Forbidden Truths Proven By pope francis' usa Visit

pope francis, the supreme leader of the most powerful and therefore the most genocidal organized religion to infest humanity in the 21st century, christianity and catholicism, is imposing his brain virus upon the citize-slaves of amerikkka today, in living color, in person. He has invaded amerikkka, to the gleeful delight of the political leadership of this slave-state, who fully understand and know the great value, the primary importance of organized religion, in maintaining all of humanity as a Self-hating, Truth-hating, death worshipping cult of suicidal masochists.
pope francis’ visit to amerikkka allows Me an excellent opportunity to restate and to emphasize some of the primary Forbidden Truths of religion itself, and of the amerikkkan government. My comments will be brief, as my time is limited, but these Forbidden Truths are profoundly important for all who seek to understand the hopelessness of the human condition, to integrate to core consciousness.

  • amerikkka as a country and as a government is a religiously fundamentalist dictatorship. Religion is directly deployed by the regime as a terrorist weapon to obtain and to maintain the allegiance, obedience, and subservience of the populace.

It is the amerikkkan government which has solicited, arranged, and directed the current papal visit, using it to impose religious belief and doctrine upon the populace via an organized blitzkrieg campaign of media exposure.

  • There is no separation between church and state in amerikkka. The amerikkkan government was founded upon the imposition of the mind virus of religion upon all that it claimed as citizen-slaves, and it is maintained via the ongoing and continued use of the insane god myth as a political weapon, to terrorize and to oppress the populace, and to extinguish all Truth potential among the populace of citizen-slaves.

The official welcome given to pope francis by the president of the united states and other top leaders yesterday and today, and the direct invitation given to the pope by the regime to use the political system and the political structure to address the public, can leave no doubt as to the incestuous, unbroken, and unbreakable link between the governmental regime of amerikkka, and the toxic mind control and ideological slavery that is christianity.

  • The doctrine of christianity as overtly expressed by pope francis to all amerikkkan citizen-slaves over the past two days alone, proves itself to be the ultimate of mind shackles, legitimizing every form of social and governmental slavery, while condemning and demonizing every form of genuine freedom and personal autonomy to which the human is capable of aspiring to and demanding.

The overt goal of this papal visit is to reinforce the core hive mind structures of individual impotence, powerlessness, uselessness, while exalting the hive mind itself, raising up religion and government to even greater heights of dominance and control.

  • Religion is the organized and ritualized oppression of humanity, personified by the demand of religious leaders that we, the individuals who deserve every privilege in reality, that the god creature is afforded in mythology, embrace suffering, injustice, and death. pope francis is reinforcing the collective suicidal ideation of hundreds of millions of amerikkkan citizen-slaves by his direct words over the past 48 hours.

There can be no greater form of terrorism than the ideology and the philosophical decree of organized religion, that an omnipotent god creature exists, imposes behavioral demands, and will inflict harm upon those who reject and refuse to obey and follow these demands. pope francis is a terrorist and a terrorizer, and his directly targeted victims over the past 48 hours have been every single amerikkkan man, woman, and child.

  • It is the overt goal of all organized religions to destroy all sense of ego, all narcissism, all Self-value, and all Self-love among all human beings. These four states of mind consciousness represent the four pillars of mental health and well-being. Whoever attempts to overtly compromise and destroy these healthy and empowering states of mind consciousness, is guilty of literally and actually driving us insane.

pope francis has successfully done more to destroy the mental health of amerikkkans over the past 48 hours, than any other individual has done in years. His predatory terrorism should be understood as literally and actually driving millions of human being insane, or greatly increasing their existing level and degree of mental illness and derangement.

  • All of the doctrine of christianity is overtly harmful. Over the past 48 hours pope francis has directly demanded, via the terror weapon of religion, that existing victims of religious terrorism remain humble and obedient, subservient and non-violent. He has demanded that we forgive others, that we help others, that we pray and hope, that we agree to suffer and that we agree to die. All of this is harmful and unacceptable. All of this betrays Forbidden Truth. All of this betrays the obligations we must embrace to exalt and perfect Ourselves.

