Failure is an Invalid Judgment, Imposed as a Malicious Attack

When you allow an external source, be it an individual or a social structure, to judge you a failure, you betray Yourself and the Truth. And equally, when you choose to judge Yourself a failure, be it on an overall level or in regards to a specific incident/event or action that you undertook, the same dual betrayal occurs.
Negative judgments are a weapon of the matrix of universal illusion. The weapon is deployed for the purpose of trying to force you to change. To shame you, to humiliate you, and to convince you that you need to become inspired to change in such a way as to earn the title of “success”.
All external definitions and judgments of failure are intended to attack and compromise the individual ego: To force you to perceive Yourself, internally, as having failed. Society says “you are not a failure just because you failed at something”, but the cloaked malicious intent of the judgment is to destroy your Self-confidence and shatter your ego.
Failure is all around Me, it is embedded and etched, I recognize and know it, everywhere I look.
Humanity is a failed species, so how can it be allowed to define what failure is, to impose such an external judgment, or to try to force Me to impose such a judgment upon Myself?! A collective force of universal failure, refusing to see itself within Truth, cannot possibly judge or define what constitutes failure with any level of validity.
Everything I have ever done has been successful, because it has culminated in the current perfection of mind that is Me.
If you have read all My texts, you should know I was thrown into a mental institution for 9 months as a child, after I tried to murder My father. Many years later I was locked up in a special high risk jail for 2 1/2 months. Also, at one time I had a monetary net worth of over $400,000.00 usd. I used up every penny, over many years, and became homeless.
All of these events were great successes for Me.
My nine months in the loony bin as a child directly resulted in the greatest growth spurt towards the achievement of personal untouchability on many different levels, I have ever experienced.
The 2 1/2 months of jail cell confinement gave Me the greatest sense of personal freedom I have ever enjoyed. Unity of mind, every Forbidden Truth sharpened. How I miss the physical cage, where I was more free than ever before.
And going from $400,000.00 to zero?? Those years made Me The Seer of Forbidden Truth. No slave labor, no time theft. Every single moment devoted to Self and Truth, and the creation of my Living Legacy. I would do it exactly the same, all over again. A universe of perfection exists, only because I spent this time wisely and brilliantly.
The only way I could ever fail, at anything, would be to allow humanity to impose its judgments and definitions of failure upon Me. I never have, and I never will.
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  1. SEER, I love this essay and it is a source of inspiration for me. Society in general attacks the ego and self worth of all members of the masses as a way to make and break them into who they want them to be. It’s horrible to know that people, children, in particular, are the ones highly targeted for this type of abuse and no one seems to be aware of the deliberate intentions behind it all.

    1. I appreciate your ongoing and sincere embrace of the Forbidden Truths, so very rare among the human born.
      Your understanding of how and why every society and government deliberately attacks and destroys the egos of all child-slaves, is absolutely correct.
      A healthy, untouchable, supreme ego is the foundational platform upon which all other positive character traits must be built. For example: Which is more important, to develop a supreme and untouchable ego, or to develop supreme and untouchable love of Self??
      The correct answer is ego. Why? Because the Forbidden Truth version of Self-love CANNOT be successfully built without the foundational platform of a supreme and untouchable ego having been achieved.
      To try to develop Self-love without first attaining a supreme and untouchable ego, is a recipe for failure.
      I’m thinking of writing another essay on the importance of maximizing the ego, because it is so vital, the core centerpiece, for all who seek to become Superiors.

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