Freedom: The Ownership of Time and Self

Very busy with slave labor for the next 24 hours, so only have time for a brief but very important insight into Self and freedom. It goes like this: The only thing you can ever own, is Yourself. Anything and everything that compromises ownership of Self, which must be understood as the proactive freedom to do exactly what you want, as often as you want, to whatever degree you want, absent all external control, must be consciously understood as constituting a direct attack upon and against you.
government, god, money, death, employment, families, marriage, and all socially sponsored rituals and customs, must be lumped together as structures which directly attack ownership of Self, recognized as intrinsically encompassing and constituting the ownership of time. Self and time are always linked. You cannot own Yourself unless you own time itself, and you can never own time unless you own Yourself. Every concept of freedom must realize both ownership of Self, and ownership of time.
Hate everything which compromises and destroys this foundational form of freedom. Start with government, because it is the multi-headed monster which creates and sponsors all the other shackles. Hate religion second, with the conscious understanding that unless you dissolve the terrorist force of religion as it imposes itself upon you, you will not be able to destroy the mind shackles which dwell in its toxic shadow. god and government must be eradicated as mind shackles first. From this tactical high ground, you can begin to lay waste to every other theft of time and Self.
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  1. But I am well aware that the govt plays a major role in humans betraying and abusing one another; however, natural instincts also comes into play because humans aren’t supposed to be in the presence of other humans for too long due to autonomy and personal, universal invasion

    1. It is important to understand that two completely different, smotheringly pervasive structures combine, to destroy all human potential to evolve. These are the genetically internal limitations of the defective, birth defect status of the human mind, and the dynamically external consequences of relentless abuse, harm, victimization, and trauma that each of us is subjected to at the hands of other individuals, as well as all existing organized structures.

  2. Also, the govt’s policies causes inferiors to betray each other, and lash out against child slaves and spouses in order to deal with the stresses from their bosses. Isn’t it tragic that inferiors cannot connect the dots in deciphering the actual root behind this nonsense?

    1. They cannot connect the dots because they are trapped within the matrix of trauma and catharsis, psychologically obsessed with obtaining personal vengeance for their imposed traumas, but unable and unwilling to consciously face up to this Truth, or the root foundations of what is guilty and responsible for their victimization.

  3. That’s it, SEER: inferiors always blame the masses for their problems, but don’t have the mental capacity to recognize who their true enemy is–the govt and society. It’s like they blame individuals who are powerless themselves and have no control over the long hours they work or the overall stresses and hardships in general. Everything has a link in the govt, because the govt calls all the shots , and the masses are held hostage.

    1. Correct, and well-stated. Destroyed victims of society are psthologically drawn to demonizing, condemning, and sadistically invoking society and government to punish, harm, and murder their fellow destroyed victims, because this allows them to gain emotional catharsis without facing up to the Truth that they are themselves destroyed victims, and even more primarily, without facing the Truth that their own society and government is their victimizer and destroyer.

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