Humanity has always been doomed, by dooming itself. Religion is the single darkest force on earth, it terrorizes and it suffocates all human potential to rise up and face reality, to transcend the past not on a personal level, but on a species-wide level. Religion is the cage and the cage-keeper.
Over the past 48 hours I have periodically turned on my television to observe pathetic human garbage, broken and destroyed, already dead and rotting, mindlessly cheer and express joy at being allowed to see pope francis and to listen to his words, as heavily armed hitmen shield him from any offensive attack, the omnipotent god creature lacking the ability to protect his supreme emissary from harm.
Children have been forced to hold signs welcoming pope francis. Children, their helpless and supremely vulnerable minds deliberately infected with insane mythology, have been directly targeted by pope francis, as destroyed ex-children, their own biological creators in many cases, cheer and clap and cry at the gift of being allowed to lay eyes upon a direct representative of their lifelong terrorizer.
government and religion share the same primary goal: To destroy the future. To render the future just as hopeless and meaningless and dead as the present moment. Destroy the children and you destroy the future. This is why religion always goes after the children. Once the child is destroyed, the child as adult will destroy his children, as he destroys himself.
I could not watch too much news on television over the past 48 hours. It is too repulsive, not to listen to what pope francis said, but to observe the human reactions and responses to what he has said. And the reason I am repulsed and angered beyond all capacity to articulate, is because I am the primary, ongoing victim of religion.
I will die because of religion. Religion will be My murderer. So all who clap and cheer, all who praise god and revere jesus and participate in the greatest sham on earth, you are all collectively guilty of murdering Me. This is your crime, the crime that can never be forgiven.
You prove that you have earned retroactive unbirth and eternal nothingness. You prove that you deserve to suffer, that you deserve every torment you experience. You prove this as broken and destroyed adults, amerikkkans from sea to rotting sea, each and all of you. You have proven it by your response to the visit of pope francis to amerikkka. Your murderer comes to murder, your terrorizer comes to terrorize, the destroyer of you and of children, in real-time, comes to destroy you and all children, and what do you do? How do you respond?? You clap and you cheer and you honor and you worship and you exalt and you bow down and you look up, to your very own personal terrorist, murderer, destroyer.
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  1. SEER, did you hear about the mother, who stated that the pope healed her daughter by touching her? Supposedly, the child has two holes in her heart and after being touched by the pope, one of the holes healed itself miraculously. Is that a miracle, or blind faith?

    1. “SEER, did you hear about the mother, who stated that the pope healed her daughter by touching her? Supposedly, the child has two holes in her heart and after being touched by the pope, one of the holes healed itself miraculously. Is that a miracle, or blind faith?”
      No, I didn’t hear or read about that, but if humanity were sane, her statement would result in the immediate termination of all her parental rights to access this or any other child, based upon the fact that she has openly demonstrated mental illness which renders her incompetent to be entrusted with providing for the care or welfare of any living thing, much less a vulnerable and defenseless child.
      Belief in god is mental illness. You do not investigate what is impossible, to do so constitutes validation of the delusion itself. You immediately call out mental illness for what it is. Every human being who cheered for the pope, welcoming him as a representative of god, proved by this very act that they are mentally ill and incompetent to make any decision about their own welfare, much less the welfare of any other life form.
      The failure of humanity to out the pope as a fraud and con-man, to drive him into hiding and to seek his destruction, as an emissary of death and universal suffering and of the terrorism of the caveman era, speaks to the hopelessness of humanity, and its ongoing devolution. Of what use is knowledge or science, when the human brain remains as firmly trapped in the darkest of caves, as it was 5000 and 2000 years ago?? The status of the pope, emissary of death and suffering, as holy and sacred, reflects the worship of death and suffering by humanity as a whole, in 2015.

  2. It is such a shame that human beings are able to escape the emotional agony of death, until the very last moment, when the reality actually HITS them.
    Humans spend their whole lives pretending death is okay, natural, normal. Some even joke about death, pretending that they’re “OK” with it, because the knowledge that death is 30 or so years away, enables them to act with false bravado, a fake courage. This artificial “devil may care” attitude.
    Thankfully, mercifully, they all suffer in the end.
    It’s hard to joke about death when confronted with it. When the moment comes, and they hear the accelerating BEEP BEEP BEEP of the hospital machinery, accompanied by their death throes. GASP GASP GASP GASP.
    Joke about it THEN, pathetic humans. Tell me death is okay, WHEN THE MOMENT IS UPON YOU.

    1. Tragically, there are many humans who would and who do calmly and peacefully accept their death as it occurs, in real-time. Not all humans do so, but many. This pathetic state of mind reflects pathological Self-hatred and the subconscious realization that they have been waiting their entire imaginary lives, to die. Even if they str
      uggle to breath in their last moments, this struggle is often nothing more than a natural instinct not fully destroyed via genetic birth defect and environmental ego assault, and does not represent a consciously determined struggle to avoid death, based upon any understanding of the personal consequences of dying.
      The Truths of death have always been cloaked from all humans, by their own pathetic demand. All censorship is censorship of mind, not of eye. That is why the slaves are not allowed to witness the murders carried out in their names, as they occur. The abortions, the death penalties, the mutilated corpses of your child assassins, that you call soldiers, the nursing home and hospital deaths. Try to find these Truths, even on Youtube, and you will be stymied. Every society romanticizes death, not a maggot in sight, so that the deranged and broken slaves may always be able to envision death as a seamless passage from one existence to another.
      A sane society would have 500,000 tv channels broadcasting 500,000 deaths live and in high definition color, every death lovingly played out from before it occurs, until every single piece of flesh has rotted off or been consumed by maggots. Every abortion, every death penalty death, every cancer death, every stroke death, every stillborn death, every soldier death, every dynamic suicide, every old age death. Every death turned into the grandest of productions, played out on the stage of Truth, imposed upon every mind. 500,000 channels offering only death, no alternative programming. Closeups on the maggots eating. No music in the background. No commentary from propagandists, only death, the Truth of death, imposed upon all, so that Truth may have a chance to blossom in those who are dying, in the minds of all humans not yet dead.

      1. The human mind couldn’t bear to witness what death is truly about. They want to keep it hidden behind closed doors, so that they can believe that death is pleasant and there is an afterlife waiting for them. They simply don’t want the truth: it’s too painful

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