Full Force Atheism

What is an atheist? According to the dictionary definition, an atheist is a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of god or gods. To anyone who possesses a Forbidden Truth understanding of the structural and functional nature of religion, this definition is unacceptable. Society really has only created one word to identify those who reject the insanity of religion. This word is atheist, and therefore the word must stand for something powerful, it must stand for open, unrepentant defiance directly condemning and vilifying the insane god myth.
Let us understand that the societal definition of atheist is not merely weak and poor, but deliberately impotent. There are very specific reasons that society defines atheist and atheism in such a way as to shield religion from direct attack and exposure for what it actually is: A deranged delusion terroristically promoted and imposed by society and government upon all human beings, for the purpose of enslaving them to man-made laws, edicts, and behavioral/ideological demands which are genocidally harmful. This is a fair and accurate definition of what religion is, and only via the embrace of this and other Truth-based definitions of religion, can those who reject religion recognize their personal obligations to Self, in properly defining and seizing the title of atheist.
Imagine Self-identifying as an anarchist, but at the same time accepting the legitimacy of government. Such a position is ideologically insane and absurd. Yet the official definition of atheist, that you simply need not “believe” in the existence of god, instructs you that others should possess a legitimate right to believe in god. After all, your position is only that of a disbeliever, rendering the position of the believer, equally valid. This is insane, and it exists as a social conspiracy to legitimize religion and god addiction. The official definition of what constitutes atheism and an atheist, overtly promotes the concepts that god either does or may exist, and that even those who fully reject religion, are merely “disbelievers”, instead of regainers of sanity who are rejecting an insane myth and delusion.
Here you witness a perfect example of definitional brainwashing, one of the central themes of social control dissected within My one million word Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. The very definitions of the terms atheist and atheism suggest that god may exist, that religion is a belief system. But it is not. Religion is an externally imposed mental illness, a delusion, an error of thought, all of which are completely different from a belief which is decreed legitimate and valid via social engineering of reality perception.
Okay, given a full understanding of the above, every Self and Truth-respecting individual who identifies as an atheist, must fully reject the official definition of what constitutes an atheist. This definition, “a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of god or gods” is not merely invalid, but overtly legitimizes religion itself. From the Forbidden Truth perspective, as well as any sane intellectual position, you cannot be an atheist, while also legitimizing the concept that god might exist.
I could invent a new word to replace atheist, and apply a Truth-based definition within which religion and god are exposed as the deranged, genocidally malicious structures that they are, but such a word would possess no meaning to the brainwashed masses. I could use a term such as “radical atheist/atheism”, but to do so spits in the face of Truth and actually legitimizes the societal definitions of atheist/atheism. suggesting that My Truth-based definitions are unusual and extreme, when all they do is express the factual Truth. And so I have decided to go with the term “Full Force Atheist/Atheism”. It is not ideal, but at least it avoids a term like “radical”, which simply does not apply when a position being articulated expresses simple, obvious fact and Truth.
So, are you an insane god addict, or are you an atheist, or are you a Full Force Atheist?? Let Me define exactly what a Full Force Atheist is, so you can decide if the definition fits you.
A Full Force Atheist refuses to capitalize the letter g in the word god. Always and in all circumstances, he refuses to capitalize the letter g, recognizing this as much more than a symbolic gesture. He understands that as a Full Force Atheist, he is at war with the societies and governments which impose religion via deceit, and to capitalize the letter g in the word god is to legitimize the conspiracy of human society to promote the existence of god. The Full Force Atheist may choose to capitalize the letter A in the words Atheist and Atheism, especially when referring to Himself as an Atheist, to openly indicate that he recognizes Himself as entitled to every power and privilege that society decrees the imaginary god creature to possess.
The Full Force Atheist completely understands that the concept of belief has nothing whatsoever to do with religion or worship of god. Belief in god is a functional failure of the human mind to understand and accept the Truth that god is an absurd fairy tale externally imposed and indoctrinated via terrorism of the state. The Full Force Atheist knows that no god creature as defined by any religious text, can or does exist. He further knows that anyone who believes in god is suffering from a delusion of mind which directly expresses mental illness and disease. Therefore, he cannot and does not possess any belief regarding the Truth that no god creature exists, and what society describes/defines as a “belief system” in those who are addicted to the insane god myth, does not and cannot constitute a legitimate belief. A delusion must not be confused with a belief. You can believe you are hungry, you can believe the sun may rise tomorrow morning, you can believe being shot in the head might kill you, but you cannot believe that a god creature exists, or might exist.
