Every Cop is your Murderer

Hello pathetic, brainwashed, Truth-hating puppet humans. Your puppetmasters are at it again, as they are every moment of your existence, pulling your strings, manipulating reality, sabotaging Truth, leading you down to the abyss where you spend your imaginary existence.
For the past 36-48 hours, the amerikkkan media has chosen to provide saturation coverage of the shooting of a black citizen-slave by a white cop-slave in South Carolina. The actual murder was captured on videotape, providing the journalist agents of government with a perfect excuse to maximize media coverage, for the specific purpose of aiding and abetting the amerikkkan government in concealing and rendering invisible the Forbidden Truths of policing and law enforcement.
By playing the race card, the media deploys the same divide and conquer strategy which the government of amerikkka has used since its terror-based creation, to maintain obedience and allegiance from its population of citizen-slaves, regardless of racial or ethnic background. Michael Slager, the pig, deserves no criticism or condemnation for shooting Walter Scott, the citizen-slave, in the back. Walter Scott does not deserve to be decreed a martyr or a victim of police brutality. The entire incident itself, but much more so the manner in which both the usa media and government are treating the incident, is nothing more than a malicious cloak, intended to perpetuate the perverse illusions that government allows and provides for justice, and that law enforcement has a legitimate right to exist. Neither of which is True.
In demonizing officer Michael Slager, openly and relentlessly, the media perpetuates the lie that bad police officers are punished, thereby promoting the lie that law enforcement provides for justice, and is necessary and valid as a structure. It is not. In decreeing Walter Scott a victim and martyr, the media promotes citizenship, promotes obedience to all citizen-slaves, by convincing them that injustice is punished, concealing the Forbidden Truth that the imposition of universal injustice for all is the absolute mandate of all governments, and that such universal injustice is indeed imposed upon all.
Law enforcement should not exist. There should be no police officers of any kind, local, state, or federal. Police departments are organized terrorist cells, working both independently and in direct conjunction with each other to impose the malicious, unjust, harmful, and fatal ideological and behavioral doctrines and mandates of government upon all citizen-slaves. The nexus of all terrorism is government, government terrorizes each and every human being, including the police officers it deploys as hired enforcers, goons, hitmen, and terrorizers.
The above paragraph reveals Forbidden Truth. This Forbidden Truth must be forever concealed from all contemplation, much less realization and embrace, from you, the terrorized citizen-slaves. This is why the Michael Slager/Walter Scott soap opera is being played out for you. Walter was a good man, Michael did something bad, justice must be fought for, police officers must be better trained and screened. Lets punish Michael, a tortured and destroyed ex-child brainwashed into agreeing to serve as a terrorist on behalf of his greatest enemy and creator. Let us demonize him, destroy him even more, so that we can remain forever blind to the Forbidden Truths.
Let us resolve to fight racism, to pretend to engage in an epic quest to attain and bestow equality upon everyone, ignoring the Forbidden Truth that were are all already equal: Equal victims, equal martyrs, facing the exact same equality of daily injustice, daily victimization, and the eternal nothingness of death, via the same proactive murder that you are able to directly witness via this subversively titillating video recording.
And so it goes, april 8, 2015, you all continue pretending to be alive, and the Michael Slager/Walter Scott soap opera is being scripted by your overlords even as I type these words. Black and white, victim and villian, justice and injustice, punishment for a crime, reform and progress, never again until the second after never again, never again, but in Truth always and forever. The lies never end, the illusions are solidified into reality, as the matrix of universal illusion is strengthened, rendered bulletproof, to use a cute and very valid metaphor.
No, you hypocrites. Walter Scott is not dead because he was shot by a bad cop, or because he was shot by a good cop. Walter Scott is not dead because of anything done by any cop. Walter Scott is dead because you, each and every one of you who exist as citizen of amerikkka, collectively chose to sponsor, enable, facilitate, and cause him to be proactively murdered by a fellow victim of the government and the society that you are guilty of creating, supporting, and propping up.
You are the murderers of Scott, just as you are the murderers of pig Slager, just as you sponsor the universal abuse of all children. Your demand that justice be pursued and achieved by the punishment of pig Slager, represents the ultimate cop-out, no pun intended. What you are actually demanding, is universal injustice for all, the exact thing you sponsor by being a citizen of amerikkka.
Police brutality is not worthy of any debate. Racism is not worthy of any debate. How severely individuals who harm other individuals should be punished, is not worthy of any debate. How to reform law enforcement is not worthy of any debate. These are all malicious smokescreens and distractions, straw man issues and arguments intended by government to render forever hidden and invisible, the Forbidden Truths I have revealed above.
Human beings harm others because they have been harmed, because they are victims of harm. government and 21st century human society sponsors universal child abuse, which is the intentional, deliberate harming of all children. The use of laws and law enforcement to attempt to prevent harm, is absurd on every level of sane consciousness. The only valid way to prevent harm from occuring, is to prevent every human being from being harmed. Yet government sponsors the harming of every human being, thereby causing universal harm, thereby ensuring that all humans will be harmed. Every police officer is a victim of brutal and unjust harm, simply reflecting his own harm, in harming others.
I am an anarchist because as a consciously aware victim of harm, I recognize that government is my greatest enemy, government is the instigator and direct sponsor of all harm that I and all others born human, have, do, and will suffer. Therefore, government must be destroyed, so that none of the terror structures, such as law enforcement agencies and police officers, that government has built and deploys against Me and against all other victims of harm, may exist.
If anyone has not yet viewed the government sponsored murder of Walter Scott, or is not familiar with details of the incident, you can find a nice overview here:

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