Five Favorite Child Abuse Songs

As you can tell if you have been reading this blog, I choose to obsessively focus My mind upon many different things, and child abuse is near the top of this list. I do so because I am a created torture victim of child abuse, and because unlike you humans, I choose to always dwell within the openly conscious acknowledgment and embrace of the Truth of exactly what I am, and exactly why I am what I am.
I focus obsessively on My own status as a created victim of child abuse, not due to any masochistic tendencies or desire to suffer, but because doing so reflects Truth and empowers Self. The Superior neither wallows in his own past, nor rejects his own past. He fully embraces a personal obligation to hold his experienced past within him, so that he may never forget the lessons of Truth it has taught him. The reason why I will never identify as a survivor of child abuse, is because doing so dismisses the reality of what occurred, and betrays the Truth of what I am: A victim, not a survivor.
I have achieved the remarkable feat of transcending My humanity, by force of will and conscious choice. This has nothing to do with transcending either the past, or My experiences of the past. Quite the contrary, this transcendation, rooted within embrace of factual reality, requires full embrace of the past. My experienced past is what motivated Me to seek to transcend My humanity, a topic I will be addressing in future blog posts. I honor Myself, and My unique achievements of mind, only by focusing upon My experienced past on a daily basis, with courageous and Self-loving insight of consciousness.
No matter how busy I may be, even if forced to perform 16 hours straight of slave labor, as sometimes occurs, I choose to find time, every single day, to consciously do three different things: To focus on and validate My justified rage and hate, to proactively nurture My love of Self, and to reflect upon the Truth that I am a created victim of child abuse.
And so, over the years, I have sought and located songs which speak to the heart of the abused child, songs which help Me to fully open My mind, on a daily basis, even after a long and exhausting session of traumatic human interaction, to the cleansing horror of Truth. To be clear, these are five of My more favored songs which specifically focus on child abuse, I have many other songs which are favorited for different reasons, because they focus more on rage, hate, personal vengeance. In the future I may provide blog posts listing those songs.
Also, be aware that these are not necessarily My most favorite, and are not listed in a specific order of favoritism. But they are songs that I have each listened to thousands of times, and they are songs I seek out and replay over and over, finding them to harmonize with My personal True Reality of Superior mind focus.
We begin with Down With The Sickness, by Disturbed. A stirring declaration of personal outrage by a child abuse victim:

Next we have an epic rant of childhood torment, which speaks directly to Me because I was locked up in a psychiatric prison as a child, for stabbing My father after he forced Me to perform oral sex on him hundreds of times, Institutionalized, by Suicidal Tendencies:

Proving that My musical tastes extend far beyond the lyrical assault of heavy and thrash metal, we transition to Luka, by Suzanne Vega. This song also resonates directly with Me on a personal level, because as a child-slave, I was imprisoned within a large apartment building, humans above and below Me, humans on both sides of Me, and I was even locked outside in the hallway, wearing only My underwear. as a child, and nobody, no human, ever tried to help Me:

Next we have Hell Is For Children, by Pat Benatar, a rather simple but still passionately deliverated message of the Truth that every child grows up in the only real hell. I am posting this version specifically because it includes Pat Benatar’s completely clueless and Truth-blind introduction to the song, as it proves just how disconnected from the Forbidden Truth reality of child abuse, all humans are:

And finally, The Mirror Black, by Sanctuary, another child abuse song that speaks very directly to My childhood journey to recognize and embrace all Truth, to create limitless Self-love within Myself, to make Myself untouchable, to create a personal universe of pure and absolute isolation, and to transcend My humanity, all of which I am proud to have successfully achieved:

Most humans use music to escape from reality and Truth. The Superior does the exact opposite. He uses music to commune with Himself, to make love to Himself, to always hold close and reawaken the past as it has been carved into him, so that Truth may always flourish and be reflected.
© Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. A great essay, SEER. I think it is great that you have chosen not to ignore your child abuse status and replace it with “survivor”. Inferiors do this all the time and look where it gets them, nowhere. The cycle of child abuse continues to repeat itself because of it. Humans runaway from their past instead of embracing it. Embracing one’s past, I’ve found, is very liberating and frees one of the mental torture that reasonates in them. Nice!

    1. The words “survivor” and “victim” would have been excellent examples for My Definitional Brainwashing post, made yesterday. Society very specifically promotes the term “survivor”, while demonizing and discouraging the term “victim”, in terms of all personal Self-identification. This is done within the context of survivor being defined as someone who has overcome and defeated personal trauma, while victim is defined as someone who has and is suffering from personal trauma.
      I have not overcome or defeated My childhood abuse. I will never do so, and I have never tried to do so. To do so would betray the Truth, not only of My personal child abuse, but of the universal nature of child abuse among humanity, its reality and its impacts.
      You are absolutely correct, only inferiors and Truth-haters identify as survivors, and such identification directly causes , promotes, and validates the ongoing horrors of whatever they imagine and have deluded themselves to be, survivors of. Embracing the Truth that you were a victim, you are a victim, and you will always be a victim, is the only path which allows you to overcome not the past, not the reality of what happened or its valid impacts upon you, but the only thing you should be striving to overcome: Your humanity itself, while remaining devoted to recognizing and embracing the Forbidden Truths of humanity as a whole, such as its sponsorship of universal child abuse.

  2. While on the subject of media, have you seen the films The Girl Next Door (the dramatic film, not the comedy) and The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things? If you have, what are your thoughts on those 2 films?

    1. No, I have not seen either movie. In recent years I watch very few movies, very little television, and do not listen to much new music. My MindPower has expanded to the point where I am motivated almost all of the time to focus upon My own thoughts and ideas, to create both fictional and factual plotlines as experienced reality, within My mind, as opposed to watching someone else’s plotlines play out on a screen.
      The only movies I have watched within the past ten years have been a few select science fiction flicks, a few extremely gory horror movies, a few True crime docudramas, and a few flicks that I learned had female foot pain content or scenes.

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