Forbidden Truths Uncloaked by Charlie Hebdo Massacre

Today’s massacre at the Charlie Hebdo news magazine in Paris, France, provides yet another good opportunity for any and all sane thinkers to analyze reality and come to a conscious understanding that their own government is their greatest enemy. Listen, watch, and read the western news media right now, and understand that you are being terrorized by “your” media, which is controlled by “your” government, which is demonizing three individual human beings who were terrorized by “their” media and by “their” government. The lie of the external terrorist, cloaks the Truth of the universal terrorism of the citizen-slave by his own government.
There are no “muslims”, there are human brains terrorized and brainwashed by the governments and societies which own them as slaves, to seek protection and comfort via a deranged ideology which is being used by these governments to terrorize them. And exactly the same, there are no “christians”, but only different and other human brains, terrorized and brainwashed by the governments and societies which own them as slaves, to seek protection and comfort via a deranged ideology which is being used by these governments to terrorize them.
amerikkka is a religiously fundamentalist christian dictatorship. christianity is used to terrorize the amerikkkan public, from the moment of individual birth, throughout existence until death, and to demand their allegiance. It is exactly the same as what muslim regimes and nation-states do to their citizen-slaves, and this is the only valid definition of terrorism.
What the three individuals who carried out the mass shooting at Charlie Hebdo did, was a response to the terrorism carried out against them by the governments and nation-states which deployed islam as a terrorist weapon against them. This is the same terrorism, carried out against the amerikkkan child and adult who becomes the amerikkkan soldier who joins the military and agrees to murder complete strangers thousands of miles away, brainwashed by the amerikkkan regime that they are protecting and defending freedom and the amerikkkan way of life. And so the amerikkkan child and adult is terrorized, radicalized, and brainwashed by his own malicious and enslaving society and government, and is as blind to this Truth, as the three who harvested humans today at Charlie Hebdo.
And so what is the Forbidden Truth takeaway?

  • Each and every citizen-slave must recognize first that god does not exist.
  • All organized religion is deployed against citizen-slaves as a terrorist weapon by their own government.
  • Your own government is your greatest enemy.
  •  The worldwide eradication of religion and of government must be embraced as personal obligation of every lover of Self and Truth.
  • Every individual must demand the destruction and annihilation of his “own” government and religion, meaning the society and government which claims him as citizen-slave. This is a vital key, because it is the demonization of the “other” which exists as the very heart of the institutionalized propaganda, brainwashing, and indoctrination system which is deployed by every government to successfully maintain the worldwide structure of universal, cloaked terrorization by government of its own citizen-slaves.

To conclude: Humanity is hopelessly doomed for the simple and clear reason that Truth is dead. Nobody can see the matrix they are trapped by and within, as it actually is. Every reality perception is hopelessly distorted by the broken, brainwashed, and indoctrinated human brain. The result is that the absolutely justified rage and hate and seeking and claiming of personal vengeance by individuals, is consistently, pathologically misdirected, with the end result that the diseased and deranged institutions of government and religion are actually strengthened and legitimized.
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  1. The matrix is responsible for the ills in societies, and yet, no one seems to believe that. They appear to be content with it and don’t complain. It’s a death sentence, a revolving door of destruction. The matrix has no positive benefits: child abuse, victimization, slavery, death etc., it’s an endless list of atrocities

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