Fatherhood: Functionally, Structurally, and Ideologically Perverse

No child needs a father. No child would want a father, if they were not viciously indoctrinated and brainwashed to believe that to be normal and happy and properly integrated to the matrix, they must have a father.
It is True that men need children, of course they do. Men need children to bully and to terrorize. Men need children to use as poison containers, to recreate within another, every bit of the subconsciously disowned torment and trauma they experienced when they were children.
Here we are in the 21st century, and fatherhood is the mechanism by which society empowers and encourages every male human to specifically target and destroy the innocence, the potential, the purity of body and mind and of soul, of individual children, while never facing up to the Truth of what they are doing, and why.
Yesterday was “Father’s Day”, an officially decreed holiday by The Matrix of Universal Illusion, amerikkka branch, designed to celebrate this ongoing genocide.
Fatherhood is an artificial construct, an invention of a species consisting of universally destroyed ex-children, in desperate need to develop an ideological system by which to perpetuate the ongoing, reflective destruction of all children, while never consciously acknowledging the reality of what is being done.
Children need the opposite of a father. Children need the detached empowerment of caretakers who are not crippled by the mental illness that is emotional enmeshment. Caretakers who are capable of valuing the sacred, independent autonomy of every child, instead of the polar opposite: Targeting a specific child as a piece of owned property to be relentlessly and viciously molded into a clone, a recreation of every suppressed horror, every lie and every pain and every pathology dwelling within the specific ex-child.
Fatherhood is the creation and the sanctification of a lifelong umbilical cord of poison delivery, from a specific adult to a specific child.
How do you see your father? As someone who gave you the gift of life? As someone who taught you valuable things about how to live, how to function within the world? As someone who loved you? As someone who did the best he could to help you, despite the difficulties and challenges he faced within the world?
Your perceptions are flawed and invalid. They are prejudiced by what fatherhood, and motherhood, and parenthood, toxic structures that suffocate all individual potential of all individual children to thrive within Truth, have done to your capacity to recognize and to know your own lost and destroyed potential as an independent Self-universe.
As long as fatherhood continues to exist, every male human will be officially and structurally empowered to destroy individual children, while simultaneously compelled by social edict to completely ignore the torment and trauma being inflicted upon all other children, billions of them, all across the world, by other “fathers”.
“I am a father, I will carve up my child, My piece of property, as I am emotionally compelled, and I will honor the sacred right of all other fathers to do exactly the same to their property.” This is the perpetual horror of fatherhood, this is the organization of universal destruction for all by every human society and government, as it has played out for thousands of years, everywhere on this planet, and as it plays out today, exactly the same as 1000, and 500, and 100 years ago.
Nothing changes, nothing gets better, nothing evolves. Humanity is a species frozen in mind, the collective trauma of every past generation handed down and added to the collective trauma of every present generation, handed down and added to the collective trauma of every future generation. This is what parenthood does, as an organized structure, as an ideology cemented into place.
Fatherhood is the doctrine-based worship of the sacred right of adult males to own as slaves, and to destroy, specific children. And as a universal social construct, the sacred right and officially decreed obligation, of every male to collectively destroy every child.
None of what I am revealing is generalization, none of it is prejudice against fathers or against fatherhood. None of it ignores the “good”, the benefit, that so many of you falsely perceive to have come to you and to others, as a result of having had a “father”.
I give you the gift of universal Truth, the factual reality of the collective horror of a failed social experiment as it has been imposed, and as it has impacted, you. Every single one of you.
Fatherhood is child abuse. Child abuse is not something individual humans do to children because they are “bad” or sick. Child abuse is the organized infliction of universal torment upon all children, as structurally mandated and compelled, by parenthood, as a public policy mandate.
To end child abuse, fatherhood must end. Fatherhood, motherhood, and parenthood. These three social and cultural constructs must be recognized and isolated within the enlightenment that is Forbidden Truth. They must be consciously known as mistakes, unviable constructs of unviable minds, rendered unviable by the mind cage of addiction to the past, customs and rituals dating back many centuries, imposed, controlled, manipulated by social and governmental leaders, themselves possessing the destroyed minds, existing as the destroyed victims, of the universal child abuse they pathologically perpetuate, within the mindless trance and illusions of freedom, power, human and individual rights.
Everyone is dead, pretending to be alive, destroying every child, so that no child may ever come to realize they are being murdered in real-time, so that no child may expose and reveal this unbearable Forbidden Truth to you, the walking dead.
Well, here I am, your murdered child, telling you the Truth.
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All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Traditional beliefs of parenthood and the fam unit insures that there will be an ongoing legacy of childabuse and broken minds of every generation. No generation will ho unscathed

    1. Absolutely correct, and perfectly stated. Familial child abuse is deliberately caused, encouraged, enabled, sponsored by every society and government, and a primary, specific purpose and goal is to ensure the psychological destruction of every generation of children, so that no generation can ever find or develop the capacity to recognize and to champion Self, Truth, evolutionary progress, or any type of legitimate social reform.

