are committing suicide every moment of consciousness, if you choose to pretend to be alive. Dead man walking, talking, pretending to live, as you wait for the Forbidden Truths of death to impose themselves upon you.
          Your lack of clarity speaks to your inability to recognize and embrace Truth, as does your absurd, mentally deranged perception that Truth can and should be subjectively judged and interpreted by individuals based upon their True Reality.

    2. The video needs to be seen because Katelyn wanted it to be seen.What more powerful statement can she have made about how this world corrupts and kills children? To destroy the video is to hide from the truth and ignore her message.We must face what we do to children and Katelyn’s life and death did just that! She clearly could not go on anymore and knowing what we do about her life,who can blame her? Adults failed to help Katelyn many times.After her first suicide attempt in which she says she flatlined (died) and was revived, what was done for her? She was put on meds and was not removed from the neglect of her addict mother.Hopefully after her death,her siblings were removed from the woman who had no right to be a parent.But if they weren’t then adults again failed Katelyn for she surely would have wanted her siblings to be put in a safe home.Looking past the silliness and bad language in her videos,we can see a child who was forced to take on adult tasks while the so called adults around her acted like children.We can see a beautiful soul suffering greatly in a world that crushed her spirit and dimmed her light. What can drive a child to suicide? Ask Katelyn,she knew. Although I wish she hadn’t killed herself, I am glad she is safe.No one is ever going to hurt Katelyn again.Its time people wake up, stop sticking heads in the sand.If we want a better world, then we must be role models to our children.We must realize our true nature:we are beings of love and it is our task in life to base all our thoughts,words and deeds in love.To fail to do this is live in misery.

    1. It shouldn’t have been her hanging from a tree. Where’s the bastard that caused her to do this. His ass should be the one strung up to a tree

      1. 21st century amerikkkan society and government, and every individual who pretends to exist as a member of this society, is equally guilty and responsible for for the Self-murder of Katelyn, as they are responsible for the universal abuse of all children.
        Your perspective is wrong and it legitimizes the institutionalized injustice and trauma responsible for all the harm, all the injustice, occurring to everyone, every single day.

        1. Americans will be Americans until they experience what she had to. It is the only way, sadly. Yes, some may even be the same until death takes them after no matter how much they went through for being such a demon. I personally believe in a superior mind unable to parent every human turned into a mistake as the best answer as to why people are like this. It’s obvious to me. Family after family. It could only be the surrounding caregivers in her entire life and who surrounded those people. We aren’t like a family. Us Americans. Neither are most of humans. Which is sick. Some are sicker than others. Some go through enough hardship to be able to have a say who else needs hardship. I know one thing. I have a filthy hate for people in common because we know we will never make it past reincarnation. We do not need to live and neither do most organisms. Or maybe, If this ecosystem is possible than just 1 breed of organisms should be, we’re only here to turn perfect because it’d be the only way to stop the pain. We might be here to find out. I’m just here to live as long as I can and have as much life (fun) as possible with the funnest thing of them all 3\4 of the way to the end (which is prolly your current favorite).

          1. Hatred of humanity and of humans is the appropriate psychological response to the factual reality of what humans are, as proven by what they choose to do, as proven by what is actually done, to each of us as created victims.
            The family unit is nothing to idealize or to try to imitate. It is a diseased construct of humanity. All children deserve to be empowered to love and care for themselves, instead of being crippled by flawed projections of external love which are always inspired by a need to extract, rather than a desire to positively nurture.
            The family unit is a problem that cannot be fixed. It must be ended, so that society can be forced to assume responsibility for the welfare of every child, as I have comprehensively revealed within My texts.

  8. It’s all available where some good people did screen grabs & plea to if downloads. Her stepfather is actually the one that systematically removed all of her content. Being he was the one implicated in her videos & online diary of her life & abuse. Even sadder was the fact she only had a phone & Internet for roughly a month before her final sunset. It was actually a very beautiful video & I for one am thankful she brought the world along.

    1. Her stepfather may have wanted Katelyn’s expression of Forbidden Truth via this live-streamed public suicide to be censored, but it was the leaders of government and society who are actually responsible for coercing and compelling most content providers to remove the video from the internet.
      Truth is beautiful, for those who recognize and appreciate it. The universal tragedy of universal child abuse is illuminated by children who find the courage to reveal their victimihood status.
      But for all those who see beauty in what Katelyn DID, as opposed to what she said and revealed, your vision is not clear. Beauty would be revealed had she slaiughtered others, properly directing her rage and hate outward. But then the human hypocrites who currently find sadness and beauty in Katelyn, would judge her ugly and hateful. This prejudice is rooted in the rejection of the Forbidden Truths of universal child abuse, and the sacred right and responsibility of all victims to direct their rage and hate against others, instead of against themselves.

