Food and the Politics of Institutionalized Genocide

One of my readers sent Me a comment via email. It reads: Begin quote: “Meat is murder– but so is the eating of vegetables. Even the houses we live in for shelter are the results of displacing and murdering other life forms. Life in and of itself is the state of being a murderer and thief in the name of Self, and because it is for Yourself, it is fully justified.
Today I read your Thanksgiving piece and while I agree that actively humanizing and sparing one turkey from slaughter while thousands of others die is pathetically hypocritical, I think that the Self– human or otherwise– has a right to kill for sustenance. Thank you for reading, I await your reply.” End quote.
I have decided to fully reply to these comments via this public blog post, and also to broaden the issue so that it directly probes the foundational level Forbidden Truths of how food is being deployed by society and government as a weapon of universal slavery and genocide.
But first, some important points which lead up to even more primarily important insights of Truth: As all sane thinkers should fully understand and accept, the human being is a mutated, genetic birth defect of the simian species. Humans came into existence because a specific simian, it is not possible to determine exactly which modern era equivalent, chimpanzee, gorilla, orangutan, etc…, gave birth to a genetically mutated baby, which managed to survive and to breed, creating the birth defect species we now call the human being. It is possible this simian bred with a different simian, for example chimpanzee and gorilla, or it is even possible this simian bred with a completely different species, a pig or a horse or whatever…
These questions might never be fully resolved, but as relates specifically to the topic at hand, the human being is at least 50% genetically, a simian. Now, most simians will eat meat on occasion, when meat is readily available, but no simians rely on meat as a primary dietary staple. There is no simian which relies on meat as a dietary staple, and yet the human being, mutant birth defect of simians, chooses to pathologically murder animals and consume their flesh. Why does every other simian, excepting the human, choose and prefer a primarily non-meat diet?
The Forbidden Truth answer directly speaks to the issue of meat being murder. The human being is psychologically deranged, as a species. Obsessed with harming and destroying other living things, for emotional catharsis of childhood trauma and victimization. Murdering animals in order to eat them, provides this emotional catharsis, and eating them offers the morality illusion that the animals are not being murdered for emotional reasons, but merely to provide sustenance. Hunters who eat their prey rationalize they are only killing to feed themselves, therefore they are not murderers. Hunters who sell the prey they kill, to be eaten by others, similarly rationalize they are providing food for others, not committing an act of murder. And even those hunters who kill purely for sport, who openly acknowledge themselves as “sport hunters”, refuse to accept the label of murderer, based upon the societal decree that all animals are subhuman, inferior creatures who exist to be eaten by humans.
And what of the vast majority of humans of the 21st century, who do not actively murder the animals that they consume? Are they guilty of merely buying meat? No. They are solicitors of animal murder, rewarding others for murdering animals in their name. And make no mistake, the emotional catharsis gained by the consumer of meat is just as great as that of the animal murderer. The consumer knows he is consuming a living thing murdered in his name, regardless of whether this knowledge is fully dismissed from conscious acknowledgment. Sadistic rage and homicidal impulse is subconsciously soothed simply by the consumption of murdered animals, not requiring a direct murder by the hand of the consumer.
This article provides a good overview of the natural and instinctual orientation of all simians away from the consumption of meat:
The idea that meat is necessary to develop and maintain physical strength in humans, is rendered absurd by the fact that all other simians maintain excellent levels of strength, pound for pound exceeding that of the human, while rejecting meat as a primary source of nutrition, or dietary staple.
Another direct issue at play, is which types of meat do humans eat, in comparison to simians?  Simians eat very small animals, such as insects, that they capture by hand. They also eat their own kind, baby simians on occasion, unlike humans. This speaks to the genetic health of simians, and displays the genetic perversity of the human being. Only the human develops artificial objects: Guns, knives, fishing rods, motorized vehicles, for the purpose of murdering animals that nature has not intended for them to murder. Other simians might eat some meat, but they do not embrace any psychological obsession with murdering animals that are stronger, larger, or faster than they are. Nature clearly did not intend humans to eat any animal that they cannot capture via footrace, cannot physically overpower with their bare hands, or cannot directly murder using only their bare hands.
The willingness of simians to eat their own kind, while rare, also speaks to their genetic health. The human revulsion at the concept of eating human flesh is utterly absurd and directly demonstrative of severe mental dysfunction. There is no sane reason for the countless millions of pounds of human flesh available for consumption each year due to death by natural causes, to be wasted, allowed to rot or burned to ash, when it can be eaten, providing nutrition without any need for animals to be murdered. The consumption of human flesh is deemed abhorrent and disgusting for two primary reasons: First, it allows humans to pretend that they are superior to other species of life, even as they prove their inferiority each day in thousands of different ways. And second, it promotes the perverse concept that the institutionalized genocide of other animals is the only way to satiate hunger, cloaking the emotional bloodthirst behind all meat consumption.
Moving on, my reader says that the eating of plants is murder, too. Is he correct? Yes, he is. Everything that is alive, and is personally eliminated from existence via a proactive attack, is being murdered. A plant is alive, a tree is alive, the fact that it has no brain, as every animal does, does not negate the fact it is alive, and therefore deliberately destroying it is an act of murder. On the other hand, leaves cannot be murdered, as they are merely a part of the living thing which sustains them. Tomatoes growing on a vine cannot be murdered, as long as the plant itself is not destroyed. Apples growing on a tree cannot be murdered, unless the actual apple tree is destroyed.
To be sure, taking a tomato from a vine is a brutal attack upon the vine, a theft, an invasion, but it is not an act of murder unless it plays a direct role in causing the actual vine itself, to die. Plucking an apple from an apple tree is a totally unprovoked, traumatic attack upon and against the apple tree, but it is not an act of murder. On the other hand, chopping down a tree, for any reason, or destroying an actual plant, is always an act of murder, as it is the tree, the plant, which is alive.
