Every Existence:Pointless and Meaningless

Inferiors are obsessed with convincing themselves that their existence is purposeful and meaningful, that what they do matters, what they do impacts the world and the future. This obsession is an outgrowth of the deranged societal concept that you can live on after you die, based upon what you do before you die. As if an achievement can continue to exist after the achiever has ceased to exist. How utterly absurd!
Every existence is pointless and meaningless, specifically because it ends, and nothing you do, nothing you create, nothing that happens in the future, even if it is a direct result of what you create and do now, can survive your lack of existence. All purpose and meaning to a life, is fully dependent upon the life itself. If an existence is lost due to total brain cell decay and death, every illusion of meaning and purpose to that life, is eternally extinguished.
Take three human creatures. One becomes a president, the other murders a president, and the third is aborted inside of a womb, never seeing the outside world. In death, all three existences are equal. None of the existences stand apart from the other. There is no fame, no power, no achievement, in death, everything is retroactively lost, and all who die become the never born.
There is always great irony in the pathological failures of the human mind, and on this particular issue, the greatest irony is that refusing to die, demanding an eternity of existence as a brain, is the only Truly meaningful achievement that the human is capable of, an achievement that would give the human what he is pretending to seek. Understand, humans do not desire genuine purpose and meaning to their existence, but rather to convince themselves, deceive themselves, that such purpose and meaning can be found and must be sought.
Hope is one of the most ideologically subversive of emotional states. hope sabotages human potential, and as relates to the fatally flawed human quest for purpose and meaning to life, hope allows inferiors to pretend that maybe they will not die, maybe an existence after death, or parallel to death, or within a dimension which transcends death, is possible. But it is not possible. Hope allows the impossible to be perceived as possible, and this very mindset alone, in and of itself, renders the recognition and embrace of Truth, impossible.
The Superior understands that his foremost purpose in existing, is to continue to exist. To not die, to never die. The Superior understands that there is no point or meaning to an existence, if that specific existence ends. How does it benefit michael jackson, that his name, his face, his activities, are currently imprinted upon the minds of some other humans? How does it benefit him?? He never existed, nothing that can occur for the remainder of cosmic eternity, will occur. Every singular death constitutes the extinction of a universe. If I do not exist, nothing has ever existed, nothing exists now, nothing can ever exist in the future, because the universe only existed within Me.
If you want to find a Truth-based purpose to your existence, stand up and fight for the universe that exists with you. Refuse to die. Demand technological immortality. And embrace the Forbidden Truth  that only via such an actual achievement, can your current perception of an existence, solidify into an actual existence, capable of creating purpose and meaning to what you do.
I am an Immortalist. I understand that technological immortality is the only way to create purpose and meaning to My existence. And at the same time I refuse to accept any false hope. The greatest horror of being an immortalist is knowing exactly what you need , knowing humanity is fully capable, in terms of technological and scientific knowledge, to give you what you need, and knowing you will never be able to claim that which you are entitled to, because the species you were born into is hoplessly broken.
My only hope is that technologically advanced extraterrestrials will bestow immortality upon Me. But this hope is inspired by need, and recognition of entitlement, not by logical thinking. Why would a Superior species of life intervene to save any member of a genetically crippled and devolving species? It makes no logical sense, and therefore even as I express the hope, I do not embrace it as a plausible possibility, and I do not derive false comfort from it.
Aspiring Superiors must find the courage to reject all illusion of purpose and meaning to their existence. Only within the conscious embrace of the True consequences of death, can we be inspired to refuse to allow ourselves to be retroactively unborn.
For more Forbidden Truths concerning death, read The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth Death essay, located here:
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  1. Why do you think immortality as an ultimate good? As you know, any species evolve because older generations die and new generations take. It is just a way of developing a better gene pool. So if people stop dying, it would be a disastrous as there are only so much of resources for people. The immortal brain itself will be damaging to a society. Human’s brain plasticity in general stop at 18. What people have learn during the period they were young, will shape fundamentally most of their thinking pattern until later in life. Do you want people from homosipien use the immortality technology and survive with us? Every species evolve… say after million years, human must be different physically and mentally than people who exist long time ago.
    The answer for the ultimate true is just enjoy life as much as you can and do your best to contribute to society. If you can’t do any of it, then non existence is the best option for them. I am an advocate for suicide…