  2. SEER, this is slightly off topic, but that of a mother who abandoned her two-year old recently: a mother in Florida was so desperate in relieving herself of the motherly (slave-ownership) role that she went to a restaurant, and in the parking lot, pleaded with complete strangers to take ownership of her child because she did not and couldn’t take care of him. The strangers opposed to it, but the mom left the child in the parking lot anyway and drove away. There were no historical reports of childabuse and no visible signs of childabuse according to an investigation; but, however, childabuse is rarely seen, so this can’t be too credible, only in Matrix terms. The police would later track her down based on footage of her driver’s plate no., and a description from eyewitnesses. She was later arrested and charged with child abandonment.
    Anyways, the moral of this story was that this “poor” lady was reaching out for help to rid herself of the burden of the motherly role that society forced on her to partake in, but society turned a “blind eye” to the forbidden truths surrounding the family unit. One should applaud her for taking the courage in trying to dismantle the family unit and expose it for what it is–entrapment and enslavement.
    On a subconscious level, the mother who abandoned this child probably did soout of desperation to prevent abusing and harming the child I guess society in general doesn’t take too kindly to this forbidden truth and regardless of the slave owners opposition to remaining in their role, they are terroristically forced to remain in it, regardless of whether they want to or not. What is your take on this one? In my opinion, she is a “Hero” and has gone where no other slave owner would dare to go.

    1. The horror, perversity, and intrinsic illegitimacy of parenthood is beautifully uncloaked via the event you describe. Men and women forced, via brainwashing, indoctrination, and LAW, to assume ownership of helpless children who are completely at their mercy. The shackle of parenthood chains men, women, and children alike, causing genocidal harm.
      A society built upon the perverse lie, illusion and delusion of freedom, will not even allow an adult to be free of the horrific burden of forced slave ownership.
      “Child abandonment”, a bizarre concept that should have been abandoned, no pun intended, thousands of years ago, enforced as law to punitively punish a supposedly “free” woman in year 2017, and to terrorize every OTHER woman within the society, to accept the slave shackle of motherhood. And NOBODY sees the horror of this situation. No media outlet describes it as such. No feminist, no “fighter” for female “rights”, dares to come to the defense of this woman, dares to openly declare motherhood to be wrong, a failure, a primary form of universal female slavery as imposed by the nation-state. Even though that is exactly what motherhood is.
      Many individuals have become “civilized” enough to try to avoid hurting others, to try to project kindness and sensitivity even though they are created victims of hatred and brutality. They TRY. Instead of secretly throwing the child into a garbage dumpster after gagging him, this mother tried to save him, and herself. But she failed to realize her society and government remains and will always be brutal and primitive and vicious and sadistic and a malevolent dictatorship.
      “You MUST serve as a mother! We sanctify motherhood, we sponsor the universal abuse of all children within the Sacred Family Unit. HURT and HARM your child! But do not dare try to abandon your parental obligation of slave ownership, you slave!”
      You are absolutely correct. This woman is a hero and within any sane society she would be celebrated as such. This singular incident, were humanity sane, were Truth alive and perceptible to humanity, should spark a nationwide awakening to the horror of parenthood, and spark an immediate movement to abolish parenthood as a social structure.
      The fact that none of this can occur, it cannot even be imagined by the masses, demonstrates and proves the hopelessness of the human situation.
      Thanks for being one of the only human-borns on planet earth who accurately and Truthfully perceives the perverse horror and complete illegitimacy of the social construct of parenthood.

  3. Isn’t ironic that society initiated and proposed Mother’s and Father’s day, when they are full aware of the atrocities that most of these slaves inflict on their children almost on a daily basis? These slavemasters aren’t deserving of recognition and the truth of horrific roles as caregivers should be exposed for what it actually is. It’s downright, utterly disgusting that children and even adult children of slaveowners are psychologically coerced into honoring these monsters as though they were good, loving parents. That’s right, coerced and manipulated into honoring their slavemasters, when they know their childhood was pure hell with them

    1. Beautifully stated Forbidden Truth. The official social sanctification of motherhood and fatherhood by government, proves the fact that government, all 21st century governments, choose to deliberately sponsor, enable, and directly cause the universal abuse of all children.
      Universal child abuse within the Sacred Family Unit is a primary, deliberately utilized weapon of government, by which it ensures the psychological destruction of every generation of children, so that the existing status quo of universal suffering, Self-hate, oppression, victimization, slavery, and pathological rejection of all Truth and of all evolutionary progress, can and will be seamlessly maintained.

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