The Full Force Atheist fully understands that religion exists as a mental illness, externally imposed by human beings to enslave and cripple the minds of other human beings, and internally embraced due to genetic retardation, inferiority, and dysfunction of the human brain. The Full Force Atheist understands that all who are addicted to religion and god worship are suffering from an externally imposed and internally rooted mental illness, which must be openly identified as such, and proactively treated as such. Religion is not a lifestyle choice and god worship is not, and cannot be, a decision made by a rational mind. Religion must be treated as a mental illness, a highly contagious and communicable mind virus, human beings infecting other human beings via words and texts and connection of consciousness, to be purged from the human experience of existence via the promotion, popularization, and delivery of Truth and fact.
The Full Force Atheist does not respect any right of any human being to practice religion or to believe in god. The Full Force Atheist is not tolerant of any right of others to believe in god or accept religion as valid. He understands that to be addicted and enslaved to a deranged delusion cannot be a right. He understands that such an addiction and enslavement, rooted in malicious external brainwashing and indoctrination, and further cemented within absolute mental illness and derangement, cannot be perceived, recognized, or understood as constituting any type of freedom of choice, any type of human right.
The Full Force Atheist understands that being a Full Force Atheist does not free him from the genocidally harmful shackles of religion. He understands that no matter how completely he has freed Himself from the derangement of god addiction, his very existence continues to be horribly impacted by the fact that religion and god worship remains widespread and socially acceptable. Therefore, the Full Force Atheist is determined to eradicate religion and god from all of human consciousness. To relegate religion and god worship to the textbooks of mental disorders and dysfunctions. He understands nobody can ever be free of religion, until every single dictionary in the world accurately defines religion as: A mental illness and dysfunction which causes human beings to suffer from the delusion that a supernatural, omnipotent creature exists and is watching and judging them.
The Full Force Atheist understands that to worship a god via religion, is to worship and embrace not merely death, but his own death. He understands that god worship equals death worship, and as an Immortalist, he further understands that religion and god are the #1 obstacles to humanity embracing and demanding technological immortality. Therefore, he understands that his war must be to eradicate religion, not merely to personally reject god and religion. He understands that religion is directly responsible for and guilty of, murdering him. As such, religion is understood as his mortal enemy, something which must be fully destroyed as a social construct.
The Full Force Atheist supports the eradication of religion by all available means. He supports the criminalization of god worship, as well as the elimination of all houses of worship. He knows that the only way to destroy religion, thereby saving Himself from its multifaceted horrors, up to and including his own death, is to destroy the societies and governments which sponsor and impose religion upon the masses, recognizing that these structures will not abandon the insane god myth, as it constitutes a foundational level form of terrorization and universal enslavement.
The Full Force Atheist understands that all exposure of religion and god worship to children, constitutes child abuse of the most heinous and destructive type. He demands an end to the destruction of all child minds via exposure to religion. He understands that nobody, no parent, no school, no society, no individual human being, should be permitted to infect the vulnerable mind of any child, with any aspect of religion. He understands that religion cannot be presented to any child, or any adult for that matter, in a safe way, no more than the Ebola Virus can be safely contained via an Ebola infectee kissing and hugging and licking a healthy human being. All children must be fully shielded from religion, which must be understood as a highly contagious and communicable, genocidally harmful mind virus.
So, are you in, or out? The difference between being an atheist, as defined by society, and being a Full Force Atheist, as defined by Me in My above essay, is profound. You can be a socially accepted atheist, but in doing so you are simply pretending to battle religion, lying to yourself that your rejection of god frees you to Truth. The Truth is, you are still being terrorized, harmed, and destroyed by religion, and you are actively colluding with the structures that sponsor and impose religion. Your atheism is a functionally useless cloak, allowing you to pretend to be emancipated from a shackle, even as the shackle holds you in place, even as religion triumphs and thrives all around you, destroying you.
Only by embracing the operational and ideological doctrines of Full Force Atheism, as articulated above, do you deserve the title of atheist. These precepts expose god and religion for what they are, allowing you to understand the nature of your enemy, the nature of the battle, and that personal recognition and embrace of the Truth that god does not exist, is merely a baby step to the war against religion itself, that we, as lovers of Self and Truth, are obligated to undertake.
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  1. Society does not want a “full-force atheist nor an anarchist, because that would be extremely dangerous for the government

    1. Correct, and therefore society deliberately misdefines these terms, allowing pseudo-rebels to pretend to be attacking society by identifying as atheists and anarchists, even though they directly participate in the social structures which strengthen the diseased and genocidally harmful structures of religion and government.

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