Flight 8501 and the Insanity of Humanity

Been watching CNN coverage of the plane crash, flight 8501, and I cannot resist a brief post raging against the insanity of humanity. The coverage absolutely boggles the mind of any sane thinker, and glaringly illustrates the perverse and pathetic nature of humanity, and how the media shamelessly panders to and legitimizes all human perversions of brain function.
CNN anchors are repeatedly referring to the rotting bodies inside the sea, as “souls”. “We must show dignity to the lost souls, we must recover the bodies so that the lost souls can be treated with dignity and brought to a final resting place”. How insane! How perversely deranged! There are no “souls”, there are rotting carcasses, broken and destroyed beyond all possibility of recovery, not even cryogenic preservation is a viable option. All of these bodies should be left to rot, to serve as food for the fish.
There is no legitimate value to “recovering” any majority of these bodies, as there is to recovering the black box and the wreckage, which can provide useful information regarding the cause of the crash. The 10 bodies that have already been recovered at this point in time, provide ample opportunity, via autopsy, to provide full cause of death information, which is a legitimate evidentiary pursuit. Let humanity begin the process of coming to grips with the Forbidden Truths of death, by abandoning all funeral and burial rituals. All dead bodies which have begun to decay are worthless and useless, their “identification” should not be pursued, and all notions that the treatment afforded to their bodies is a legitimate concern or something for those alive to spend time and effort focusing upon, should be called out publicly as insane and absurd.
CNN anchors repeatedly refer to the need to treat the DEAD bodies with “respect”. This is deranged. Nothing that is dead, can possess any conscious awareness of how it is being treated. It does not exist. And here we have CNN repeatedly sanctifying the Sacred Family Unit, pathologically repeating the need to coddle the deranged desires of family members, from every angle, from identifying and delivering the dead bodies to “families”, to actually, amazingly, giving huge sums of money to the family members of these rotting carcasses. Yes, money. My husband/wife/son/daughter is now a rotting carcass, so…..time to cash in! Gimme the money, we were all shackled to each other as slaves, and so now, with one slave less, we demand monetary compensation! How insane. But look at CNN, with a straight face decreeing that yes, of course, they must receive monetary compensation. So now those who hate their family members have a new hope to cling to: Maybe my “loved” one will die in a plane crash and I can cash in.
CNN and all news media propagandists are guilty of overtly concealing and denying the Forbidden Truths of death, overtly promoting the insanity of religion and afterlives, overtly guilty of sanctifying the perverse structures of family unit and monetary slavery. All news media sources carry this guilt and responsibility, in all of the reporting they choose to do, and an incident like a  commercial airline crash affords the perfect opportunity for media to pander to and increase the degree of mental dysfunction and derangement among all of humanity. Shame, eternal shame, upon all who have access to the unwashed masses and choose to betray Truth!
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  1. Yeah, if the family of the dead victims loved them so much, why not show their loyalty by rejecting financial compensation? After all, they supposedly love their dead relatives so they should not cash in on their deaths

    1. Society markets money to all citizen-slaves as a reward given for their tacet agreement to suffer, leaving humans addicted to both personal suffering, and to the “reward” they receive in response to their suffering. Thais is the foundation of all labor slavery: Agree to labor as a slave, and you are “rearded” with useless pieces of paper which allow you to delude yourself into feeling rewarded, that you are not a slave, but a partner in an economic system. Thus the Forbidden Truth that every individual is inherently entitled, as birthright, to food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, and to have every basic need and want met, without being terroristically forced to perform slavery, is completely annihilated from all consciousness.
      When someone the inferior pretends to care about, and actually uses as a poison container, dies, the inferior suffers the trauma of his loss. He has already been brainwashed and indoctrinated that his suffering deserves to be rewarded with the toxic scourge of money, therefore he can be expected to overtly seek, even demand, money as his reward, and if offered money, he will never even consider rejecting it, but like any brainwashed addict, will grab it and use it to delude himself that some type of “justice” has been given to him.

  2. Is there any sane reason to want your body in more suitable conditions after you die in regards to self-love? I mean would you opt to have your body preserved in one of those glass chambers various dictators some times put them selves in versus being eaten by fish?

    1. >>Is there any sane reason to want your body in more suitable conditions after you die in regards to self-love?<<
      Certainly and absolutely not, with the very firm caveat that complete destruction of brain cells must have already occurred, rendering the body/head/brain unsuitable for cryogenic preservation. Self-love requires the existence of a Self, be it conscious or placed within a state of suspended animation via cryogenics. There can be no legitimate pursuit or claim of Self-love, within a dead corpse which has suffered complete or very severe degradation of brain tissue and cells. You cannot love Yourself after you have lost all capacity to obtain conscious awareness of your state of existence.
      To be certain, it is possible to hypothesize future scenarios, if and when cloning or duplication of brains and/or clusters of brain cells from an individual brain, becomes functionally viable, in which the respectful preservation of a deceased body becomes a personal right, in terms of the clone or back-up brain being entitled to choose how to treat “himself”, upon activation/animation, but at this point in time there is no sane reason for any brain or body which has rotted away to an unviable status, to be treated as anything more than nourishment for the first hungry creature, maggot, fish, or human being, who may come across it.
      >>I mean would you opt to have your body preserved in one of those glass chambers various dictators some times put them selves in versus being eaten by fish?<<
      The body absent a brain is an empty and useless shell. So, certainly not. Now, if you are referencing the word “preserved” to imply that rotting of brain cells and membranes can be prevented via such a procedure, then the answer is completely different, and obviously Yes. But a viable brain must be included with the “body”, and the preservation would have to proactively prevent decay and destruction of brain membranes and cells. There is no Self-love issue at play, in how a rotting body is treated, or any dead body whose brain has suffered severe destruction of current and future functional viability.
      In the specific case of this flight 8501 plane crash, 72+ hours of underwater submersion, can be expected to render all crash victim brains unviable.
      There are some who think that in the long-term future, individuals might be scientifically recreatable from a mere DNA sample or sliver of bone. Based upon this hypothesis, victims of death deserve the right to have their dna or a small piece of bone retrieved and saved, at their request. All minors should be afforded this treatment as a natural right.

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