Every Thought Must Be Consciously Elevated To A Mind Creation

In elevating every thought to the status of being a mind creation, the Superior honors the creation of his own mind, made possible only by his thoughts.

The Superior mind revels in the glory of thought, but only as a springboard to creation. Every philosophical and problem-solving thought that goes beyond simply how to spell a word or add up numbers or how to assemble a cabinet, is worthy of being used as a tool and a weapon of creation.
Every thought must be taken to its rightful conclusion, to serve as a created addition to one’s own Self-universe. The Self-universe consists of the sum total of all consciously realized thoughts, as expanded to reality perceptions and actually realized Truths. As a top-level Superior, I embrace an absolute obligation to Self, to never allow any thought to fade away to obscurity, to dissolve to nothingness. It is My thought, a creation of My Self-universe, and as such it must be respected and loved enough, to be integrated to the consciousness of Me.
Not necessarily allowed to change My universe, but allowed to create the potential to do so, by being recognized, respected, honored, as a mind creation.

My triumphs of the mind, from mastery of Conscious Dreaming, to complete recognition of all Forbidden Truths of human existence, to the ability to achieve sexual climax at will without touching Myself, to the ability to consciously experience every desired fantasy of the mind as an actually occurred event, and so much more, are all rooted within, thus made possible by, My unwavering respect for the sanctity of every thought My mind conjures up.
It is My thought! A creation of Me, of My mind, a sacred universe lovingly built piece by piece, nanosecond over nanosecond, for decades! No matter how trivial or useless any singular thought might be perceived upon first impression, it cannot be dismissed, cannot be allowed to fade to nothingness. It deserves better, it deserves to be honored as a creation, capable of creating new worlds within My mindscape.
And so every thought is invited in, to stay, to commune with all other thoughts, given the opportunity to prove itself worthy of being allowed to alter My universe.

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