So let us consider the issue of the brain. Animals have brains, plants do not. The issue of primary importance here, is that of cognitive perception. Whether or not a tree or plant can “feel pain” as it is being murdered, is open to debate. But even if such feeling occurs, it is instinctual and not cognitive. Murder is murder, and yet the degree of tragedy and injustice can be legitimately distinguished based upon cognitive perception of being alive, and secondarily, conscious understanding of what will be eternally lost, as a result of personal death.
Trees and plants, because they have no brains, are unable to cognitively perceive the fact they are alive, or the horrific consequences of their impending deaths. Animals, because they do have brains, are able to cognitively perceive the fact they are alive, and, to varying and unknown degrees, to possess a conscious understanding of what will be eternally lost to them, if and when they should die. The fact is, due to lack of ability to communicate on higher levels, it is impossible for Me, or any human, to gauge the cognitive perception levels of any animal, as relates to understanding of the Forbidden Truths of death. It is quite possible animals have a greater perception level of the horror of death, than the vast majority of humans who insanely cling to their absurd afterlife mythologies. Certainly animals try much harder than humans to avoid death, which suggests a good understanding of how horrific death is.
It is fair to assume that every animal experiences fear, terror, and suffering, on a brain-based level, even the ant and cockroach. Therefore, while the murder of plants and trees must be absolutely and fully acknowledged as constituting brutal and unjust murder, this murder must also be understood as existing on a slightly lesser scale than the murder of any animal which possesses any brain. The brain does make a legitimate difference, because when a living thing is able to cognitively perceive itself as being alive, and to understand, to varying degrees, the horrific consequences of death, the injustice endured by this living thing upon being proactively murdered, is greater.
My reader states: “Life in and of itself is the state of being a murderer and thief in the name of Self, and because it is for Yourself, it is fully justified.” End quote. Again, absolutely True, and well-stated. My condemnation of humanity relates to its refusal to acknowledge what it is, what it does, and why it chooses to do what it does. I respect the right of individual human beings to commit every imaginable act and form of murder, as long as there is conscious acknowledgment of what is being done, and why. And this acknowledgment must be void of all hypocrisy, false rationalization, and Self-deceit.
The fact is, the eating of meat by human beings has been developed as a form of legal murder, to provide emotional catharsis to billions, to those who actively murder animals, as well as to the passive consumer. The fact is, any human who thinks that eating meat, by proxy murdering animals, is vital to his own physical health, strength, and vitality, is deceiving himself. Nature does not intend for the human to use artificial weapons to capture and confine masses of animals for the purpose of mass murder, this is an artificial human construct, rooted in the pathology of a genetically diseased species.
The eating of meat is promoted and encouraged by society, specifically because it involves ritualized murder as social construct. There is meat being wasted each and every day, dead humans, dead dogs and cats, because humanity is not eating meat for nutritional sustenance, but for sadistic emotional catharsis, absent all conscious acknowledgment, and that is what I judge and condemn.
And so now we come to the foundational level question of Forbidden Truth. Yup, everything you have read above is basically just a preliminary setup to this profoundly important question: Why are human beings still eating food? As of now, as of the 21st century, there is no longer any need for human beings to eat food. We do not need food. We need nutrients. We need specific vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and other nutritional molecules. I repeat, we do not need food to either survive or to be healthy and strong.
Right now, at this very moment, scientific research has already uncovered all the keys to being healthy and strong, without eating food. This article provides an excellent overview of this Forbidden Truth:
And of course the Washington Post newspaper, compelled to serve the will of government as relates to institutionalized genocide via food, describes this revolutionary scientific breakthrough as “crazy”. The Truth is, choosing to remain addicted to the toxic social ritual of eating food, when all necessary nutritional needs can already be met right now, absent all eating of food, is more than crazy, it is maliciously deranged.
Please go back and read the above article fully and carefully, especially the later paragraphs. This has nothing to do with one man mixing together a bunch of chemicals and calling his drink “Soylent”. There are numerous FDA approved substances, already available, which can be ingested as drinks, applied via vein, or pumped into the stomach, which meet all human nutritional needs. Direct quote from nutrition expert Jay Mirtal, professor of pharmacy at Ohio State University, when asked if you can  live a healthy life just drinking medical food from here on out: Begin quote: “You can completely. But I don’t know why you’d want to. There are so many social aspects to food in what we do.” End quote.
Social aspects?? Like the communal murder of animals? Like eating meat so you can cathartically revel in murder being committed in your name? Like forcing billions of humans across the world to waste their lives raising animals for slaughter on small farms? Like preserving the family dinner ritual, where slaves emotionally addicted to each other are compelled to sit together and pretend to be interested in what happened to the other members that day? No, food is a weapon of government, food is a supreme distraction and diversion. The human obsession with entertaining taste buds is a waste of precious time and energy which should be focused on enlightening the mind.
Yes, plants and some animals might still be murdered in the production of these liquid nutrients, but what a giant leap forward for humanity this would constitute! And so of course we have a media blackout on this issue. Must protect the farmers and the slaughterhouses, must keep the supermarkets selling 10,000 different things to eat in business, when in Truth you only need 1 or 2 or 3 different nutritional liquids.
If humanity were sane, next to unlocking the keys to technological immortality, the number one public health issue of 2014 would be to develop a perfect nutritional blend of vitamins and minerals, proteins and carbohydrates, to provide and preserve absolute health for all human beings, and then to promote this nutritional substance over food, and to initiate a public health campaign intended to eliminate all food dependency among all humans.
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  1. Very well written. Humans are not consciously aware that when they consume meat they are actively participating in murder. As you mention…they justify it by saying that they need the nutrients to sustain their overall health, and with that being said, they tend to not view it as an act of murder. Plain and simple: eating meat from animals is murder, and human are just as guilty as the ones who kill them. The human existence is shrouded in hypocrisy in every aspect of their existence; and yet, they walk around not knowing how it affects their lives on an emotional level

