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Over the past 48 hours, this blog has received over 250 different unique visitors, from usa, uk, israel, switzerland, germany, australia, india, portugal, belgium, spain, canada, netherlands, bulgaria, denmark, italy, bosnia & herzegovina, norway, chile, austria, albania, and france.
The vast majority of these 250 unique visitors, from 21 different countries, came to My blog via search engines, after searching for the uncensored ISIS beheading video of Alan Henning. Over the past 48 years, my two blog posts containing links to the uncensored beheading video, have received 290 unique hits.
What this illustrates is that in every society on earth, you will find a tiny minority of humans who respect and value Truth, and go to great lengths to seek it out, even as the vast majority choose to remain blind. The tragedy of the species is that Superiors have always been a tiny and impotent minority, and this will not change.
So, for anyone who is searching through thousands of different news media websites looking for the Alan Henning uncensored beheading video exactly as released by ISIS, it is here:
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    1. Not really. Anybody in the world with a computer can find this blog via search engines. The issue is, do they have any direct interest in personally embracing Forbidden Truth? Very few do, and this will never change, because humanity exists as a dysfunctional birth defect.
      Still, I find the site stats provided by WordPress interesting, they show you which blog posts are receiving the most hits, where the links are coming from, the number of visitors from each country of the world, etc… Yesterday I had six different visitors from the country of “Jersey”. But despite My brilliance, I had no idea that there was a country named Jersey, until I got this statistic from WordPress. Had to do a google search to confirm such a country even exists, and it does:

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