Forbidden Truth: Why No Leadership Tests For Leaders?

Properly designed and implemented, tests work. My Mandatory Parental Competency Tests, revealed in breathtakingly brilliant detail in my texts, would effectively eliminate the universal parental child abuse reality of the 21st century.
You humans have devised numerous testing measures, for intelligence, truthfulness, sobriety, to name just a few. Let us be clear, these tests are NOT designed properly, none seek to expose Truth or pierce the Matrix of Universal Illusion.
Still, you humans accept and deploy these tests. You allow your leaders to impose these tests upon you, but you simultaneously refuse to impose these tests upon them, as a condition of allowing them to obtain & maintain leadership status over you.
Could anything be more insane?! The answer is No. You give your Self-chosen slavemasters, your leaders, the power and authority to control and determine your very fate, without even TRYING to determine their competency via objective tests that already exist!
And WHY do you choose this insane path? Because you are pathetic fools, because you hate Yourselves, want to suffer, wand to die, and because your ego has been destroyed.
Among humans, leadership should clearly not exist. But if it IS to exist, surely the only sane path is for EVERY follower to demand and impose relentless, ongoing, and continuous testing and monitoring upon all leaders, prior to choice and during his entire leadership stint.
The IQ test: Genius level in order to be allowed to try to become a leader at any level, then DAILY retests for all existing leaders, with any drop in score resulting in automatic termination of leadership.
The Polygraph test: Every leader, always hooked up to the machine. ALWAYS. For every single public speech, every single press conference, every public AND private meeting with every other leader, the results streamed live, in real-time, on every television and internet and radio news broadcast.
The required standard of conduct: A single lie, detected, permanently ends all leadership authority, status, and title, for present and future.
The breathalyzer/intoxication test: Administered daily, at random times, with even the slightest measurement of ANY type of substance intoxication, not just alcohol or illegal drugs of course, resulting in immediate, permanent termination of all leadership power and status.
But NO, you humans have never and would never consider implementing ANY of these obvious, necessary screenings, to protect Yourselves. And why not?? Because you are IDIOTS, and will only choose fellow idiots to lead you. A high IQ would DISQUALIFY a leadership candidate, forcing you to face the Truth of what you are & what you do.
You humans despise the Truth, and are pathologically addicted to being intoxicated, so you will only choose LIARS and addicts to lead you, knowing they will protect & maintain your Matrix of Universal Illusion.
Can you see yourselves now, idiot, liar, addict??! I see you, I see and I know everything about you. Can you look at yourselves and see what you are?? Because it is impossible for you to EXPLAIN, to JUSTIFY, in Truth, your choice as a species to not even TRY to objectively determine the competency of others to lead you, via existing tests.
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