  9. Im angry. I feel broken in my spirit that this beautiful intelligent young lady was driven to kill herself. I have watched this video several times and I really believe SOMEONE has to be held accountable for why Katelyn Nicole Davis killed herself. I just was crying this time I watched. Justice must be serve for this girl. She spoke the TRUTH. Her heart was right, no matter what lies are said against her. Katelyn, JUSTICE will be served. It will!

    1. It is wrong to try to hold any individual accountable for the murder of Katelyn. She was murdered by 21st century amerikkkan society and government, theefore by every individual who exists as a member of this society.
      Justice can and will NEVER be served, for any victim, unless the Forbidden Truths of universal child abuse, universal victimization of all, and the universal injustices of punishment and misplaced vengeance are consciously recognized and embraced by humanity as a whole. Meaning: Justice will NEVER be served, for anyone, ever.
      So, you can cling to your emotional delusions and paint out a new path of Self-deception to make yourself feel better, or you can find the courage to recognize and embrace the Forbidden Truths. Being human, you will of course choose the former.

  10. You are correct. Every adult should view this. Her pain was real. Whomever didn’t listen, didn’t try to help, didnt do anything short of preventing this, didnt tell I will help you get through this, well you will have to carry the burden of guilt with you the rest of your days. Hopefully. I am so sad for her. May she finally find the peace she so desperately wanted.

    1. No individual is guilty or responsible for the murder of Katelyn. All of humanity, every 21st century human society and government, is collectively guilty and responsible for the universal child abuse it chooses to initiate, sponsore, and commit, against every child, from birth, and every day.
      There is no peace in death. There is only the eternal nothingness of never having existed.
      And yes, I am still correct, about everything, as always.

      1. I have to say if all those things didn’t happen to her she would probably still be here today. I don’t agree with you at all . sorry she was a child and all that abuse and neglect is the reason so yes someone is responsible for this.

        1. It is wrong to blame individuals for child abuse. Forbidden Truth 101: Child abuse is a social construct, it is a foundational structure of human society and government. It is sponsored, promoted, facilitated, enabled, deliberately CAUSED by society and government.
          To blame any individual for Katelyn’s childhood of abuse, victimization, and trauma, is to be complicit with amerikkkan society and government, in her abuse. Society and government wants you to believe “bad people” are responsible for causing child abuse, so that the Forbidden Truths of universal child abuse remain cloaked from all conscious perception.
          Demonizing individual abusers, be they family unit members or strangers who kidnap, rape, kill children, betrays Truth and plays right into the hands of society and government, absolving these structures of child genocide from the guilt and responsibility they bear for causing ALL child abuse to occur.

    2. ~ Katelyn ~
      They took you
      them that stuffed you with pills
      they blame it on angst, incest, puppy love
      yet, we know the truth
      you were fine, sad, depressed
      never wanted to kill yourself
      till they made you eat the pills
      eat, eat, eat
      till the thoughts multiplied
      till they became real
      they will set you free
      till, you hung from the tree…
      The devil, he takes the best
      he takes the new born angels
      because they are weak
      you were one, an angel
      your talents, were being honed
      just known to you, all you could do
      sing, play, dance, smile
      your smile like the sun
      they blame it on angst, incest, puppy love
      they are fools
      they start a witch hunt
      they light torches, burn candles
      while the real demons
      the demons, slip away…
      I was once like you
      in this cold dark place no one knows
      where you think your alone
      this black hole with nothing to hold on to
      I over came
      yet, still have scars
      Comes this day,
      my sweet child
      I will make it my mission
      my mission to save all of you
      I will show you, lead you
      lead you to the light
      for there is no darkness without light
      I will help God
      God, to set you free
      so never
      never again
      an angel hangs from a tree….
      By, Louis Les Trois, for Katelyn Nicole Davis, 2017

      1. You may express whatever sentiments you wish in your poem, but as functional Truth you will fail in your desire to save other children from being murdered by amerikkkan society. The society destroys ALL children, and the Insane God Myth is a foundational force for, not against, the universal destruction of all children.
        The devils and demons all have arms and legs and brains, the collectively destroyed mind of humanity, all the children who escape physical death during their years of universal child abuse, conjures them up.
        You insult the Truth of Katelyn’s life, and death, when you invoke the Insane God Myth in her name.

    3. I can’t stop readying and watching this girl. I am so happy someone got her videos she made so that we can see inside her heart.. its heartbreaking for sure but it needs to be seen.. I agree fully that ALL parents should see this.. ALL of her videos actually… mainly the one she did prior to her demise. There is a ‘fight’ with her mother.. and there is much said .. and alot of truth in it came out.. the mother said things on her own that, in my opinion .. should be enough to send her to jail.. or at least rehab.. Katelyn.. I know it’s too late but I wish you had known how many people WOULD have listened and WOULD have done what they could to help.. if only we knew <3.. rest in peace my dear.. you won't be forgotten.

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