    1. Sounds a bit Matrix-like. That “goop” they were eating did NOT provide “everything the body needs”, remember? There’s always the emotional factor, the pleasure factor of eating. This is true whether you eat with your family, friends, for social outtings, or alone. It’s also true whether or not the product consumed is animal based or vegetarian. A juicy cheese-burger, a bag of chips, or a slice of crème-brulee cannot possibly be equal to a liquid that astronauts eat. Besides, the nutritional blocks are best absorbed when taken in foods, not supplements made in a lab.

      1. Life is not a movie. The human body needs nutrients, not food. The digestive system does need to work, which is why intravenous injections are not a viable option, in and of themselves, although they certainly may supplement a nutrient-only oral diet.
        The Superior creates pleasure for Himself utilizing the power of his Superior mind. He is not addicted to any activity or substance. Personally, I can recreate the sensation of eating tasty food, by visualizing and recalling past consumption of such food, a feat any Superior with focused MindPower, can achieve.
        Extracted nutrients can be rendered pure, in a way that no piece of food can ever be. The elimination of food consumption across the world, is a vital step in humanity breaking free of numerous chains of slavery and addiction, and should be recognized as a positive pathway directly linked to both the achievement, and the popular embrace by humanity of the concept, of technological immortality.
        Your perspective is that of the food addict. You want to eat food because you would miss the different tastes and textures. You place a useless feeling that you should be able to alternatively achieve simply by focusing your mind, above the immense advantages and direct evolutionary progress which the elimination of food consumption offers. Your position is exactly the same as that of the nicotine or cocaine or skydiving addict, in placing his desire to consume these substances and do these dangerous things, above his own best interests, as he rejects the path of Superiority.

    2. Conscious awareness of factual reality is vital to all who seek Truth, who seek to understand and know themselves, why they do what they do, and think what they think. And yet the subconscious mind always asserts itself. Ask 1000 humans: “Why do you eat meat?”, and not a single one will answer: “Because it makes me feel better on an emotional level to know that animals are being murdered on my behalf, under my name.” And yet this is the primary reason, the True reason, the reason nobody will allow their conscious mind to face up to.
      They will answer “It tastes good”, or “It makes me strong” or “I need it to get through the day” or “Why not, I gotta eat…” or 1000 other variations. But nobody is willing to dissect their own mind, to simply acknowledge their True motivation. This is why humanity is doomed, not because of what they choose to do, but because they choose to refuse to consciously acknowledge why they do what they do.

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