    1. Immortality is something I deserve, inherently, organically, intrinsically. Whatever is good for Me, is good. Period. Your perspective is warped, ill, indicative of a destroyed ego, a victim filled with the Self-hate society has imposed upon you. The human being has never evolved. Every new generation is sicker than the previous. And why? Death, or rather the universal murder of each of us, is one of the multiple, primary reasons.
      I am an immortalist because I am irreplaceable. The universe exists in Me, I do NOT exist in the universe. And of couyrse you do not understand. You are not capable of it.
      And of course you are an advocate for suicide. You are already dead, by your very choice to die. Your mindset is so human, so perfectly human. Your perspective so deranged, so lacking all that is real and True and loving. I trash most comments like yours, never allowing them to pollute My blog. But once in awhile I let one go through, because it is illuminating, to contrast the infinite difference between the mindset of a Superior, compared to an inferior.
      Dead, and not even aware of it. So human!

      1. amen…we corrupted, human, experiments will claim anything in the name of love. starving, hungry, programmed rats taking a bite each time we call something love. trade…please trade with me so i can avoid the insanity that I call love!

        1. Correct. The popularity of the vampire myth in modern society, is rooted within the universal lie of externalized love, and the universal addiction of all of humanity, to this lie.
          Feeding upon all others, the pathetic and broken human can never even understand how to nourish Self in the light of Truth, much less achieve the feat.

          1. But to limit achievable technological immortality to the preservation of information alone, is not appropriate. Memories, emotions, perceptions, philosophies, the uniquely personal experience of existence, all this goes beyond mere “information”, and every effort should be made to incorporate these Self-achievements to the quest and attainment of technological immortality for the individual.
            observation has revealed that the brain is a biological computer, memories are information stored there, emotions are mind based, they are a simple like or dislike of input based on sociological programming. the mind is collective and flawed. perceptions are sensory input as processed, the brain does well with these and functions harmoniously with the organism. mind perceptions are simply not trustworthy. philosophy is as flawed as the deluded species it comes from.
            This is the reason I question preserving a “brain”.

            1. You should properly attribute comments I make, to Me, instead of simply copying and pasting them above your own.
              The attainment of technological immortality must be foundationally understood as the preservation and extension of an existing individual Self. So, what is the Self if not the existing cumulative universe of an individual brain? Of course every individual brain changes over time, sometimes very dramatically. And of course it is “flawed”, in some way, in different ways, at different times. But none of this changes the individual sacred right to be immortal, and on some level, the valid attainment of technological immortality must be centered upon the individual brain, being preserved, cloned, duplicated, “extended forward”, in some fashion.
              It doesn’t need to be the “same”, but it must be an extension of what is NOW, which is an extension of what WAS. Lets say I develop severe alzheimer’s disease. My past is to Me essentially lost, all memories of past experiences gone. Still, My brain defines Me. Preserving the brain, preserves Me, as I am, which is an extension of as I was. Healing the brain might restore some memories, or maybe not, but it would allow Me to create a new universe, perhaps 99.9% different from My “old” universe, but still an extension of what was.
              Is this a valid form of technological immortality? Yes, it is. Not perfect, not as it SHOULD be, not as it would be ten generations after technological immortality becomes feasible, but it is legitimate.
              What do you propose be preserved, within the attainment of technological immortality? A list of my texts, or deeds? That is worthless, absent the consciousness of the creator, which is brain-based.
              You made two other comments, which I am not approving for publication. One suggests I am lonely, and I am not. The other provides an email address and solicits direct contact. I do not initiate direct email contact with humans, and do not engage in ongoing contact. If you have a very specific question or issue and your email meets My high quality control standards, it may receive a reply. But for discussions of things like technological immortality, you should reply to My texts here, and of course again, your replies may be ignored and even not published, depending upon My judged level of their quality and sincerity.

