Every Society Destroys its Own Children

Over the past few hours I have had over 7,000 unique page views, virtually all of them to blog posts I have made over these few hours, providing direct links to the uncensored 22 minute ISIS immolation video of Moaz al-Kasasbeh. 4000 different human beings have visited My blog, to view this video. But how many of them understand why they are emotionally compelled to revel in an immolation video? How many enjoy the Self-perception to see that they are Moaz, or Muath, or however his name is spelled. They are him, trapped inside a cage, waiting to die. They are him, obsessed with killing others so that they may feel better about themselves. They are him, patriotic slaves bound by the bloodthirst inspired by universal child abuse.
The state will not allow you to see death, not allow you to know death. Your government hired and paid assassins of strangers: Child soldiers come back dead, hidden inside of coffins. Your tortured children are locked inside of cages and left to wither to death, or openly murdered via the celebrated, ritualized orgy of a “death penalty”, as no video or even still photography is permitted to immortalize their state-sponsored murders. You hide from death, even as you celebrate it and sign your name as enthusiastic sponsor of murder.
You are Muath al-Kaseasbehthe cage is yours, you are inside of the cage. And you pretend to be free. You try to kill others, directly or indirectly, and you use the murder you carry out, or have carried out in your name, to feel free. But always you remain inside of a cage, just waiting to die, helpless, at the mercy of the slave structure you have created.
The poignancy of the dead man pretending to be outside of the cage, observing via videotape the dead man locked inside of a cage as he is consumed by flames to death before your very own eyes, is lost to you. It is lost because you are a prisoner of mind, you cannot face the Truth of what you are, dear dead man. All you see is the biased and prejudiced illusion of one-sided injustice. because to recognize every single masked ISIS member on the video as a direct and accurate reflection of what you are, would force you to recognize that you are inside of the very same cage as Muath was, and that you are at this very moment trapped inside this same cage, and doomed just as Muath was doomed, as you observe the extinguishment of his existence.
No, this Truth is not for you. You secretly celebrate Muath’s death by fire, because it provides you with a new excuse to misdirect your own rage and hate, as you pretend to be alive. I tell you the Truth, that your society has destroyed you, but you cannot bear to hear this. You plug your ears and shut your brain, just as Muath did, when he agreed to try to kill strangers on behalf of the society and government which enslaved and destroyed him. And so the war against ISIS escalates, as you destroyed ex-children continue to refuse to declare war against your destroyer, your own society and government.
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