Feeding On Their Fear

I feed on the fear of humans. I can smell it close-up, or thousands of miles away. It smells good, it blooms and blossoms within Me. Your fear, their fear, the collective fear of a species imploding.
Does that sound too human for someone who has transcended his humanity? Well, it’s not. Because I don’t NEED to feed. I just enjoy it, and Superiors do what they enjoy.
Neediness is what marks the human being. They are always in desperate need. The Superior observes, laughs, and feeds. Because a full mind is far more satisfying than a full stomach.
There is a stereotypical perception of what fear looks like. But the Superior knows better. He knows that fear wears many cloaks. He knows the most fearful try their best to hide their terror, not really from others, but from themselves, so their subconscious minds never taste the Truth of what defines them.
The tastiest fears are those desperately cloaked, yet seen, known, and personally LICKED, by Me, for Me.
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  1. Humans are so broken and desperate in reaching out to others, even complete strangers, to meet their emotional and social needs. They make me SICK with their neediness, being clingy on others; they just don’t realize how others grow tired of them and talk about them behind their backs. Humans are so ANNOYING!
    No, humans it is not okay when you apologize to fellow humans about your dependency and reliance on them because they will tell you nothing is wrong; but the fact remains, you know something is wrong because you would have never insinuated that there was if you didn’t think there wasn’t. You can rest assure that your fellow humans despise you and talk horribly behind your back. Of course they won’t tell you because we have been conditioned to not express our true feelings no matter how debilitating someone may be on us: we suffer in silence and agony because of it. I am tired, aren’t you? Well, I would like to change that to spare you from being misguided and betrayed by your fellow humans by expressing this forbidden truth. So, humans should stop playing the “dumb” game of not knowing and accept and embrace the forbidden truths, and they can remove themselves from dependency of others. SEER, I just wanted to express my personal experiences with humans on almost a daily basis.

    1. Your understanding of human nature, and your hatred of them, expresses a Superior mindset of alienated autonomy.
      Some humans have a deeply suppressed subconscious realization that all external love, all external interpersonal relationships, are invalid, toxic, and based upon absolute and complete deception of Self and betrayal of Truth. But they can never consciously and openly face up to this fact. So they continue playing this deranged game of Self-betrayal until they die, pathologically seeking love and care from others, as they hate and harm themselves.
      All such humans deserve our venomous scorn, even as we recognize their victimhood status. If they should ever approach us, they deserve to be rebuffed without mercy, because forcing others to be confronted with Forbidden Truth is a gift. No matter if they hate it, and perceive themselves harmed by it, the gift is real.
      If imposing Truth upon others makers them suffer, we should revel in their pain, for being inferiors with no hope for recovery.
      Give them the gift, and if they reject it, celebrate your own Superiority in whatever ways your own True Reality deems fit.

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