              1. you have answered the question, you do not have ongoing contact, by continuing i would only provide a platform for your “controlled” superiority.

                1. I do not engage in ongoing email contact with humans, because no human deserves to monopolize My precious time, most especially when the chances are he is not even sincere in his contact, but simply seeking to distract and divert, to suck on someone else.
                  I build all of My own platforms, as many as I choose, and make them very sturdy. My Superiority is proven to Me, by Me. There are no external judges.

  2. I think that the closest thing to the immortality you are speaking of is “information”. If you are to be made immortal, you will need to become pure information. Even this brings problems as information must relate to something in order to be. If there is such a thing as the infinite, call it what you like…then nothing can be added to or taken from it. This is my basis for the meaningless of life.

    1. “Information” is not the immortality I recognize and advocate for. Technological immortality is brain-based. Each of us possesses a unique, dynamic, evolving brain. It is this brain that must be preserved, duplicated, downloaded, cloned, in other words: SUSTAINED infinately. Yes, brain cells consist of “information”, and yes, this information is in a constant state of flux, changing both in small and in radical ways, over time.
      But to limit achievable technological immortality to the preservation of information alone, is not appropriate. Memories, emotions, perceptions, philosophies, the uniquely personal experience of existence, all this goes beyond mere “information”, and every effort should be made to incorporate these Self-achievements to the quest and attainment of technological immortality for the individual.
      It is the loss of all Self, the loss of a created and realized Self-universe, that renders death to be retroactive unbirth, and this is the basis, the Forbidden Truth reason why, every individual existence is pointless and meaningless, and must be consciously recognized as such, ABSENT the actual attainment of technological immortality as I have defined, within My texts.

      1. The idea to continue anything in any way appears to me an attempt to value. The basic truth as I see it is that we will not accept infinite. It is impossible to change infinite. Infinite can sustain no direction or it is no longer infinite. I believe that many other broken and enslaved members of humanity have seen bits and pieces of infinite. Ideas such as the futility of past or future realities are born from this. My view of life and its’ pointless nature includes the present.

  3. I DON’T AGREE with your essay. On one hand you admit that there is no existence after death and that the dead person cannot benefit at all from the things he did while he was alive, but on the other hand you say the only way for life to have meaning is by immortalization…,… why are you even entertaining that possibility when you know that it is impossible…, as you stated, even if there were extraterrstrials they would not immortalize a broken inferior species.

    1. You are not expected to agree. Logical Truth is beyond the human capacity to embrace.
      Technological immortality is ONLY made impossible by the collective inferiority of humanity, of you who do not want it, who refuse to claim personal godhood status, and who choose to remain as death worshippers.

  4. That is a beautiful essay and it is very inspirational for me, because I have worked hard achieving college degrees and now know it was pointless and I wasted my time. If I was armed with this knowledge. I wouldn’t have gotten myself in unnecessary debt

    1. Recognizing and embracing the Forbidden Truth that life is pointless and meaningless, reveals to the Superior thinker, WHY life is pointless and meaningless. It is this question of why, which opens up even greater insights of Truth to this paradoxical dilemma.
      When you are trapped within the matrix of illusion, you cannot see these types of obvious Truths. You seek purpose and meaning to life, because you have brainwashed and indoctrinated by society to do so, specifically so that you never come to realize that there can be no purpose and meaning when you are forced to serve structures, such as government, which claim ownership of your very existence.

      1. Isn’t it tragic that inferiors go through life unaware of the forbidden truths and strive for false illusions of happiness?

        1. The greatest tragedy is that no existence needs to be pointless and meaningless. It is only pointless and meaningless because humans refuse to accept the Truth that it is pointless and meaningless, create invalid illusions of purpose and meaning, and therefore cannot fathom fighting for and creating as reality, the only thing that can bestow purpose and meaning to any existence: The achievement of brain-based technological immortality of Self.

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