Four of My Blogging Policies, Explained

I do nothing unless it makes logical sense, affirms Truth, or serves Me, My Truth-based needs and desires. If the thing meets two out of these three rules, I am more likely to do it. If it meets all three of these rules, I am even more likely to do it. This is My chosen life path policy, and I do not violate My own policies, to do so would place Me among you inferiors, in the darkness of personal inferiority.
I blog because doing so affirms Truth and serves My personal desires. Does it make logical sense? Not really. But two out of three rules are met, an acceptable ratio. But within the act of blogging, I refuse to do some things that most bloggers insist on doing. Here I will detail these distinctions, and why I hold them:

  • I refuse to like other blogs. Even if I read an article or more, and find Truth is being expressed, which is very rare, I will not hit the Like button. I do not like other humans or the things they do. What I might “like”, is My own personal reaction to the article or essay. This is not enough to prompt Me to hit the Like button. All readers of this blog should understand, no matter how often you hit the Like button in response to reading MY brilliant revelations of Truth, the chances that I will hit the Like button after reading any of your blog posts, are virtually zero.
  • I refuse to actively solicit comments to My blog. I do this because the opinions of others do not impact My experience of My existence in any significant way, positive or negative. I will reply to most of the comments made, that I deem worthy of being approved and posted to this blog, after My screening and moderation, and I “appreciate” comments which indicate an appreciation and respect for the Forbidden Truths that I reveal, but this appreciation is not personal, it exists as brain-to-brain mind-meld: Truth values more Truth, because more Truth enhances the perfection of existing Truth. I do not dismiss the value of feedback, Superior ideas and thoughts can come from any living thing, and as a top-level Superior, I seek them out and integrate them to My True Reality in order to increase My personal perfection. As such, I am not actively hostile to comments, but I do not “need” them, I do not ask for them, much less delight in them, as many other bloggers do.

My replies to comments are usually not made immediately upon posting your moderated comment to this blog, because I do not place a high priority upon “answering” your comments, even if they are insightfully Superior and ask valid follow-up questions to My blog post. Be patient, and within My prioritized schedule of chosen activities, your comment, especially if it contains questions, will receive a reply, possibly a very lengthy reply, but only within My determination of priority time-frame.

  • I will not post commments to other blogs, ever. If I have something to say, I say it within the envelope of My own personal creations. I do not engage others in dialogue within the envelope of their personal creations. I do not seek the approval of others, it is of no use or value to Me, and in reflection of this Truth, I do not specifically choose to feed the neediness of others, in any manner.
  • If you Follow My blog, I visit your blog and I try to determine whether or not there is anything of Truth-based value that would justify My following you back. I try to be lenient in this determination, even if all I find is a modestly interesting story, I will reciprocate the Follow. But if you are trying to sell something, or your blog posts honor the insane god myth, I cannot bring Myself to hit that Follow button, as I do not enjoy soiling My perfection, for even a nanosecond, in this harmless way.

I understand that your blogging content might not reflect your True Reality, I understand that even as you blog religious doctrine, you could be engaging in an epic True Reality struggle to break free of the insane god myth. I understand that even if your blog posts honor motherhood, patriotism, and apple pie, you could be an anarchist plotting the eradication of all governments. But I must create a threshold determination, a standard by which to judge whether your blog deserves to be followed by Me, and examining the content of your blog is how I make this determination.
I know that just as on twitter, most of My followers are not interested in Forbidden Truth and are merely following Me in order to receive a follow-back. I do not specifically care about denying these inferiors a follow-back, but unlike Twitter, I do choose to discriminate on this platform, in terms of requiring some indication of the capacity of the Follower to blog something that is sane, rational, or could be of interest to Me, before they receive a follow-back from Me.
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