Freedom of Action, Impossible Without Freedom of Mind

The mandate of every government is to destroy freedom of thought and of mind, because without freedom of thought, freedom of action is impossible.
government is a slave structure. government enslaves all human beings, and via systematic, malicious process of mind control, renders all freedom of action impossible.
government allows singular madmen to enslave many millions, and to use these millions of slaves as personal Poison Containers. It is the insanity of the Sacred Family Unit, magnified a million-fold.
How many enlightened minds does it take to bring¬†down any existing government, to end the terrorist rule of it’s supreme leader?? 1000, at most. Just 1000 is enough to take down any regime. And yet 1000 such minds cannot be found, because they do not exist. And they do not exist because freedom of action is impossible, absent freedom of mind and of thought.
And I cannot even mention the names of the regimes, because I am enslaved under their terrorism.
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  1. It’s tragic that no society on this planet has”1000″ brilliant minds: people who are conscious to what is going on. I know why, and it infuriates me to the point of disgust that the few of us, who are conscious see the evils of this matrix system. I just shake my head in amazement. Very informative essay! You deserve a nobel prize for your brilliant articulation!

    1. Thanks for appreciating Forbidden Truth. Affirmative and consciously focused rage and hate, directed at both human structures and leaders, as well as humanity as a whole, is the most appropriate and sane response to what humanity has done and is doing, to each of us.

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