For Sale: The Collective Mind Bomb Brilliance of Me!

Attention human consumers! The Seer of Forbidden Truth is pleased and proud to announce a limited time sale of all of his publicly disseminated intellectual property dating back to 1989.

For the past 28 Years I have been creating and publicly disseminating the most unique and dangerous philosophical, ideological, and artistic brilliance the human universe has ever been able to access.

Now, for the first time ever, this entire treasure trove of material is available for sale as a body of knowledge and content. The sale includes unlimited reprint, sales, distribution, and editorial rights to all existing publicly disseminated texts, magazines, and videos created by Me from 1989 until the present day, including the Singin’ Dose Anti-Psychotic Blues and Livin’ In A Powderkeg And Givin’ Off Sparks magazines published by Me, all of My Usenet posts made under the joe1orbit screen name, the entire text of The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, all Twitter. Ideapod, and other social media posts and comments, all essays published by Me at The Forbidden Truth Blog, and all other currently existing documents created by Me that exist in the public arena.
The purchaser becomes the Copyright holder, earning the right to fully control all content, including editorial changes, and to monetize the content in any way they choose, such as the creation of books or movies. They also gain the right to remove all content from the internet, thereby suppressing Forbidden Truth as they see fit, a valuable opportunity for government operatives with an open expense account.
The exact price is $400,000.00 USD. Serious inquiries ONLY. The price is not negotiable downward, and is valid only until 12/31/17. Proof of available funds is required prior to any discussion of transfer details.
If you possess the required funds and are seriously interested in gaining ownership rights to this content, you may email Me at

zine 4

All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. That sux! What if i want to re-read your manifesto or parts of it and the illuminati take it down after buying it??!

    1. Everything I do, is to glorify, honor, and “help” Myself. I do not write ANYTHING for others. I allow you humans to read some of My writings, but I do not create them for you. I serve Myself, not you or any other living thing.
      If you value My publicly disseminated texts, you can take steps, such as printing them out, to ensure future access to them.
      Truth will exist the exact same way for Me, regardless of whether or not any of the Truths I know, exist in written form for others to access.
      If government operatives were to purchase all rights to all of My writings and videos and then remove them from the public domain, this would prove how brilliant, valuable, and incredibly dangerous to 21st century society and government, the Forbidden Truths are. It would prove Me right in everything I have revealed. Not that such proof is needed by Me, of course. But it would provide this proof to you humans, the tiny handful who have read My texts.
      Truth is valuable, that is why My price is $400,000.00 USD. This is enough money to allow Me to experience a significantly improved illusion of existence, on a daily, ongoing basis, until I am physically murdered. Any offer below this number will be automatically rejected, based upon My decision that the improvement to My illusion of existence would not be significant enough to justify giving up My rights to control the dissemination of My writings.

      1. I see. I guess i could just save your website, there’s programs out there. On second thought, i don’t think anyone will buy it, since all this offer was up for grabs for many years before this post. So not much to worry about. BTW, that price you set, is ridiculously low. Can you get a Lamborghini for that money? I know you can’t get a decent house, i know that. You’re underestimating the value of your texts, and no “rich person” would buy it just because the price is too low, and they don’t buy anything cheap :). i’d set it at 20 million. That’s just my 0.02$.

        1. Nobody will pay $400,000.00 for the sum total of My brilliance because Truth is dead. Whatever is dead to the collective consciousness of humanity is always harmless. Whatever is harmless to humanity, is worthless to humanity, because the species bases its perceived existence upon the prevention and dispensation of harm, trauma, and terrorization.
          All Truth is either ignored, ridiculed as false, demonized, or destroyed, by The Matrix of Universal Illusion. Or a combination of these responses. The preferred path is always to ignore, especially for Truths that are the most dangerous, because every other response increases exposure to the masses as a whole, thereby increasing the likelihood of a tiny percentage of humans recognizing and rejecting the Matrix for what it is.
          This is the modern, civilized, 21st century method of destroying all Truth and all Truth-tellers.
          My value is infinite, and the value of all Truth is infinite. The price I set does not reflect value, It does not cater to any possible perception of how others think or behave. It simply reveals the price for which I I am willing to exchange one illusion of freedom, for a different illusion of freedom, based upon My current True Reality, and with the full understanding that I was born a slave, am a slave, and will be murdered as a slave.

          1. Still peanuts. This is pocket change for a billionaire. They are snobs they want to spend LOTS of money to improve their self-worth.

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